Used to fall!

Story about the love, friendship, enemies etc! *Justin Bieber Story*


2. 1st chapter

It was the winter evening I just was chilling on the couch, under the blanket with a cup of cocoa in my hand and with a book in other.  I was alone in the house and there was no noise of my little sister. You even couldn’t hear the sound of my brother’s music and it was a miracle. I was imerssed in the action of American model Amber and Spanish billionare Miguel. „It’s stupid you are reading this stories about fake love,“ my mum use to say but I really love this stories. I want to find a love, be like princess and find my prince on the  white horse. Yeah, how pathetic this dream is. I think I am still a kid, every piece of my heart. Kiera is saying it, always. She is my best friend, since kindergarden. It’s not normal friendship, of course we are sharing secrets together and we are doing funny stuff but only when she has no one to talk with. How sad. She gave me the feel I am  popular, only because I am with her. She wants to show me someone I should date. And the date is today. I am not exited about it like Kiera is but I want to make her happy and meet him. I put the cup on the table next to couch and I got up, with one hand I was holding the blanket and in other one I still had the book. I went  upstair into my room. I looked around, the familiar view. The carpet on the floor was the dominant of the whole room. It was nice belge, circular, shaggy carpet. The colour is the same as my walls  are. It isn’t exactly belge but belge with the tint of gold. I jumped on bed and I put the book there. I was sitting there for 5 minutes than I stood up and walked into my closet. I was thinnking about the outfit for long time but when I was determined, it was perfect! White jeans with the colour as the snow outside has, black shirt with big instripsion across the obverse of the shirt, red coat and my lovely Nike shoes. I looked up at the clock. I’m late! I grabbed my purse and run downstair, I left a message for my parents and went out of the house. I took a breathe. I absolutly love winter. It’s the seassion you can waste time inside, watching Christimas movies or jusr be outside and doing funny things with snow and friends. My hair were after short time full of unique snowflakess, you couldn’t find two same. But this unique things were gone after while. I looked around and seen the car of my best friend. Kiera was sitting there and I ran there, I joined her into the car. „Hey, sweetie,“ she said with her familiar pitched voice and hugged me, I’ve done only half smile and I hugged her back. „Haii, Kiera,“ I said and pulled her softly away. „So are you ready meet my friend??“ She looked at me with hope into her eyes and she did something like duck face is. No! I am not. „Yeah, I am,“ I fake smiled and she started to drive.  „His name is Joey, you will like him. He is so cute, as you, honey.“ I only smiled. Why she hasn’t got the date with him when she thinks he is cute? She arrived ahead of little Café and she gave me the last smile before I was standing into the Cofé and I was looking around. I seen him, I was sure it was Joey. He had brown hair with little blond there and his eyes, incredible. The shade of his brown eyes was like chestnut. He was biting his bottom lip and he was nervously looking around. I came to him. „Hey, you are Joey?“ He looked around again, like he was checking my question was really for him, he just nodded, still biting his lip. 

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