My 5 Best Friends (One Direction Fanfic)

Lucys been best friends with Liam Payne since the age of six and has been with him every step of the way of his successful career. However, with an ex who won't seem to leave her alone and mixed emotions towards Liams fellow band mates, will her life ever be normal?


6. Where I am?

Stopping at the top of a hill, I looked at my phone who said the time was 6:30pm. Admiring my surroundings, I realized that I had no idea where I was and what I was doing. There was long green fields behind me and a small bench at the top of the hill where I was standing. In front of me stood small buildings and houses, not the sort of thing that you would usually be able to see in London. I sat down on the bench and stared into mid-air, thinking about all the events that have taken place in my life. No one will ever understand, I don't care what people say to try and comfort me, they don't know how I feel at all. They will never know what it feels like to lose a sibling who you was so close to and then be told that your other sibling is going to be taken as well.

There must be a reason for this, what have I done wrong in my life? I did well at school, got good grades, never got a detention. I've never been out of order to my family, especially my parents. I've always tried to treat people kindly and haven't ever been a user. Literally, why is this happening to me? Why my life? 

My thoughts got interrupted by the sound of my ringtone;

"I need your love,

I need your time,

When everything's wrong,

You make it right."

I picked it up almost immediately and put the phone to my ear without saying a word. 

"Lucy, are you there?" Nialls Irish accent sounded through my phone, sounding very worried.

"Yeah" I attempted to say but my voice cracked slightly as I did so. 

"Oh my god Lucy, we've all been so worried about you, are you ok?"

"Yeah" I again attempted to repeat but my voice began to break again.

"Lucy, where are you? Please come home." 

"I..I..I don't know where I am Niall."

"Well, Liam, Harry and Zayn have gone looking for you. Lucy, why did you run away? Whats wrong?"

"Its everything Niall, you don't understand, it's Amelia, the doc.. doc... doctor" I started to slowly break down and cry slightly. "The doctor said she's going to die within the next month." I quickly said, starting to cry  through the phone while the other side of the phone went silent. 

"Oh" Niall said quietly. "Listen Lucy, let's just try and get you home and then we can talk about it" Are there any signs near you saying a road name or something?"

"Erm, wait a minute" I answered, beginning to walk back to where I'd come from, until I found a skinny country road with a sign on it saying 'Hall Lane'

"Hall Lane" I echoed through the phone.

"Great, I'll call the boys and let them know, just stay there and they'll be there as soon as possible."

"Niall" I said before he hung up.

"Yeah love?"

"Thank you, for everything." I finally whispered before hanging up.

Harry's POV

"Where the hell has she gone?" Liam asked again. "I have no idea" Zayn replied. My phone then began to ring, as I looked at the screen, I noticed that it was Niall.

"Nialler, any luck?" I said to him.

"Harry, she's at some place called 'Hall Lane' in the middle of the nowhere" Relief was expressed all other my body, she was ok.

"You found her, thank god" I said before I was interrupted by Nialls concerned voice.

"Harry, I know why she ran away, it's Amelia."

"What about Amelia?" I hurriedly asked.

"The doctors told her that she's going to die, very soon, in fact, within the next month."

"Ok, thanks Niall" I said before hanging up, emotionless, what? Why didn't she say anything? How could this be happening?

"So where is she?" Liam asked in a rush.

"Erm, erm, she's, uh, at a place called 'Hall Lane" I finally managed to say.

"Thank goodness for that, I was starting to get really worried as well" Liam answered, sounding very relieved.

"Yeah" I whispered.

"Whats wrong Harry, isn't it great news that we know where she is?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah, great news. It's just that, the reason she ran in the first place. It's Amelia, she's going to die within the next month..." I eventually whispered.

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