My 5 Best Friends (One Direction Fanfic)

Lucys been best friends with Liam Payne since the age of six and has been with him every step of the way of his successful career. However, with an ex who won't seem to leave her alone and mixed emotions towards Liams fellow band mates, will her life ever be normal?


13. The Tour News

Lucy's POV

"Hey guys" I said trying to start a conversation and break the awkward silence. However my attempts failed and so I tried a second time, "I'm so tired".

"I wonder why" I heard Liam mumble under his breath but chose to ignore it.

"Hey Lucy, you'll never guess what happened this morning!" Niall said in his cute excited tone of voice.

"What?!" I asked as Harry walked in the room and sat next to me.

"Simon phoned and has finished arranging our tour, were leaving next week!" He replied.

"That's great news" I replied while happily slapping Harrys arm.

"No it's not" Harry said in a grumpy voice.

"Why not?" Niall asked looking heartbroken.

"Because I'm not going to be able to see Lucy for a few months."

"No, were taking Lucy, Eleanor and Perrie with us!" Niall said causing Harry's face to light up 100x more. 

"What?! No way!" I basically screeched in Harrys ear, probably deafening him. 

"Yeah! Were going on tour for 3 months and leaving next friday" Niall said back sounding super-excited. Bless.

Then a horrible thought crossed my mind. Next friday. It's going to be exactly 2 months. Two months since my beautiful little sister died of cancer. How could I be so selfish? For the last week or so, I've hardly spared a few minutes to think about her and it hasn't even been two months. I'm a horrible person. I haven't spoke to my mum and dad in at least a week as well. I'm all they have left. How could I do this to them? Oh my god. How could I forget? It was three years since Alfie died last month. I suddenly felt everything rushing to my head, causing an extremely bad headache.

"Lucy?" Liam questioned me as he obviously realized my increased breathing and frowning. I didn't say anything, just sat there, trying to comprehend everything. 

"Lucy, are you ok?" Niall asked, all of them looking at me with concerned faces.

"No" I whispered so quietly that I'm not sure how they heard me.

"Why not?" Liam said quietly as well, copying my actions.

"Next friday... It's two months" I said staring at my feet and then looking up to meet their eyes when I was finished speaking. Harry looked as if he wanted to comfort me but Liam quickly scooped me into his arms. Me and Liam hadn't exactly been on 'speaking terms' since I told him about me and Harry, a month ago. The time when I needed Liam the most for support, and we both let something so stupid to stop us from being best friends. 

"Please Liam" I said, not letting go of him.

"What?" he said, still not letting go of me.

"Please be my best friend again"

"Whoever said I ever stopped?" He whispered into my ear causing me to smile. Eventually, we parted and both smiled. I then re-diverted my thinking to the tour. Oh poo. I haven't got any clothes.

"I aint got any clothes for the tour." I announced to the Liam, Harry, Niall and Perrie, who just entered the room. 

"Don't worry, first stop is New York and trust me, the only thing were going to do there is shop til we drop" she said excitedly with a wink. 

"I've always wanted to do shopping in New York!" Which started off a long conversation with Perrie about shopping, clothes and shoes causing all the boys decided to leave the room. Maybe going away for a few months might be helpful. Will help me clear my head about Amelia and Billy. Wait, who? I hadn't thought about Billy in months. Maybe he was gone for good, I smiled to myself knowing that I wouldn't have to ever give him a second thought again. I'm going on tour with my best friends. My 5 best friends.


Hey guys, please let me know thought on chapter, comment below!

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