My 5 Best Friends (One Direction Fanfic)

Lucys been best friends with Liam Payne since the age of six and has been with him every step of the way of his successful career. However, with an ex who won't seem to leave her alone and mixed emotions towards Liams fellow band mates, will her life ever be normal?


5. The Interview

Lucys POV

"Your on in 5" a certain bloke announced to all of us. 

All of us were waiting impatiently. Although the boys were used to this sort of thing and all the attention, I've only ever done a couple of interviews before, none of which were being broadcasted live on television! Along with the crowd already present, thousands, perhaps even millions of people were going to be watching at home. What if I do something embarrassing? Or I make a fool of myself in front of everyone? What if everyone starts laughing at me?

My thoughts were soon interfered by the sound on Nialls Irish accent asking, "Are you ok Lucy, you look worried?"

"Erm, yeah, I'm fine, just a bit nervous about all of this" I replied, indicating to the studio. 

"Aww, it'll be alright, just pretend that no one else is watching, just you, Eleanor, Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, the interview lady and me." he said with a reassuring smile. Niall always seemed to know what to say, I duplicated his smile to myself and we all begun to walk out to stage.

Zayns POV

The interview seemed to running smoothly and after a while, I could tell that everyone was acting like themselves, even the girls seemed more relaxed. That's when all of a sudden, the interviewer asked the question that we were dreading for Lucy.

"So, Lucy, which boys yours?"

She looked shocked by the sudden question and just answered with, "Pardon?"

"Well, the fact that you live with all these fine young men and you seem inseparable from them, I have to assume that one of them is your boyfriend?"

You could tell that Lucy was getting more uncomfortable by the second and she attempted to laugh it off until she said, "No, of course not! These boys are all just good friends and I would never see any of them as anything more." smiling at the end, happy with her response.

Harrys POV

"These boys are all good friends and I would never see any of them as anything more." Any of them. I know that I haven't officially told Lucy how I feel and she didn't know any better but really? I suppose I should just give up hope now, she'd never see me as anything more.

Lucys POV

When the interviewer asked me that question, I was kind of surprised. Have me and the boys not made it obvious enough that I'm not attached to any of them? I simply answered it and no more was mentioned on the matter, thank god. 

"Before I let you guys go and allow you to continue with your busy lives, I have one more question to ask you, regarding Lucys sister?"

"What?" I said, she'd caught me off guard, again.

"I don't think Lucy will want to talk about this matter, after all, it's a personal matter and yeah, Lucys sister doing well and that's all that's needed to say on the matter really." Liam answered for me, that boys such a life saver.

"Oh, I completely understand that it's a subject which could appear delicate and so that will be all from us, thank you and good night everyone." 

As soon as the interviewers last words left her mouth, I ran from the stage, out the studio back doors, past the cars and I just kept going. I fought back tears although they begun to blur my vision as I ran down the end of the road and turned the corner. Nobody or nothing was going to stop me from running, ever, I felt as if I was escaping all my problems and all my worries had been disposed of. 

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