My 5 Best Friends (One Direction Fanfic)

Lucys been best friends with Liam Payne since the age of six and has been with him every step of the way of his successful career. However, with an ex who won't seem to leave her alone and mixed emotions towards Liams fellow band mates, will her life ever be normal?


1. My First Best Friend

Lucys POV


I still remember the first conversation I had with my best friend. It was about 10 years ago and we were both only 6 years old at the time. "Hey, can I play with that?" I said to the boy sitting next to me playing with a naked barbie doll that didn't really suit him. He looked at me blankly for a moment before responding to my question, "Erm, sure". I saw his face drop slightly as he passed me the toy and so decided to speak up, "Why don't we play together?".  A huge grin appeared on his face almost immediately he said "Yeah!"

This was the moment when I realized that me and Liam Payne were going to be close friends forever and always.


*10 Years Later*

"LIAM!" I shouted whilst running up the stairs frantically. "YOUR GOING TO BE LATE". I sprinted to end of the hall way and pushed his door open with an almighty force. His body was still sprawled out over his bed with the covers tightly wrapped around him whilst he rubbed his eyes.

"Its fine Lucy, I don't have to be there for another 3 hours!" he said while trying to once again close his eyes.

"Exactly! It takes an hour and a half to get there and then we still have to queue up!" I said to him in a louder tone of voice. "You are not being late for this audition"  I finally said in a more civilized manner.

He looked over at me with puppy dog eyes and said "Please, just 10 more minutes".

"No!" I screeched at him.

He must have finally realized that I wasn't giving in as he climbed out of his bed adding a loud groaning sound. "I'll be down in 15 minutes" he added and I smiled at him, knowing I'd won. 

I haven't really introduced myself properly but I'm Lucy Chambers, I'm 16 years old and my best friend is Liam Payne. Today is his second audition for the X-Factor and I have a feeling that I'm actually more excited than him. After last time on X-Factor, he got upset that he didn't make it pass the judges houses and told me that he was going to quit music altogether which left me speechless. Liam has always loved music and I knew he always would so I encouraged him to continue down the career path to music. I signed him up for the X-Factor a few months ago hoping he would be more than happy to give it another go and it seems to have worked for the time being. 

Liam stumbled down the stairs still looking half asleep, I handed him a bowl of cereal which he devoured within minutes. Checking my phone, I noticed that we had to leave in only 5 minutes. We both rushed upstairs and started brushing our teeth in unison. Collecting a few necessities along the way (EG. lipstick, phone, purse) I was out the door in 5 minutes flat with Liam and his mum closely following. We all got in the car and for the entire journey we allowed Liam to rehearse his song which sounded amazing! His voice was so powerful and every note sent shivers down my spine. As we pulled into the car park, me and Liam held each others hands and I reassuringly squeezed his every so often. Queuing was probably the most boring experience of the day apart from when Ant and Dec came over to start questioning Liam on what he was singing today etc. I stood there looking on hoping that his audition was going to be as amazing as his rehearsing I heard while in the car. Before I knew it, I saw my best friend walking out onto the stage in front of the giant crowd of people, making me smile proudly. He's doing it, he's following his dream and I knew deep down he was going to achieve exactly what he came for today.

The next 5 minutes passed so quickly that I barely got a chance to think. I saw Liam running off the stage giving me a huge smile which I soon returned to him. I ran towards him also and we held each other in for a massive hug. He'd done it, he made it through to boot-camp.

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