My 5 Best Friends (One Direction Fanfic)

Lucys been best friends with Liam Payne since the age of six and has been with him every step of the way of his successful career. However, with an ex who won't seem to leave her alone and mixed emotions towards Liams fellow band mates, will her life ever be normal?


7. Just A Dream

Zayns POV

As we drove down the road that Lucy was supposed to be down, we all kept our eyes wide open until I noticed a dark shadow on the side of the road. 

"There!" I shouted to Liam and Zayn who were both sitting in the front. At the same time, both there eyes followed my finger that was pointing at a girl with long brown hair and with a sad look on their face. 

Liam brought the car to a speed stop and we all jumped out the car to come face-to-face with Lucy.

"Lucy, thank god your alright" Me and Harry said in unison as harry brought her into his embrace. As he pulled away, I saw Liam looking at her, concerned. 

"It's going to be alright, I promise you" Liam whispered into Lucys ear as he held her close to him, very tightly and slowly rubbed her back.

Liams POV

I could feel her soft tears rolling down her face and onto my shirt. I held her closer to me and tried to comfort her although, I knew it wasn't work.

"How about we head home? Yeah?"  Harry suggested, trying to smile reassuringly at Lucy.

"Yeah" Lucy replied in so quiet a voice that you could barely hear her.

Lucys POV

Throughout the car journey, Harry kept looking at me from next to me, while Zayn and Liam kept looking through the rear view mirror to see me. I felt really bad for causing such a fuss, they were looking for me for at least two hours and when they'd found me I didn't even bother to talk to them. 

"I'm sorry" I eventually said after about 10 minutes of silent.

"What are you sorry for Lucy? It's not like you've done anything wrong?" Zayn said back to me.

"I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for lying to you guys about Amelia. I'm sorry for running away, causing you to panic and I'm sorry that you had to look for me. I'm just sorry in general." 

"Lucy, please don't blame yourselves. We all understand why you did those things and it's nothing you should be sorry for" Liam said in a very daddy-direction way. A fake smile became visible on my face as Harry looked at me with his beautiful green eyes and pulled me into a warm hug. His hugs always made me feel better. Safe. All my problems and troubles went up in a cloud of dust. Before I knew it, I was asleep in Harrys arm.

*That Night*

Liams POV

Suddenly, I was awoke by the sound of my phone ringing next to my ear.

"Hello?" I said in a sleepy voice.

"Liam, I didn't want to wake you but I need to speak with you immediately..." started the voice on the other end of the phone call. Lucys mum. Her voice sounded shaky as she begun to speak to me through the phone, perhaps she was tired? 

Trying to open my eyes, I looked at the alarm clock next to me to see it was 3am.

"So what's up Susan?" I asked her quietly, I didn't want to wake up Lucy who was currently sleeping next to me, cuddling me tightly. 

"Amelia passed away about an hour ago" I could hear her starting to choke up on her words. 

"Oh no" were the only words that left my mouth.

We were both silent for 3 minutes, both of us coming to the realization of what happened until Susan spoke again. 

"I need you to do me a favour..."

"Anything, what do you want me to do?"

"I need you to tell Lucy" was Susans reply. 

My heart stopped, tell Lucy? How could I?

"Would you not rather tell her myself? I mean, would it not be best if her mum told her?"

"I'd would Liam, trust me, I would, but the only way I can communicate with her from here is through the phone and that is not the way to do it. I can't tell her that Amelia" she paused for a moment before continuing, "Died over the telephone, she needs to be told to her face and so, your the only one that can tell her."

"But Susan, how do I" she stopped me half way through a sentence.

"Please Liam, for Lucy's sake" she whispered.

"Ok then, I'll tell her in the morning."

"Thank you so much Liam, now please get some sleep, you boys have very busy schedules and your sleep is necessary."

"Ok Susan, I'm very sorry about your loss as well, she's in a better place now though, ey?" I said trying to look at the positives.

"Yeah, thank you again Liam" was her final words before she hung up.

I laid my phone down next to me and started breathing heavily for a minute. I've got to tell her. I'm responsible for telling her about her sister dying. I need to tell her. 

Lucy sat up next to me and started to rub my back softly, her sweet brown eyes staring into mine,

"Are you alright Liam?" she asked in her innocent voice.

"Yeah, just a bad dream, nothing else." I replied before laying down again with my arms wrapped around her body. Lucys face pushed itself into my bare chest as I held her closely to me, warming her small body. 

I didn't sleep at all for the rest of that night. My mind was working overtime, everything trying to process in my head, I needed to tell her the next morning, I knew it was coming but I was completely dreading it. 

*The Next Morning*

Lucys POV

I woke up to the sun pouring through the windows. My eyes opened widely as I thought of having a fresh start, today was going to be a good day, I could feel it in my bones. I skipped downstairs with a smile on face as I took our the cheerios and poured them into a bowl and begun to eat them. Yes, I eat my cereal without milk but it's better that way.

"Liammmmm" I said to him as he walked into the kitchen, "Hows life?" I again attempted to start a conversation with him, using a happy voice.

"Lucy, we need to talk" he answered, with a very serious tone to his voice.

"Ok?" I answered.

"Your mum called me during the night." He begun, I didn't say anything just stared at him.

"It was about Amelia" He stopped looking at his feet and this time his eyes met mine. "She passed away during the night." He said slowly and clearly yet I was confused. What? How? Where? When? Why? 

I looked at him and smiled,

"Your joking, aren't you Liam? Your joking!"

He looked at me with sad eyes and that's the moment I realized he wasn't. He wasn't joking. Amelia was dead. Gone. Forgotten by the world?

I shocked him as I screamed at the top of my lungs,

"NO! NOT AGAIN! DON'T DO THIS TO ME LIAM! AMELIA!" He pulled me into him quickly trying to calm me down and control my shaking body. My fists begun to pound his strong chest, I knew they wouldn't hurt him but I continued to throw light punches at him until I tired out. I gave in and feel into his arms, crying hysterically.

"No no no no" I kept whispering to myself, trying to reassure myself that this was just a horrific dream, I'll wake up, all I have to do is close my eyes and I'll wake up next to Liams heart pounding and my sister still alive. "Just close your eyes Lucy" I thought to myself.  

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