the story of us

so ya see these 4 girls are the luckiest know why ? they're living every teenage girl dream and that's all happened by luck , well for people who don't believe in it i swear u will after reading this , so these bffs lives in london u know their names but not their story , every girl has a story , amazing memories or painful one , but what happens when their friend meets someone every girl dreams of and than it all happens .................. read to find out


2. welcome london

sam's p.o.v 


i woke up on something cold thrown on me i looked up and saw it was may and ri laughing so hard while rona wasn't there "dafuq you'll pay for it " i said but they kept on laughing "where's rona we have to get ready " i said "she's on her lap top " said may "i'll make some coffee want some " shouted ri from the kitchen "yes i do " said may "some orange juice please  " i said than i went to get ready i took a quick shower than got my outfit

i got dressed than got my phone and went down they were all ready and the suitcases were all beside the door.

ri's outfit :


rona's outfit :


may's outfit :



*at the airport *


may's p.o.v


"guys i need to tell ya something "  i said cutting them from walking "what " they all said "i won't sit beside ya " i said "why " asked rona " well when i came to buy the tickets they told me either one go sit alone or ur seats will be all messed so i got my seat alone not to bother ya "i said "ugh okay than " said ri than we went to go to the bags check "trip to london fly's in 10 mins." said the voice in the intercom "hurry up girls "shouted sam running .


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~on the plane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


the girls went and sat in their seats and than i went to find my seat i than found it great beside the window i sat and than put my headphones and turned on the music and kept listening till the plane started , than came give your heart a break by demi lovato i love this song i sang with it i didn't even notice that people were looking at me after i finished i took off my headphones and looked at them embarrassed "sorry " i said  but than i heard them clapping why i have the worst voice ever than i found a girl coming to the seat beside me i didn't bother lookin she than tapped my shoulder   while saying "hey you srsly ha-" she stopped when i looked at her OH MY GOD THIS CAN'T BE TRUE it's my old friend cindy "MAY!" she shouted "CINDY" i shouted back than we pulled away of the hug "what are you gonna do in london " i asked "the sam as u " she said "find a job" i asked  she looked at me confused than said "don't ya know that ur gonna audition for the x-factor " she said my mouth hang open " X FACTOR ! me what how i didn't do it " i said confused ":well rona did she did for u 4 " she said "what she didn't tell us "i said "well hope u win guys ur amazing " she said "thanks are u auditioning to ?" i asked "nah am a judge there " she said "wow cindy is a judge on the x factor wow " she than laughed and we chatted about random stuff.


rona's p.o.v

i am happy but afraid the girls will kill me bec i didn't tell them but what if may happens to sit beside may , yea cindy is here also she's gonna be a judge on the x factor well lets see "the plane will land in 5 mins but ur belts on " said the pilot in the microphone me and the girls put the belt on and waited to land .


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~after the plane ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


we were waiting for may to come but she was late she than came laughing and there was a girl with her i didn't notice her until they came rio and sam ran to her and yelling "cindy!!!!!!" while hugging her OMG  MAY'S LOOKIN AT ME LIKE SHE'S GONNA MURDER SOMEONE "OMG I HATE LOVE U " shouted may jumping happily . 


ri's p.o.v 


 "OMG I HATE LOVE U " shouted may jumping happily .  we than all looked at may like she was an idiot or something "what's it " sam ask "well girls we are gonna audition for the "  and before she completes talked cindy "XFACTOR in 3 days" shouted cindy me and sam looked at each others shocked than shouted happily "and cindy's the judge " said rona "yay" me and sam shouted  

"lets get going now i need some starbucks "shouted may "i do to " i said "okay lets get going " said sam .

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~skip car ride ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


the girls went to the house to unpack while me and may went to get some starbucks i went to order while may was talking to a girl that knows her i than took our things and went out there was standing may and the girl "got the orders " i said giving her her cup "hey rio that's kaila she was on the same plane and heard me singing , kaila that's ri my friend, oh and rio she's also auditioning for the x factor " said may "oh really we should meet than " i said "cool tomorrow ?" said kaila "okay than tomorrow at our house than " i said i said than we gave her the address and our phone numbers we than went back home we told the girls about kaila than went to sleep it was a long day waiting for the x factor excitedly !










what ya think cmnt what u think 




widh u love it .RONA.xx

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