We're All Beautiful.

No matter your size, your flaws, your mentality, skin colour, religion, race or background, you're all beautiful and you all deserve to be treated as such.


1. We're all Beautiful.

Too many times people
say how silly it is
to dislike yourself, your looks. 
They say you're perfect, 
you don't need to change. 
But sometimes, 
change is good, 
you can't be perfect; 
no one's perfect, 
but better is better
than hating yourself. 
I'm not in the best shape, 
what with the pale skin, 
and the small boobs. 
But I won't wear fake tan,
or get a boob job, 
because superficiality 
is out this season. 
I'm not stick-thin, 
but I'm not fat either. 
My shape has character, 
same as my tiny feet, 
my bum chin, 
my overbite, 
my long neck, 
my wonky smile
and my freckles. 
Sometimes all you need
is a jog to make you feel good, 
an apple a day
to keep the doctor away, 
or to break the habit
that's been badgering you for years. 
I quit biting my nails
down to stubs, 
stopped grinding my teeth,
and I smiled more. 
Fulfillment is near. 
Dye your hair,
Paint your nails, 
buy clothes,
go out on a whim
and take a risk. 
Feel alive. 

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