One Direction One shots!

Some one shots i feel like doing! :) If you want one comment or kik me (Xsome_XdirectionerX) what your name is, what boy/boys you want it with,dirty or not and some basic info on what you look like :) TANK YOU!


2. Request Dirty :)

AN okay so ellie (Eli-loves-1D) wants a dirty one and im just warning people i aint very good at writing dirty so this may be a little weird so yeah just putting that out there before i start <3


Im getting ready to go to the club after a day swimming with my best friend.

 I cant chose between my favourite sexy red dress which ruffles at the top and comes down to the top of my thigh or my black skin tight one that is low cut and also goes to top thigh.

It takes a while before i can decide but i finally pick the red one.

I plug in my curlers and make my wavy brown hair curly before adding hairspray. Straight after i add thick smokey eyeshadow to make my brown eyes pop. When i am finally happy with what i look like i go over to my car and start to drive over to my favourite club. I turn on my radio for the rest of the drive but soon get to the club.

As soon as im out of the car the smell of smoke hits me and i see lots of drunk dancers. Well im up to finding someone tonight so why not! I start to walk over to the bar and order my favourite drink ever... cherry sour vodka. Yum. I start to drink the Delicious vodka when i spot a dude with blonde hair. Okay let me get this straight a HOT dude with blonde hair. He was wearing a topman punk tshirt and sweatpants. WOAH he looks hot. I start to walk over to him when i realise i have drank 10 drinks already! I sway my hips to the beat as i walk over.

"Heyyyy hot stuff want to dance?" I ask seductively.

He nods and his friend with curly hair shouts "GO GET SOME NIALL"   

I drag him over to the dance floor and put his hands on my waist. He starts to move his hips so i put my bum on his bulge and add friction. Woahh Nialls a bit horny tonight, look niall jr is already out. He starts to moan when i go up and down and says "Want to take this upstairs?" I nod. I mean why not?! Once he drags me to a empty bedroom he practically attacks me. He starts to suck on the bottom of my lip that makes me moan in pleasure. He wraps his hand into my now naturally wavy brown hair and pulls me over to the bed. I start to pull down his sweatpants and he pulls up my dress. What was the point in wearing that in the first place?! He takes of his boxers and i take of my bra and panties. He then leaches himself on top of my again but this time kissing my jaw going down until his in the inside of my thigh. I shiver. He then sticks in two fingers and starts to pump in and out.


He then pulls his fingers out and licks them. 

"Are you ready baby?" I nod and he then sticks his member in me. I start to moan the faster he goes. 

"Babby im nearly there just a few more minutes" He bows his head down as he cums. 





Sorry that was rubbish but yeah i told you i wernt good at writing dirty so yeah. HA That was awkward errm yeah :/



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