One Direction One shots!

Some one shots i feel like doing! :) If you want one comment or kik me (Xsome_XdirectionerX) what your name is, what boy/boys you want it with,dirty or not and some basic info on what you look like :) TANK YOU!


1. A Day At The Beach With Harry <3

I'm getting ready in my pink stripy bikini from primark...Only Three pounds! How lucky am i, Okay brace yourself you ready..... IM GOING TO A PRIVATE BEACH WITH HARRY. HARRY FREAKIN STYLES!! OMG HIS GOING TO BE IN SWIMMING TRUNKS WITH NO SHIRT ON, NO SHIRT! LIKE NOTHING COVERING HIS AMAZING SET OF ABS! Okay now that that was out of my system i might want to start getting ready! It takes 45 minutes to get to this beach from the 5 star hotel i'm staying at and i have to be there at 12 o'clock and the time is.... 11. Okay so that gives me...WAIT I NEED TO GET READY AND STOP DRAWLING OVER HARRY! You see i'm very normal ;)  I grab my white and black striped gilly hicks bag and put a bright aqua blue towel in it. I Now need to figure out what i'm going to wear over the top of my bikini. I don't want anything too revealing but i dont want anything too covering. DECISIONS DECISIONS. I settled on a flowy white dress with blue,orange,purple and red flower designs at the top and bottom. Perfect! Now whats the time.. 11:09am. I really need to get going now! I thought and ran outside to find a cab.

45      M  I   N   U   T   E   S        L   A    T    E    R       .     .     .     .     .

Okay i need to take deep breaths..In




Okay  i think im done. I look out of my window and find the most amazing guy in the world staring back. He smiles and opens my door for me. AWH! 

"Hello love you must be charlotte?" He asks in the most sweetest voice ever!

"The one and only! And you must be harry styles" I ask back.

"The one and only"He replies like me with a wink. 

"Follow me and we'll go down to the beach" He takes my hand an we start walking. The sun is at its hottest and i am sweating so much! I really need to go in the sea! When we finally get to the beach harry takes us over to a cute little picnic blanket with lots and lots of food! 

"Harry this is amazing!!" I say smiling.

"Why thank you" He replies. His dimples showing. 

"RACE YOU TO THE SEA!" I shout. 

"Good luck with that!" Harry replies whilst catching up with me.

Oh my god i never knew harry could run so fast! But im faster! 


"Well done love" Harry said stepping one step closer to me. I giggled and he put his hand under my chin. 

"Your beautiful you know that!?" Harry says looking deeply into my blue eyes. 

"Not as beautiful as you" I reply. Harry took another step closer and BOOM. Our lips were moving in sync. This was truly beautiful.. Even if it was even for a day. My day with harry styles was the best <3




Sorry that was rubbish but i was on like everything else when i was writing this so yea! ANYWAY if you want me to do you a one shot then kik me (its in the description) or comment! I need to know:



Hair/eye colour:

Which boy/s:


Sad,Dirty(Just warning not doing long ones and they wont be that dirty!),hate,love:

Bit of background(hobbies ect):



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