Summer Love

Will you be their summer love?


18. Last Chapter

Six months later. 
I pull the hem of my top down and take a sip from my hot chocolate from the Airport's Starbucks.

"Chill out Sam, their plane has just landed," Maddy says besides me. I look at her and smile. Her dark red hair is up in a high ponytail with purple earmuffs keeping herself warm in the December snow. She's wearing a pair of fitted skinny jeans and a soft beige jumper. She pairs it with her favourite pair of worn winter boots. Luckily she still has some of her tan and she just glows. She's been talking to Louis everyday and whenever I go and see Harry on tour, she comes with me, which was quite a lot. I made sure me and Harry kept going at our relationship. We spoke everyday and I went to wherever he was on tour as much as I could. 
I go to a therapist every week too who has been helping me get over my anxiety of flashing lights and I'm really making an improvement. The therapist thinks I won't have to go as much soon. 
And also thanks to Caroline, I hardly get any hate anymore. Yeah I still get the occasional hateful message but I just ignore it and go on Caroline's account, which I occasionally put pictures on for fun. I've seen a lot of Caroline too and she is fast becoming a great friend. 
And Harry is definitely worth it. He's been amazing these past few months, being supportive of me and always being there for me, even at my calls at 3am in the morning.

"Well where's Elle and Daisy?" I ask her.

"Coming now," she says pointing to the doors. 
Elle is putting her car keys back in her bag, moving her straightened hair out of the way. She wearing a red beanie that matches her bright red jeans. She matches it with her converse and a plain black jumper. Daisy's winter boots clip clop along the corridor getting louder. She's wearing a pair of figure hugging jeans with a beige furry jacket over the top. Her hair is straightened and the pink and purple streaks stand out from her milky skin. They both looked amazing.

"Sorry, just parking the car," Elle laughs.

"I'm just nipping to the loo, be right back!" I tell them quickly. I slip into the empty toilets and grip the sink. The butterflies that I get every time I see Harry are starting to fly about in my belly. I look at myself in the mirror. 
I've curled the bottoms of my red hair so it waves down my back. I'm wearing a black beanie hat, that covers my ears and black cat flicks either sides of my eyes, with subtle red lipstick on my lips. 
I'm wearing Harry's favourite jeans on me, light blue ones with small rips up the front. With it I'm wearing a long sleeved top and a black leather jacket over the top. I've teamed these with my black lace up army boots. 
I tried to calm myself down but I knew from experience that the butterflies wouldn't stop. 
I hurried back outside as I heard people coming out of the arrivals gate. 

 Waiting for Harry was the worst thing ever. I scanned over everyone's faces, looking for that one in particular. Suddenly I saw a flash of a curl, then a cheeky dimple. I started pushing past people until someone wraps their arms around my waist. 
I put my arms around Harry's neck and he hoists me up, my legs wrapped around his hips. He spins me round and I snuggle my head into his chest. 
When he puts me down he doesn't let go of my waist as he pulls me towards him, landing a hot kiss on my lips.

"God I've missed you!" He tells me. It's been about six weeks since me and Harry saw each other but now the tour is over we get to spend so much more time with each other.

"I've missed you too," I reply, kissing him lightly. He picks his bag up and hauls it over his shoulder, his arm still around my waist. 
We make our way back to our friends.

"Faye!!!" I shout running over to her. I hug her so hard her tiny frame nearly falls over.

"Hey!!" She yells. Faye quit college this year to go on tour with the boys. They gave her the opportunity to sing some songs before they came out, and to help the music guys write and play music. It was basically her dream job so she upped and left. We were all so proud of her, and made sure we always skyped. Luckily this made her and Zayn's relationship so much stronger. They even had a flat here in London together.

"Back to ours for some food?" Zayn asks.

"Yeah sure!" We all say. 
Me and Harry make our way to his Range Rover that he keeps here for when he's in England. 
I open the door but Harry's hand stops me. He leans against the door and tugs his fingers through the belt loops of my jeans. He bites his lip and pulls me closer to him.  

Don't do that Harry," I warn him.

"Oh yeah I forgot, that's your job," he chuckles. His lips crash into mine and I push my body against his, leaning into the kiss. His hands travel to the small of my back, his cold hands making their way up my top.

"Shit you're freezing!" I exclaim. But he doesn't move his hands. 
I kiss him again and move my hands to the top of his pants. I can feel Harry's breath quickening. I trace my fingers just above his waist band and feel him shiver. 
I tuck my hands under his shirt and make my way up his toned chest. Then I place my hands down.

"Touché," he says shivering slightly. 
He spins round so I'm trapped between him and the car and kisses me again. I nip his lip between my teeth and he groans, making my body vibrate. Then I slide my hands back down his body to the top of his jeans. I tug on the hem and he gets the message.

"Get in the car now. We're going to my place," he growls. I laugh as I get in the car, Harry driving the whole way, with his jaw set in a straight line, the bulge in his pants and his hand lying on my thigh. I smile and look at his face. I'm so lucky that he was my summer love. 

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