Summer Love

Will you be their summer love?


8. Chapter 8


The car ride there was a mixture between nerves and hysteria. What would everyone think of us? And more importantly the fact that we were going to a One Direction concert, that we originally couldn't get tickets for, made us all a bit hyper. 

"I'm sorry ladies I can't go any further than this," the driver said to us. 

"That's fine," we smile. "We can just get out here," Maddy says. 

"Well be careful. The reason I can't get out is all of the screaming girls. This is originally the boys' limo," he tells us. All the colour drains from our faces. And he notices. 

"Don't worry. They'll realise you aren't the boys soon enough and then you need to make your way to that door. Show the bodyguard your clearance card and they'll let you in," he tells us, pointing to a side door. 

"Thank you so much," I tell him, preparing to open the door. 

"Good luck girls," he smiles to us. And I decided that I liked him. 

"Ready?" I breathe to everyone else. 

"Let's just get it over and done with," Daisy says, leaning across and opening the door. Immediately we are all blinded by the flashing lights of cameras. 

"Heads down girls!" Maddy shouts as she makes her way out of the limo. She grabs Daisy's hand and pulls her out with her, who grabs Elle's hand, who grabs Faye's, which leaves me at the end. I step out of the limo, keeping my head down but not seeing an inch of the floor. 

"Harry!" "Niall!" "Liam!" "Zayn!" "Louis!" Is all you hear from all sides of you. Along with Spanish shouting. I slam the limo door shut and all the girls look around confused. 

"Where are the boys?" One girl asks us and we carry on pushing through the huge crowd. 

"They're already in the arena," Maddy tells them. 

"Wait," I hear a girl next to me say. She looks at my face closely. 

"Aren't you the girls off the boat?" She says, not very nicely. I don't answer her, just keep my head down. I can feel the strain on my arm as the other girls power ahead. 

"Hey!" She shouts down my ear. 

"What were you doing there? How long did you stay? Overnight? Why?" Everyone started lobbing these questions at me and I didn't know what to do. I could feel my hand slipping away from Faye's and suddenly I loose contact with her. 

"Sam!" She shouts, but her yells are drowned out by the other girls. 

"What the hell are you girls even doing here?!" Some shout. 

Some shout "tell Harry I love him!" 

A little girl pushed in front of me. She was probably about ten. She had long blonde hair and big blue eyes. I looked at her. 

"I saw the pictures of you and Harry. Stay away from him alright. He's mine! Just go die!" She shouts over the noise. I push out of her way quickly so she can't see the tears that have formed in my eyes. 

The shouting is still carrying on and the lights are getting brighter, trying to get a picture of me breaking down. My footing is getting sloppy and my head feels dizzy. The next thing I knew my head was lying on cold concrete. Nice of people to catch me, I thought, as I blacked out. 


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