Summer Love

Will you be their summer love?


6. Chapter 6

Part 6. 


After dinner we were all just lounging around the boat, being cringey couples. The odd kiss here, odd hug there. The paps would have a field day. 

As I was walking alongside the boat, getting back to the front someone grabbed my waist from behind. 

"Hey we didn't finish what we started earlier," a voice growls in my ear. 

"Hmmmm," I say, pushing my body backwards so I was flush against Harry's. 

"Don't be doing that. I would just take you right here," he laughs, kissing my neck. I turn around and hold his head in my hands. 

"Harry we've known each other a day, isn't that a bit weird?" I ask him seriously. 

"I like you though, it's weird because I feel like I've known you longer," he smiles at me. 

"But what happens after this?" I ask him. His face drops and my heart sinks. Just a summer fling, I thought disappointed. I didn't know what I expected really. How would you keep a relationship going with someone who travels the world everyday? Long distance just wouldn't work. 

I drop my hands but Harry grabs them and pulls me close to him. 

"Just live for now, we'll worry about that later," he tells me before kissing me lightly on the lips. It was wasn't a hungry kiss, more of a gentle, tentative kiss. It still gave me butterflies though. 

"CANONBALL!!!" We hear Louis shout from the front of the boat. We run round to see Louis jumping off the edge into the water below. Following him was Maddy and Daisy doing perfect dives. Liam pulled Elle into his arms before both of them jumping into the cool water. Then Zayn and Niall do front flips into the water. Faye quietly slips into the water. 

"Come on guys! Waters lovely!" Someone shouts. 

Harry grabs my hand and pulls me towards the edge. Then pushes my back. 

"Oh no, you're coming with me," I laugh, grabbing his hand as I fall into the water. I pull him with me, both of us splashing about in the water. When we resurface my legs wrap around him and he holds me close, foreheads touching. 

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere else," Harry smiles before kissing me. 

We spent the whole afternoon messing about in the water, having races and diving contests. When we finally decided to get back on the boat, out of pure hunger, the sun was beginning to set. We all dried off in the last of the sun, watching it set along the water. After this, all ten of us gathered downstairs, it was big enough, and made some tea. Then we went into the huge living room and put a film on, Finding Nemo was the most picked. 

I sat next to Harry and he put his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer to him. I leant my head on his chest, listening to the rise and fall of his breaths. I looked around the room and saw pretty much the same from everyone else. Everyone was paired up, and cuddling, just how it should be. Towards the end of the film Harry's breathing slowed and I could hear the faint snores escaping his mouth. This set me off and my eyes started drooping as I fell asleep on his bare chest. 

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