Summer Love

Will you be their summer love?


5. Chapter 5

Part 5. 


I leaned back on the sun lounger, tilting my sunglasses to stop the rays. The sun was so nice and warm until a shadow fell over me. 

"Do you mind?" Zayn asks pointing to the sunbed next to me. He's bare chested and I can see his tattoos clearly. 

"Of course not," I smile at him. 

He lays himself down next to me, letting out a relaxed sigh. 

"Can you do me a favour?" He asks. I turn to look at him. 

"Can you put cream on my back? Don't wanna burn in this heat," he grins. 

"Sure, as long as you do mine," I tell him. He nods and I sit up grabbing the sun cream I brought with me out of my bag. Zayn turns over to lie on his front. I couldn't believe I was actually going to do this. 

I lathered the cream onto my hands and gently rubbed it into Zayn's shoulders. His skin was so soft beneath my fingertips and I could've done this forever. Instead I carried on down his back, going around his sides too. He shuffles around in the bed. 

"Ticklish?" I ask him. He stayed silent so I knew my answer. My hands slowly find his sides again and I dig my fingers into them. He starts laughing and twisting about. 

"Stop please!" He yells but is still laughing. He turns in his seat so he's facing me. Instead of admitting defeat I feel his warm hands on my waist. My eyes widen. 

"Don't you dare," I warn him. The corners of his mouth turn up into a smirk as he suddenly digs his fingers into my sides. 

"Ticklish are we?" He asks me laughing. 

"Zayn stop please!" I shout at him, not being able to stop laughing. I couldn't even concentrate on tickling him, he was in full control. 

"Please please please," I beg him, tears running down my face from laughing. 

"Okay okay, we're even," he says. His hands stop tickling but don't leave my waist. 

I slump onto his chest from exhaustion my face inches away from his. 

His hand reaches up and wipes a tear away. 

"Sorry," he says but he's still smiling. 

"At least we're even now," I laugh. The laughter dies down and we stay silent, just looking into each others eyes. 

"Faye can I ask you something?" He asks quietly. 

"Hmmm," I say happy with how we are right now. 

"Can I kiss you?" He asks again. 

"I thought you'd never ask," I tell him before leaning up and making his lips touch mine. I sit up, leaning either side of him on my elbows. His hands move to my face and make small circles with his thumbs on my cheeks. 

What a crazy turn of events, I thought. 



"Come here," Harry tells me. He pulls me close and then covers my eyes with his hands. 

"Where are you taking me?" I asked curiously. 

"Secret," he says and I feel him tapping my nose. 

"If you throw me off this boat, you're dead Styles," I tell him deadly serious. I hear him chuckle but he continues to lead me somewhere. 

Suddenly he stops me and uncovers my eyes. He's brought me to right at the front of the boat, inches away from the waters edge. On it, there's a blanket and an acoustic guitar sitting there. 

"What's all this?" I ask him. 

"I thought I'd teach you to play," he smiles at me. He takes my hand as we sit down on the blanket. He hands me the guitar and I place it in my lap. 

"Hold it like this," he shows me. I hold it correctly and he nods. 

"What do you want to learn?" He asks me. 

"Summer love?" I say without missing a beat. He smirks and moves my fingers for the first chord. 

"Like this?" I ask strumming the guitar. 

"Not quite, come here," he says. I scoot to sit in front of him, his legs outstretched beside mine. His reaches in front of me, one hand on my hip and one hand on my fingers. He moves them to the correct place. 

"Now strum," he tells me. I move my hand, my fingers touching the strings. It made a beautiful clear sound. 

"Now change it again," he says. I strum again and eventually I get the hang of. With Harry's help I'm able to play the chorus. 

"Right now play without my help," he smiles, moving in front of me. Our knees were touching we were that close sending tingles through my body. 

I started strumming and I heard Harry start to sing. 

"Cause you were mine for the Summer.

Now we know its nearly over.

Feels like snow in September.

But I always will remember.

You were my Summer love.

You always will be my Summer love."

After he'd finished I hadn't taken my eyes off his. He breathes lightly. I didn't know what to do so Harry took the guitar off me and lay it beside us. He lent forward on his hands and his face was inches from mine. I move my head so his waiting lips met mine. Our lips moulded together perfectly and my hands moved to his head, fingers running through his curls. He leant forward, making me lie down. He was now hovering over me, leaning on his elbows either side of my head. 

He bit my lip lightly, making a soft sound escape from my lips. I feel the vibrations through my chest as he chuckles. 

His lips slowly make their way to my jaw, kissing it lightly before sliding lower. When they're on my collarbone, I raise my hips to meet him. He growls lightly and sucks harder on my neck. 

"Sam dinners ready!" I hear Daisy shout. I sigh. 

"I'd rather have you for dinner," Harry smiles, his curls falling over his eyes. 

"Me too," I laugh back. 

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