Summer Love

Will you be their summer love?


4. Chapter 4


"Come with me," Louis says, taking my hand. 

"Where are we going?" I ask as he leads me to the front of the boat. 

"To this," he says showing me the thing in front if him. It was a antique wooden wheel. 

"I'll teach you how to steer a boat," he grins at me, his blue eyes sparkling. 

"So watch me," he tells me. He puts his hands firmly on either side of the wheel and suddenly throws the wheel sideways, his hands turning with it. The boat veers off sideways. 

"Hey!" We hear someone shouting at the back. Someone must've fallen over, I laugh. 

"Your turn," he says moving away. I walk towards the wheel and place my hands on it. Louis stands next to me patiently. "Now spin it," he smiles. 

"Louis I'm not doing that, it can't be good for the boat," I complain. 

"Oh just do it!" He stands behind me and places his large hands over my little ones. His hands are warm and soft against mine. 

"Now spin," he breathes into my ear quietly, sending a shiver down my spine. Reluctantly I start to spin the wheel, getting quicker. The boat turns and I nearly fall over. 

"I got you," Louis says, as he puts his hands on my waist. He pulls me close to him, so my back is flush with his bare chest. I can feel his chest rising and falling as he breathes quicker. I lean back so my head fits into his neck. We stay there, watching the world go by beyond the boat. 

Louis slowly twists me in his arms until we're face to face. 

I look up, staring into his crystal blue eyes, not knowing what to do. Luckily he makes the first move, dipping his head so his lips meet mine. His lips are soft against mine and he smells like the sea. I can feel him smiling into the kiss. 

"I've been wanting to do that for ages," he grins, pushing a stray strand of hair off my face. I don't reply, instead I kiss him again. 



"Food time!" Niall jumps up. "Will you help me?" He asks me, holding his hand out. I gladly take it and follow him beneath the boat to the kitchen. 

"What're we making?" I ask him. 

"Burgers!" He says excitedly, his blue eyes sparkling. 

"Yum. What do you want me to do first?" I ask him again. 

"You can start by chopping the salad. Lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber," he tells me. 

I grab all the salad and start chopping it up. Not very well I might add. 

"No you're no doing it right," Niall smiles at me. 

"Maybe you should show me," I smirk flirting. His eyes sparkle as he stands behind me, my body against his. Butterflies start flying in my belly. His hands cover mine and he moves them slowly, using the knife to slowly cut the lettuce. So he can see, his head leans on my shoulder. 

I turn my head slightly and look into his eyes as he stops chopping. 

His hands swiftly move away from mine and hold my cheeks instead. We stand up straight, finally facing each other. 

I look into his blue eyes, as he looks into mine. I feel the warmth coming from his hands into my cheeks. 

"You're beautiful," he says, his eyes roaming around your face. 

"Just kiss me," you tell him, grabbing a handful of his shirt. You pull him down to meet your waiting lips. 

His lips mould against yours perfectly and his hands move through your hair to the back of your head, pulling you as close to him as possible. 

You drop the knife you were holding and put your arms around Niall's neck, pulling him down as the kiss gets more passionate. 

"I don't think we can get any closer," Niall says between kisses. 

"Wanna bet?" I say, my eyes sparkling. 



I return back to Liam with the bucket that he asked for. 

"So what's all this for?" I ask him. 

From behind his back he produces two fishing rods. 

"Yay! I've always wanted to do this," I tell him. 

"You've never fished before?" He asks. 

"Nope this is my first time," I say. 

"Don't worry, I'll teach you," he winks, sending shivers up my spine. 

"Right so you grab the fishing rod like this, then do this and this, and then throw it, then do this," Liam says quickly. I hadn't even got past the first step. 

"Need some help there?" He chuckles. My cheeks turn bright pink. 

"No need to worry, I've been doing this for years," he smiles again. He moves behind me, his huge arms wrapping around my little ones. His biceps right next to my face, and a little distracting to be honest. He placed his feet directly behind mine and leaned forward a bit, taking the rod with me. 

"Right so you do this first," he breathes into my ear and moving my hands so they're in the right position. 

"Yup that's right," he says. Almost as a reward I feel his lips lightly touch my cheek, making me blush. 

"And then do this," he tells me, moving my hands again. It takes me a while to get this one but eventually I do it, feeling a kiss on my cheek, longer this time. 

"Now throw it," he says, leaning back with me and throwing the line into the water. 

"Was that good?" I ask. 

"Perfect," he says before kissing me again, longer again. 

"And lastly just hold it like this and wait for a bite. Yeah like that," he tells me. Just as he's about to kiss my cheek again I twist my head sideways to meet his lips. 

He seems surprised but eventually softens into the kiss. He lets go of the rod, making me let go too. I hear a splash and pull away. 

"Crap! I'm sorry!" I tell him, looking over the edge to see if I could see it. 

"Elle it doesn't matter," Liam growls as he grabs my hand. He pulls me close to him again, and leans against the side of the boat. His hands rest on the small of my back and mine wrap around his neck. 

"Who even likes fishing anyway," Liam laughs before pulling me in for another kiss. 

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