Summer Love

Will you be their summer love?


3. Chapter 3

Part 3. 


This ended up with five groups of two people on each others shoulders. 

Maddy was on Louis', Daisy was on Niall's, Faye was on Zayn's and Elle was on Liam's. 

Harry turned to look at me. "Your turn I think," he smiles. He dips under the water and runs his hands along my legs. Thank god I'd shaved them this morning. He effortlessly lifts me up and my thighs rest on his shoulders, his hands holding my ankles. I had to put my hands through his hair so I didn't fall backwards. Not that I was complaining. 

"So here's the rules, there are no rules!" Niall shouts before charging at us. Me and Daisy grab each others arms and attempt to push the other off. After fighting eventually my hands slip off Daisy's and me and Harry fall backwards into the water. I close my eyes and feel a pair of hands on my waist. 

"You okay?" Harry asks as we resurface. 

"I'm fine," I smile, sitting down on the edge of the pool. He hoists himself up an sits next to me. 

"So how come you're all out here together?" He asks, kicking his feet idylly.  

"My parents rent this apartment the same time every year but they're working this year so they said I could bring someone. These girls are my closest friends," I tell him. Which is true. They were all delighted when I asked them to come away with me. 

"That's cool," he replies smiling. It makes the butterflies come back. 

"I can kind of guess why you're here, tour?" I ask. 

"Yeah we have two shows in Madrid and then a few days off so we though twe'd stay here, we only have a week," Harry tells me. 

"So do we," I reply. 

"Well it looks like this is going to be pretty fun!" Harry exclaims whilst watching Maddy push Daisy and Niall so they fall over. Louis and Maddy start gloating like crazy that they've won. The perfect team. 

"What are you girls doing tomorrow?" Liam asks us, as we all form a circle. 

"Ummm sunbathing," Faye replies. 

"Well how would you like to sunbathe on a yacht?" Zayn says, his eyes lighting up. 

"What?! You kidding?" Maddy exclaims. 

"Nope we've hired a boat for the day tomorrow. There will just be us ten," Liam says. 

"Are you sure there's going to be enough room?" I ask. Harry turns to me smiling. 


There was definitely enough room. The yacht was huge! There were several different rooms below the deck, bathrooms, games rooms, a little kitchen and even bedrooms. And the top of the yacht had a little built in jacuzzi, loads of sun loungers, a barbecue and several other bits and pieces. 

"This is amazing!" We all say from the pier. The boys heads pop up from everywhere and come to help us on the boat. 

"Do you know how to steer a boat?" Maddy asks. 

"Nope but that's all part of the fun," Louis winks at her. 

"Glad you could make it," Harry says taking my hand and helping me into the boat. 

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," I tell him, still in awe of the huge boat. 

"We'll go downstairs and drop off our bags and get our bikinis on," Maddy says reluctantly pulling her hand away from Louis'. 

We all made our ways downstairs, still marvelling in the plush interior of the boat. 

As we were getting changed Maddy spoke. "So it's easy to say we've already made our mind up of the one we like right?" She asks. 

"Yup!" We all say excitedly. 

"Well then, now we just have to have a good time!" Faye exclaims. 

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