Summer Love

Will you be their summer love?


2. Chapter 2


"Hey sweetie," I say to her. I push her rubber ring away slightly and she swims back towards me waiting patiently. 

"Do you like that?" I smile at her. I push her away again but further and she smiles before swimming back to me. 

"How about this?" I ask tickling her feet under the water. She bursts out in giggles, thrashing around in the water. She kicks water into my face and I mock shock. She chuckles at me and then does it again. 

"That's it you," I tell her before she squeals and turns to swim away. She swims pretty slowly so I pretend to be a shark under the water, tickling her feet every so often. 

Suddenly I stop when I feel hands on my waist. 

"Having fun?" A husky voice says. 

"Harry!" The little girl shouts, throwing her arms around him. He lets go of my waist, much to my dismay and holds onto her, pulling her close. His curls are wet and pushed back, away from his face and his eyes look bright. 

"Hey Lux was this girl being a big meanie?" He asks Lux. Luckily she shakes her head. I pull my tongue out at Harry, making her giggle again. His eyes darken. 

"We'll see about that," he stops, waiting for me to elaborate. 

"Sam," I tell him, my nerves slightly calmed. 

"Shall we chase Sam? See how she likes it?" He asks Lux. 

"Yeah!" She giggles, jumping in Harry's arms. 

I smile and then realise what he actually said. I spun round quickly and swam straight for the deep end. Now I was a pretty good swimmer but I hadn't gotten very far before someone grabbed my leg, pulling me towards them. 

"Gotcha!" Harry shouts, as I hear Lux laughing in the background. He pulls me into him so my back is pressed against his chest and his hands are locked around my belly. My butterflies came back immediately. 

"So what shall we do with her?" He asks Lux again, who hasn't seemed to stop laughing. 

"No please don't do anything. Lux help me out here!" I shout to her across the pool. Her little legs start swimming and she reaches us eventually. She hits Harry on the shoulder. 

"I think that means she wants you to let me go," I laugh at Harry behind me. 

"I don't think I want to," I hear him whisper into my ear. His hot breath tickles my face and my heart feels like its in my mouth. 

"But if she insists," he says, letting me go. Unfortunately we were in the deep end and I couldn't stand up so I sank straight away, kicking and flapping my arms about. 

I feel a strong hand grab my elbow and pull me up to the surface, coughing and spluttering. 

"Why do I always embarrass myself in front of you?" I ask Harry, pushing the wet hair off my face. 

"I just have that effect on ladies," his eyes twinkled. 

I splash him in the face, making his curls stick to it. 

He then splashes me back, water going in my eyes. 

"Hey!" I shout, rubbing the water from my eyes. When I managed to open them again Harry was nowhere to be seen and neither was Lux. 

I looked around confused. Had a just imagined that. I looked back at my sunbeds and Daisy was standing on the edge of the pool shouting my name. 

"Sam are you deaf or something!" She shouts. "Come back for dinner!" 

I take another look around and see no-one so I swim to the edge and get out. I grab my stuff and make my way out of the pool. 


"Sam there was no-one else in the pool with you," Daisy tells me. 

"But there was!" I retaliate. "Harry Styles was there," I mutter, realising how stupid I sounded. 

"Are you being serious! Where?" Elle shouts excitedly. 

"She's kidding Elle. There was nobody with her," Daisy says. 

I sigh defeated and wondering whether I had just imagined it all. I bet I looked like a crazy person. 

We finished our dinner and went back down to the pool. I lay back on my bed on my front this time, plugging my headphones in. 

But too soon I woken again by someone hitting my back. I pulled my headphones out but didn't get up. 

"What?!" I shouted. 

"You'd better look at this," Maddy says. I sit up and she's pointing into the pool in front of us. 

There was five boys, two on each others shoulders, play fighting in the middle of the pool. 

The other was sat on the edge of the pool. He turned around and waved at me. "Hey ladies," Harry winked. 

"OMG," was all I could hear Elle whispering. None of the girls had moved so I got off my sunbed and went to sit next to Harry. 

"Where the hell did you go before?" I asked him. 

"I went for my dinner," he smiled. 

"All my friends think I imagined you. They all think I'm crazy," I laughed. 

"She's not crazy, she's just embarrassing!" He turns round and shouts to the girls, who are still all sat there staring unconvincingly. 

"Hey!" I shout, pushing him into the water. 

"You're coming in with me!" He shouts, grabbing my ankles. He pulls me towards him so my legs are wrapped around his hips. 

"It's freezing!" I yell, pulling him closer to me, trying to warm up. 

Suddenly I heard loads of splashes and when I opened my eyes all the girls were swimming around us. 

"This will be fun!" Daisy sings. 

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