Summer Love

Will you be their summer love?


16. Chapter 16


I opened the door to the apartment and immediately got bombarded by by the girls. 

"Where the hell have you been?!" Maddy shouts. 

"We were so worried about you! Anything could've happened!" Elle says. 

"Sorry guys, I went taking some pictures. Don't worry, nothing happened," I reassure them. 

"But I need your laptop Daisy, you've got to see these," I tell her. 

We boot up the laptop and I head into my Instagram account. 

"What!?" I shout. My followers had shot up from 500 followers to just over 10k. I had loads of notifications but I didn't want to check them yet. 

I typed in the first fan account. Immediately my face came up everywhere. All the girls huddled round. I was amazed because this account had over 20k followers! I clicked on one picture and looked at it bigger. 

"That's us!" Daisy exclaims. And she's right. It was when we were messing about in the water on the boat. 

Me, Daisy and Maddy are stood on the edge of the boat, getting ready to dive in. Elle and Faye and waiting in the water trying to keep each other afloat. Harry and Niall are stood on the deck with us too, trying to push each other in. The other boys were in the water, splashing and play fighting with each other. 

The caption read "looks like so much fun! These girls have done the boys good, they're finally smiling again!- Caroline."

"Wait wasn't that girl who saved you called Caroline?" Faye asks me. 

"Yeah!" I tell them. Caroline has dedicated her account to me. I couldn't get over the warm feeling in my belly. 

I scroll down the pages of pictures of us and the boys, and also pictures off my personal Instagram of me pulling funny faces. 

There's one of me and Maddy pouting and the caption simply says "beautiful." We also read the comments below. There were loads of really nice ones saying how nice and pretty we were. 

"Look at that one," Maddy laughs. 

"These girls are amazing, Sam has a red dress so I bought a red dress!" It read. 

I clicked on her profile and saw a picture of the same dress as mine. I looked at the girls mischievously and clicked comment. 

"I love the dress!" I wrote. I posted it and waited for the mayhem to happen. I went back on Caroline's and saw the first picture she'd posted. It was when Harry had kissed me for the first time on the boat. I'm lay back on the boat with Harry hovering over me. My hands are tangled in his hair and our lips are touching. My heart aches just looking at the picture. 

The caption reads "I have never met any two people that are more perfect for each other, and if you can't see that then you need to leave- Caroline." 

I rush to read the comments but to my amazement all the comments are nice. 

"They are so perfect for each other!"

"They are absolutely adorable!"

"They're so hot together!"

The warmth in my belly spreads through my whole body through happiness. 

"See Sam, they do like you," Maddy smiles at me. I grin back. 

"I need to talk to Caroline," I tell her. I search for her twitter and find it in the bio. 

I dm her asking her what's going on. She replies instantly. 

"Hey! I can't believe you are talking to me again! Well I decided to use my account to make everyone see how amazing you actually are. You don't deserve the hate you get and with my account I've made people realise that you and Harry are meant to be. I haven't seen a sign of hate in weeks. Everyone thinks you're awesome!" She says. 

"Caroline I actually cannot thank you enough for what you've done. You've made me think again. But I need your advice, what do you think I should do?" I reply. She waits a couple of minutes and then replies. 

"Check out my Instagram." Is all it says. 

I rush over to her site again and click on her latest picture. It's one of me and Harry, his hand around my waist whilst I'm playing the guitar. He's singing and I can't stop looking at him. He looks so beautiful. 

"Hands up if you think these two belong together!  -Caroline" is what the caption said. 

I looked at some of the comments, there was over 10k. I scrolled through them quickly and all I saw was people agreeing with Caroline. 

"Does that answer your question?" She messages me back. 

"I actually love you, you know that," I reply back. 

"Changed your mind?" Maddy says, her eyes sparkling. 

"I might have done, can I have Louis number?" I ask her. 

I dial the number and wait for him to reply. 

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