Summer Love

Will you be their summer love?


15. Chapter 15


The next couple of days after that I didn't speak to Harry. He'd rang me and texted me but I just deleted the conversation. If I was going to forget him I would do it properly. 

Whilst the girls went out I just stayed in, reading or sunbathing by the pool. 

"Are you sure you don't want to come out, I don't think Harry will be there," Maddy says one afternoon. 

"I'm fine thanks," I smile to her before they all leave for lunch. 

I got up and started packing as we were leaving tomorrow. It was the only thing I could do really. The pool was closed and I couldn't watch TV anymore. I was watching a film the other day when my anxiety flared up from the strobe lights, and I ended up lying on the bathroom floor with water poured on me until the girls came back. They tucked me up in bed and I slept until the next day. 

As I packed my clothes I noticed my camera lying on the bedside table. The girls had told me not to leave the apartment block but I would be back before they were and I was only going to take a few pictures. 

I put my sandals on and grabbed my camera making my way outside. The sun was still very warm and I was happy I'd put my bikini on underneath. I just stripped my top off and stuffed it in my bag. 

Making my way to the beach front I passed several shops selling Spanish trinkets and souvenirs. I went inside one looking for a cute anklet. As I was looking around I noticed something on a shelf. A whole merchandise franchise for One Direction. There were towels, mugs, key chains, jewellery and all sorts. I don't know why but it kind of made me smile. They were old pictures of the boys too, still on x-factor. Why hadn't I met Harry then, I thought. 

I grabbed an anklet and carried on making my way down to the beach. When I arrived I took my sandals off and let my feet walk on the soft warm sand. It felt so relaxing. I took a picture of my feet in the sand, my toes waggling about. 

I walked down the beach to the sea, past people playing volleyball and people sunbathing. The whole atmosphere was amazing, people laughing and shouting, although I had no idea what they were saying. 

I got to the beach front and stood so the water came over my feet. It was nice and cool and I resisted the temptation to go in any further. I closed my eyes and looked up at the sun, feeling it warming my face and feeling the salty waves splash over my feet. I wish I didn't have to leave. 

I felt someone tap me on my shoulder and they brought me out of my trance. I spun round and came face to face with three girls I didn't know. 

"Hi Sam?" They ask in a Spanish accent. 

"Yes?" I say cautiously. 

"Oh my god," they giggle to each other. I just look at them like they're crazy. 

"Please can we have a picture?" One girls asked. They want a picture with me? But why? And then I started to panic. Pictures meant flashing lights and flashing lights meant panic attack. 

I breathed in and smile weakly. "Sure." 

They each stand by me individually and every time they're about to take the picture I flinch, waiting for the flash, but it doesn't come. Luckily they didn't have it on. 

"I love your bikini," one girl tells me. 

"And I like your hair," the other smiles. 

"Thank you," I grin, happy to be complimented for once. 

"Just to ask, how do you girls know about me?" I ask them. If these girls do, then everyone will. 

"An account on Instagram dedicated to you showed us how awesome you are," they tell me. 

"I have my own fan account?!" I ask surprised. 

"You have loads!" They laugh. 

"Can you jot some down for me," I ask them giving them my phone. 

When I'd said goodbye I made a mental note to check these out when I got back to the hotel. 

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