Summer Love

Will you be their summer love?


12. Chapter 12


As soon as I got to the apartment I jumped straight under my covers.

I thought about getting changed or getting something to eat but I couldn't do anything. I snuggled into the covers pulling them around my face. I just felt numb, unable to cry or think properly. My eyes started to droop and eventually I fell into a restless sleep. 


When I woke in the morning I wasn't alone. I tried to move but I couldn't even move my arms. I poked my head out of the covers and came face to face with Maddy's sleeping face. I craned my neck to look on the other side of me and saw a mass of brown curly hair. Elle. 

Carefully I sat up in bed, trying not to wake any of the girls but I didn't succeed. 

"Sam are you awake?" Maddy asks, rubbing her tired eyes. 

"Yeah I am now," I smile at her. I look around my tiny room. Daisy is curled up on the little armchair in the corner, starting to stir and Faye is lay on my bed, at the bottom near my feet. 

"Did you all stay in here last night?" I ask them. 

"Hmmmm," Daisy mutters from the corner. 

"We wanted to make sure you were alright," Maddy says, her arm round my shoulder. Their kindness sets the tears off again. 

"I can't do it, and I feel horrible," I sob into her arms. All the girls sit on the bed with me telling me words of encouragement. 

"So what actually happened yesterday?" Elle asks. 

I tell them all about wanting to see if this lifestyle was for me, loosing them in the crowd, getting hate and then blacking out. Also about my dizzy spell in the concert. 

"Hmmmmmm," they all say when I'm finished. 

"I don't know what to say," Daisy tells me. 

"Just remember that we're here for you," Maddy says smiling. 

"Except we have to go soon," Faye says, as they make their way to the door after a quick hug. 

"Wait where are you going?" I ask them. 

"To the zoo," Elle says. 

"Can I come?" I ask politely. 

"Well the boys are going," Maddy says awkwardly. 

"And?" I question. 

"And Harry is too," Daisy blurts out. 

"We can still be friends right?" I ask, questioning myself more than my friends. 

"Are you sure you want to?" Maddy asks again. 

"Yeah I'll be fine, I'll go off on my own, take some pictures," I say pointing to my SLR. 

"Okay well we're leaving in ten minutes," she tells me again, checking her watch. 

"Right!" I say jumping out of bed. They leave me to get changed as I realise I'm still wearing last night's clothes. I peel them off and change my underwear before washing all last nights makeup off my face and brushing my teeth. 

I look at myself in the mirror. I can do this, we can still be friends. In fact it's probably better to be friends, no pressure from paparazzi, no hate because I'm not actually dating him, but I still get to hang out with him. I rush into my room, grab a pair of short denim shorts and a black vest top and throw them on. Then I pick up some of my neon sandals and put them on too. I brush my hair through, and put it into a high ponytail, and apply a bit of mascara and some lipgloss. 

"Ready!" I shout through the apartment grabbing my bag and camera and heading out of the door. 

The car waiting outside wasn't a limo this time but a huge black Range Rover with enough seats for all five of us and the driver. 

"The boys said they will meet you there," the driver turns to us. We realise he's the same driver as before, they must just have one. 

"How did it go then last night?" He asks us. 

"Not good," I speak up, "I don't think I'm really cut out for it." 

"You'll get used to it eventually," he smiles before starting up the car and driving off. I don't need to, I nearly say aloud, but stop myself. 

"Sam I texted you loads last night, why didn't you reply?" Daisy asks me. 

"Sorry I turned my phone off. I'll turn it on now, gotta text my mum anyways," I tell her. 

I turn my phone on and wait a bit for it to start properly. I see that I have four messages off Daisy asking where I am, a few off my mum, one off Maddy saying they were on their way back and then there was some from Harry. I didn't want to open them but I knew I had to. 

"Harry: Sam what happened back there?"

"Where are you now?"

"Please come back, I'm freaking out over here."

"I'm sorry I've put you through all of this. It's all my fault. Forgive me?"

"I guess that's a no?"

"Goodnight Sam." 

I blinked back the tears forming in my eyes. He thinks I was ignoring him. I made a mental note that I had to talk to him and get him to not feel guilty about it. I put my phone away and tried to concentrate on what the girls were chatting about, unsuccessfully. 

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