One Thing

For a competition!

Harley is just a normal high school boy, not looking for trouble or a relationship as a matter of fact.
When Amy, a shop keeper in the best clothes store in the mall meets plain old Harley James, it is love at first sight.

Will their relationship last? Find out in this romantic movella!


2. Beautiful

I'm an thirteen year old boy and actually, even if I say so myself, quite mature for my age too. It was the Summer holidays and I was on my way to the shopping mall with my younger sister, Brianna.


All she ever talks about is clothes, makeup and boys! She is also always picking fault with my hair and what I wear. What is wrong with girls? 


I know, my clothes aren't exactly designer and fit for a really popular boy band for say, One Direction for instance but what is the matter with some jeans (quite worn out and muddy, I admit) and a camouflage green t-shirt? 


Brianna bought some really REALLY short shorts which she told me later on were called hot pants. That seemed like the right name! They looked so tight that it would make anyone sweaty! 


I had to go and pay because Brianna, despite her being one of the cool kids, was too shy. 


Whilst I was walking towards the till, I stopped dead in my tracks.


Beautiful Just beautiful.

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