Respect your brother,his friends may be hot...

respect your brother,his friends maybe hot!


3. The kiss

We decided to go swimming in the pool in our hotel and out for dinner after since we had a month until the tour started. The boys where already there but Harry stayed and came to my room to talk to me. 

* Harry* "Can i come in a minute?"

*me* "Of course,just wait a sec i need to get my bikini on im just out of the shower."

*Harry* "Oh so why can't i cone in yet?"

*me* "you are such a flirt!"

*Harry* "Only to the people i like."

At that moment i opened the door to him and he just walked in like it was his room.

*Harry* "wow, you look gorgeous"

*me* "well, you don't look to far off."

He was blushing and i was biting my lip and he just kissed me. I was trying not to smile during the kiss but i did a little. I never wanted to pull away but i had to whenever Louis walked in.All Louis did was smile and said he wouldn't say anything. After we went to dinner as we were too late  for swimming.

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