Respect your brother,his friends may be hot...

respect your brother,his friends maybe hot!


2. I want her!

I never watched all of the film it got a little awkward i said that i was away to bed i was feeling tired but really i just wanted to hide behind the door and listen to their conversation.This is what i heard...

*harry* "Zayn im sorry but i want her"

*Zayn* "I think she likes you..."

*Louis* "Can i get you together???" 

*Zayn* "Louis NO!"

*Harry* "Yeah"

*Niall* " i'm hungry"

*Louis* "Let's order a pizza"

*Everyone* "okay"

*Zayn* "Doni, i know you are behind that door, do you want some pizza?"

*me* " okay, ham please."

We ate pizza then went to our rooms i had two single beds in my room and Zayn never had a room so he stay with me.

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