Cast Away

What happens if 1D gets stranded on an homeless or so They think it is,island?
Read and find out!

I also wanted to say that this is my first movella so, hope you like it!!


1. Chapter 1

Hi , im Chelsee.

Im 18 years old.

Yeah i know what you’re thinking. I should be on school right know living my life.

But,.. No.  I have been here since.. I forget..The only family that i have left is

Cicilia my bff … Oh yeah i forget to say how i look like. ( If you want to know) I have Brown hair and Brown eyes simple, I’m sure you want to here my story… So i’ll tell you my story.


10 years ago

I lived with my dad and mom. I loved them mutch. We lived in a flat.

Then my mom got pregnant from my little brother. We where verry happy until

That one day…


Mom, where are we going ??

Where going to seek for our new house darling.

Why ??
Because our house is to little, we are with 4 now sweety.

It’s not to little, Jaydee(my lill brother) can just sleep in my room!!

Sweety its to little..


Don’t shout at me like that Young lady.

…Sorry mom..

It’s okay..

*my brother starts crying*

Oooh shh shh my mom said.

Then it hapenned…

My mom wanted to step out the car and didn’t notice there was a car coming.



I couldn’t look.

You bastard i said.

U-uh I-i didn’t m-mean too.

And thats the last thing what he said before he drove away.

*end *

After that the cops came and they did that stuff that they always do.

 My dad played suicide so i was left alone.


Sooo, That was my story how i lost my parents.

I’m know living on a iland with my best friend Cicilia.

Yeah where trying to survive.

But it’s getting harder and harder everyday…



Cicillia get up !! I yelled.

Ugh, just 5minutes.she says.

You said that 10 minutes ago !!I yelled again.

UH, Yeah yeah i will get up.

Come on, Faster!!

Okay, okay.. I will be down in a sec.

Cicilla’s pov

I got up and grabbed some clothes what i maid myself .

I would have buyed clothes but that’s hard on a iland where nobody lives..

I put them on fast and get down.

Chelsee was already waiting before the door.

Come on lets go i said to her grinning.

Today we where going to finish our boat that we maid.

We already lived here for maybe 3 years.

So we got tired of it.

We start making the boat maybe 1 month ago.

It’s made from wood and stuff like that.

OKAY enough over the boat.

First where going to fish .

Yeah we had to learn how to fish, at First it was hard but now im used to it.

I will catch the fish, you go and make the boat okay?? I asked.

Yeah okay. Chelsee said.

Chelsee’s pov

I Really want to have this boat done.

If i stay here a month longer i will go insane!!

You know, sometimes i  wonder if somebody is actually searching for us,

We’ve been already away a long  time…

Would somebody had searched for us?

PFF, Snap out of it Chelsee we’ve got to get this boat done. I said to my self.

I began to work farther on the boat.

We where planing to leave this evening.And bring so much food as possible.

Talkin gabout food where is Cicillia??


Cicillia’s pov

I was done with fishing, And got one big one.

I smiled at the tought that we could actually eat something again.

It was hard this couple weeks.

The fish where like dissapearing and that was the same with the animals.

I just wanted to go to Chelsee, but i heard something cracking…

Hello ??....

Is anybody their??

No response

Maybe i’m just getting paranoid i thought and walked to Chelsee.


Authors note

Heey, Uhm i hope you liked it so far!

I will keep this authors notes short because i don’t really like author notes so..

Hope you enjoyed it so far!(heheheh repeating ;)) Like,comment,favorite !! Thnx!

Bye my lovely Cast awayers J. Oh and just want to say that this is my First movella so

I know its boring and stuff like that but,, yeah , just want to write! 

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