Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


10. Chapter 9.

You woke up, while you were laying on Justin's chest. He was sleeping. Everyone was sleeping.

You: Justin?.... Justin?.. Justin?

Justin woke up.

Justin: Yeah?

You: Where are we? I can't se anything.

Justin: We're in the bus...

You: Yeah, i know that, your silly monkey. But i can't see anything. And i hate dark.

Justin: Aww. Where's your lips?

You: Wh.. Why?

Justin: I want you to feel safe, so i wanna kiss you.

You: Aww, Justin. You're such a gentle man.

Justin: I know.

Justin leaned into you, and kissed you. He layed you down in the bed again. Justin's on the top, and you're under him.

 You stopped kissing.

You: When are we driving again?

Justin: We are driving.

You: Really?

Justin: Yeah, sweetie.

You: Omg. I feel so sick.

Justin: Are you sick, babe?

You: I think.

Justin: Don't worry. I'm gonna take care for you. I'm with you.

You: Thank you Justin.

Justin smiled. Next morning;

Chaz: Good morning everybody!

All: Good morning.

Pattie: Where's (your name)?

Justin: She is sleeping. She's sick.

Pattie: Oh no. Is she sick?

Justin: Yeah.

Pattie: Aww.

Ryan: What's wrong with her?

Justin: I don't know. She has a headache. And in the night, she didn't knew, that we were driving.

Chaz: Wow, she's really sick.

Scooter: Justin. You can't be with her. You shouldn't get sick too.

Justin: Aww. Uncool. I want to be with her.

Pattie: We all know that sweetheart. But, if you get sick, then you have to stop the concert. And you wouldn't do that?

Justin: No i won't. But...

Scooter: But what?

Justin: I kissed her, in the night.

Scooter: You did what?

Justin: Sorry. I just can't get enough of her.

Ryan: Wow. I've never seen you before like this. You're soooooo in love.

Justin: Yes i am. And it's great.

Scooter: But, just stay away from her. You can look at her, but not kiss or touch.

Justin sighed.

Chaz: Can we hold in for a second. I have to pee.

Scooter: Okay. Hey, stop the bus.

Pattie: (your name) wake up. We all have to pee now. Come with me, hunny.

You: Wha...t. Uhm, okay.

You all walked out of the bus, to go pee.

You were done, and went oustide. Then you saw Justin.

Justin: Hey shawty!

You: Hi hunny.

Justin walked into your arms and start kissing you - Then Scooter came out.

Scooter: JUSTIN!

Justin stopped kissing you.

Justin: Ye.. Yes - He said scared.


Justin: What does it looks like. I'm kissing her?

Scooter: You can get sick.

Justin: Uh.. I forgot that. Sorry, i won't do it again.

You: Huh?

Scooter: Get in the bus, now.

Pattie, Ryan, Kenny and Chaz walks out.

Pattie: What's wrong, Scooter?

Scooter: Justin kisses (your name).

Ryan and Chaz laughed.

Pattie: You did what? Oh good. Justin..

Justin: Sorry, mom. I won't do it again.

Ryan: Nono, you won't ever do it again - He said laughing.

Justin: Sure i will. Just, not when she's sick. Or, i'm actually don't care. But, my mom and Scooter don't want me to be sick.

Scooter: Of course not. You've got a concert tonight. So, we gotta now.

Kenny: Yeah.

You all walked in the bus;

Ryan: What's Justin. Now i can kiss your girlfriend, 'cuz, it doesn't matter if i get sick.

Justin: Get away from her! She's mine!

Ryan: Hahahahahaha. I'm just kidding.

Justin: Yeah, but it's not funny. I really want to kiss her.

You smiled.

The bus stopped - Now, you're here.


Justin: Uuh, they're calling on sexy me.

You: Yeah, sure...

Justin: I am sexy. Right?

Ryan: Yes you are, man.

Justin: Shut up, your gay.

You: Haha. And yes, you are sexy.

Fan: Eww, you're ugly. Why didn't you take another guy! He's mine! I hate you! You're bitch!

Kenny: Come (your name).

Fan: Hi (your name). Wow, you're so beautiful. I'm happy for you and Justin. Don't litsen to the haters! Love ya.

Kenny grabs your hand, and walked backstage;

Justin: Next time, i'll take my girl. I can handle it.

Kenny: Justin. You're so weak.

Justin: Oh, that hurts.

Kenny and Justin laughed.

Justin: Are you getting better?

You: Yes. I'm actually fine now. I feel fresh.

Justin: Yaaaaaaaaaaaay, now can touch and kiss you again. COME HERE BABY!

Justin took your hand and pull you to him. He lifts your hands up to his neck and taking his own around your stomach. He touches you on your back and look deeply into your eyes. He puts his forehead until your forehead, and continues to look you in the eye.

He begins to kiss you. He takes his hand lower down and takes you on the ass. He put his tongue in your mouth you and hugs you tightly.


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 Next morning;

Justin: Are you sleeping, shawty?

Ryan: Yes i am - He said with a girl voice.

Justin: Haha. Shut up Ryan. I'm talking to my baby. (your name)?

You: What?

Justin: Are you sleeping?

You: No, then i couldn't speek, your jerk :).

Justin: Haha, don't be rude - He said laughing.

You: I'm always rude.

Justin: You're always sexy.

Pattie? JUSTIN?

Justin: Mom? I didn't know you were awake?

Pattie: I'm not? I just heard you saying that. I'm sleeping again, bye.

You, Ryan, Chaz and Justin laughed.

You: Where are we going today?

Justin: It's actually the last country today. So, i'm gonna surprise my fans.

You: Oh cool :).

Ryan: So, now you have time to do that thing, ya know.

Justin: Yesyes, man.

You: Orgwh, boys.

Justin: Girls.

Chaz: What are you guys talking about?

Justin: About se....

You: Nothing!

Ryan: No, of course we're not talking about sex.

You: RYAN! - You said laughing.

Chaz: Why are you looking sad?

You: You were happy about 1 second ago.

Justin: It's because, i just found out, that i haven't got any kiss yet.

You: Aww, Justin. Then wake your mom. She wants to kiss you - You said joking, while Ryan and Chaz laughed.

Scooter: Haha. That was a good joke (your name).

You: Thank Scooter.

Justin: Stop. It's not funny. I want my kiss.

You Pattie? Justin wants a ki...

You couldn't say anything, because Justin began to kiss you.

Scooter: Wow. I haven't seen Justin so fast before?

Chaz: Me either.

Ryan: Hahha.

You and Justin stopped kissing.

Pattie and Kenny woke up - and the bus began to drive.

Kenny: Who was kissing? I heard some sounds.. Kissing sounds.

You: It was Ryan and Chaz.

Ryan: Oh, you didn't said that. You better run now.

Justin: Now. Because i pretect her. In your face!

Scooter grabbed Justin's arm and took him away from you - Now you're running in the bus, to get away from Chaz.

Ryan: Yay, gotcha!

You: Shit.

You lay down in bed and Ryan sat on top of you and gave you a little slaps. Then came Justin and pushed Ryan away, so now Justin sat on top of you. He leaned down to you and started to kiss you. Scooter, grabbed Justin's arm and pulled away from you and started giving Justin slaps.

Justin: Stop, stop! Hahaha.

Scooter: No, your little loser. You're so weak. You're so weak.

You: Get of him - You said laughing.

Scooter moved away from Justin;

Justin: Thank you babe.

You: You're welcome.

Pattie: Now, we're here!

Justin: Great!

Ryan: Wow. There's no fans outside.

Scooter: It's because we're here so early.

Justin: It's nice. Then i don't have to pretect (your name) from the haters.

Scooter: Excatly.

Pattie: Let's get out.

You all went out of the bus, and into the big concert hall.

You: Wow. It's big.

Justin: Yes!

Chaz: Holy shit!

All: OMG!

Pattie: It's gonna be so good.

Scooter: It's gonna be a great show.

Kenny: Have you told (your name) the secret - He whispered to Scooter.

Scooter: Not yet. But i'll do it, when Justin is practicing.

Kenny: Good.

Now Justin is practicing, and Scooter is going to tell you the secret;

Scooter: Hey, (your name).

You: Yeah?

Scooter: I have something to tell you.

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 Scooter: The thing i wanna tell you, is. When Justin is done, we all wanna surprise him in front of his fans on the stage.

You: Wow. Cool! What are we gonna do?

Scooter: We're coming back from him, and then we all say: Buuuuuh!

You: Funny! I'll love it.

Scooter: I hope so. But...

You: But what?

Scooter: You may not, tell it to Justin.

You: Okay, i won't tell it to Justin.

Scooter walked and then Justin came.

Justin: You won't tell me what?

You: Uhm, nothing.

Justin: I heard it. Tell..

You: I can't sweetie. Please, don't be mad.

Justin: Are you breaking up with me? - He said with tears in his eyes.

You: No! Nononono, NO! Of course not babe. I love you.

Justin: But, what is it?

You: Sorry Justin. But i can't tell you.

Justin: Okay - He walked away.

You: Justin! Justin, please. Don't be mad!

Justin: I'm not mad! - He shouted back.

You walked away with tears in your eyes. And then Justin came behind you. You started to run and Justin ran after you.

Justin: (your name), (your name) stop!

You stopped.

Justin: Look i'm sorry for being upset. But, i don't like when you not telling the truth.

You: Justin, i can't. And it's the first time!

Justin: Sorry babe. I won't ever do it again.

Justin hugged you, and you hugged back. He kissed you on the forehead.

Kenny: Justin? Scooter, wants to talk to you.

Justin: Yup. I'm coming!

Kenny: Great.

Justin walked and you were just standing there.

Chaz: Hey!

Ryan: Hey sis!

You: Hey - Ryan and Chaz were like brothers to you.

Ryan: So, did Scooter tell you about the "surprise"?

You: Yeah, and Justin got mad at me.

Chaz: Why?

You: Because i couldn't tell him.

Chaz: Oh.

You: But, he's okay now.

Ryan: Good. You didn't tell him, did you?

You: Well..

Chaz: DID YOU!?

You: No. Haha, i'll just wanna make fun.

Ryan: Haha, but that wasn't even funny.

You: Then why are you laughing?

You all laughed. - Now to the concert.

Justin: So, the last song i'm gonna sing for you is Baby. So put your hands up and jump!

Dj: Jump, jump, jump, jump!

Justin: Baby, baby, baby oh! I hope (your name) always will be mine, mine.

Fans: Aww. He's so romantic.

The song finished.

Justin: Thank you for a great show. I love you all, b.....

You all came out on the stage;

Justin: What?

you came in with signs that read: Go Bieber. And you came in with water, which splashed on Justin. You had a huge water gun, so it ran Justin over and took, and sprayed on you. He hold you around your waist and kissed you on the mouth, with his wet lips in front of all his fans.

Scooter took the microphone;

Scooter: Hi everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the moment with Justin. He's so talented. He loves you very much. Thank you so much, for a great show. You did it well. Thank you! Good night Beliebers! See ya next year! :)


You all walked of stage, and the fans were gone. You all cleaned the mess up, and went out to the bus. On the way out to the bus;

Justin: Was is that, you couldn't tell me?

You: Yeah, and you just got mad at me - You said smiling at him.

Justin: I'm so sorry babe. I love you.

You: I love you too.

You all were in the tour-bus now and were on the way home.

Pattie: Good job, hunny. You're such a great and talented boy. We all love you.

All: Yeah!

Justin: Aw, thank you.

Ryan: You're welcome :)

You all went to sleep. Tomorrow is everyone home.


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