Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


8. Chapter 7.

I hope you  Justin were still kissing, and holding you around the waist.

You: Justin. Justin, stop.

Justin: Why?

You: I think we should take a breake with our relationship.

Justin: Why? I won't EVER do it again. I promise.

You: No Justin. We're gonna take a breake.

You pushed Justin away and went upstairs.

Ryan: Hi (your name). Was it fun in the pool.

You: Nope.

Chaz: Haha, cool. No, i'm just kidding.

Ryan: Where's Justin?

You: In the pool. I think.

Ryan: Kay.

You went into You and Justin's room.

You: Justin?

You: Justiiiiin?

- No answer..

You: Huh? What's that?

You found a piece of paper under the bed, that said:

(your name), i love you so much. You're just so amazing.

You're the most beautiful girl, i've ever seen. I'll never let you go.

You're so cute, hot, adorable, happy and a smiling person.

I'll never hurt you. And if i'll ever do that, i'd do anything, to get you back.

You're the best girlfriend, i've ever had. I can't live without you.

- Love Justin.

You began to cry - Ryan and Chaz came in.

Ryan: What's wrong (your name)?

You: I just found the most sweetest thing ever.

Chaz: What is it?

You: It's from Justin. Read it.

You gave the paper to Ryan and Chaz. They began to read.

Chaz: Wow. That's really lovely.

You: Yes it is.

Ryan: He has never written anything so sweet to a girl. He really loves you.

You: He hasn't?

Chaz: No, never.

You: How do you know?

Ryan: Because we're his best friends. He tells us everything.

You: Really?

Chaz: Yes, for sure. He's really in love with you.

Ryan: And like he said. That place, he took you too. He hasn't ever take a girl up there. It's because you're so special to him. Trust me.

You: But, why did he kissed Jasmine, then?

Ryan: I think the paps, wouldn't let them go, if they didn't kissed.

You: But..

Chaz: I think that too.

You: Wait, i'm gonna talk with Justin. Give me the paper again.

Ryan: Here.

You: Thank you guys. You're the best.

You hugged Ryan and Chaz. And then you went down to Justin.


I need 8 'likes' for part 18. What will You say to Justin? Did that paper actually helped you? Will you ever forgive him?

I hope you liked it : ).

liked it : )

 You were running down to the pool, to look if Justin was there.


Justin: (your name)!

You: Justin, i'm so sorry! I shouldn't be so mad! I'm so sorry, babe.

Justin: Really! Aww, (your name) Come here.

You were running into Justin's arms.

You: I found this paper under the bed.

Justin: Oh. I wrote it, when you were mad at me.

You: It's the sweetest thing, i've ever read.

Justin smiling.

Justin: So. You forgive me now?

You: Yes of course. I can't live without you! You're the best. I love you!

Justin kissed you, and you could feel his tongue. You kissed in like 8 minutes.

- Then, Ryan, Chaz, Kenny and Pattie came.

Pattie: Can't you keep away from eachother's lips?

Kenny: You're kissing all the time.

Justin: It's because, we love eachother.

Pattie: Justin, don't worry. We're just kidding.

Ryan: I'm happy, you're together again.

Pattie and Kenny: Again?

Ryan: Ups.

Pattie: Justin. What's happened?

You: Nothing.

Pattie: Oh good.

You all laughed.

You and Justin went upstairs. You layed down in the bed. Justin's on the top, and you're under him. He begin to take your top off.. You were having sex :)

- One hour later...

Ryan: Can we come in?

Justin: Yeah.

Chaz: So.. You're done with having...

You: Shut up, Chaz.

Justin, Ryan and Chaz: Hahaha!

You: Orgwh, boys.

Ryan and Chaz: Orgwh, girls.

Justin: Yes, girls are awesome.

You: Aww, thank you Justin.

You kissed Justin on the forehead.¨

Ryan: So. It's late, good night (your name) and Justin.

Chaz: Yeah, good night.

You and Justin: Sleep well.

I need 5 likes for part 19. What will happen tomorrow. Are you happy, that you and Justin are together again?

I hope you liked it :)

 Next morning; Today it's your birthday.

You are sleeping.

All: Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear (your name). Happy birthday to you.


You: Aw. Thank you everyone.

Ryan: Here's a gift from me.

Gift from Ryan- A short dress.

You: Wow, thank you Ryan.

Gift from Chaz- A t-shirt with 'Hello Kitty'.

You: Oh, thank you Chaz. That's cute.

Gift from Pattie- A beautiful ring.

You: Wow Pattie. That's.. That's beautiful. Thank you, sweetie.

Gift from Kenny- A t-shirt with Kenny's face.

You: Haha. That's a cool gift. Thank you Kenny. I really like it.

Gifts from Justin- A red rose, A promise-ring, A perfume and a gift certificate to your favorite store.

You: Justin! Wow, amazing. You shouldn't have done that! Thank you so much my love.

You kiss Justin on the forehead.

Justin: Are you happy?

You: Yes, of course.

Justin: Good.

You: Now, what do you want from me?

Justin: Nothing. I have it already.

You: Huh? What's that?

Justin: The key, to your heart.

You: Aww, Justin.

Justin kisses you.

Ryan: We got one more suprise.

You: Cool.

Chaz: But, we need to go out to the pool.

You: Okay.

You go out to the pool. - All your friends and family standing outside and waiting for you.

You: Omg!

Your best friend: (your name)!

You: Bestieee!

You got gifts and cake from your famely. You were having a pool-birthday.

You and Justin in the pool, with your best friend;

Your best friend: Omg! It's Justin Bieber!

Justin: Yes. I'm Justin Bieber!

Your best friend: Arh! I can't believe it!

You: Haha. Don't worry Justin. She's just a huuuuuge fan.

Justin: Yeah, i see that.

You all laughed.

The Birthday is over. All your friends and famely are getting home.

You: Bye, everyone! Thank you for coming :).

All: Bye!

In the house - you were laying in the sofa. And then Justin came. He lays on the top of you and just relaxen.

You: Thank you Justin, for a good day.

Justin: Anything for you my princess.

Pattie: Justin and (your name)?

You and Justin: Yeah?

Pattie: I'm going to bed. You should that too. It's getting late. Good night, sleep well. Love you.

Justin: I think we're sleeping here. I'm so tired. And i'm laying good on the top of (your name). Love you.

You: Love you.

You all went to sleep.


I need 9 likes for part 20. What will happen tomorrow? What's gonna happen when you all wake up?

I hope you liked it :)


 You're waking up, but Justin isn't beside you.

You: Justin? Justin, where are you?

- No answer from Justin.

Pattie: Justin, Ryan and Chaz are outside and playing water fight, sweetie.

You: Oh, cool. Thanks Pattie.

Pattie: You're welcome.

You're chaning to your 'Hello Kity' t-shirt and some black shorts.

Justin: Hey (your name). Good morning princess.

You: Good morning, babe.

Justin: Give me a hug.

You: Haha, no. You're fucking wet, hunny.

Justin: Just give me a little hug, sweetie. Just a little.

You: No. I can give you a kiss. But, no touching.

Justin: Okay, babe.

Justin walks over to you.... And gives you a huuuuuge hug, while he's fucking wet.

You: Omg Justin. I said no touching. You're so wet! O-:

Justin: Haha, my love.

Justin kisses you with his wet lips.

You: Orgwh, you're so cold.

Justin: Haha. I feel like i'm hot, because i'm huggin you.

You: Aww Justin :).

Justin: Hey! Chaz is coming. I'm hiding behind you.

You: No Justin. Then, he just sprays water at me.

Justin: Exactly. Mwuhahaha! :)

You: Orgwh, Justin.

- Justin is just laughing, while he's behind you and huggin you.

Chaz: Haha, i can still see you Justin.

Justin: Just spray water at (your name)

You: Justin!

Chaz: Kay!

Chaz sprays water at you!

You: Omg, Chaz! I'll give you back, one day.

Justin: Baha..

You: And you too Justin.

Justin: Uhh. I'm so excited.

You: Hands off me now.

Justin: No, i'm fine here.

You: I'm jumping in the pool, if you don't let go.

Justin: It's okay. I'm already wet.

You: Oh..

Justin: But, i can jump in the pool with you, if you want.

You: Sure, let's go.

You and Justin are jumping in the pool. - Justin holds you around your stomac and kisses you with his soft lips. Now, you can feel his tongue.

Ryan: Take care. I'm jumping in.

Chaz: Jump, jump, jump, JUMP!

You and Justin stopped kissing, and swum away.


Ryan: Wow, it's freakin' cold this water. I'm going up again. Hey Chaz. We can play x-box.

Chaz: Sure.

Justin: We're staying outside.

Ryan: Fine.

You: Justin, can we get up now. It's cold.

Justin: Aww, okay :).

I need 8 likes for part 21. What will you and Justin do after you're dry again.

I hope you liked it : ).

You and Justin were getting up at the pool.

Justin: Here's a towel, sweetie.

You: Thank you.

Justin: You're welcome, he said with a cute voice.


Justin: So.. It's lunch time. We can go out and eat? If you want to?

You: I'd love to.

Justin: Great babe.

You and Justin were going out - you were looking at the menu-card.

Justin: What do you want, my love?

You: Hm, i'm gonna take a pizza.

Justin: Alright, me too.

You: Cool babe.

You were eating.

Justin: Is it good?

You: Yeah, i love it.

Justin: Me too, he said laughing.

You: When are your tour beginning?

Justin: It's soon. Do you wanna go with me?

You: Wow. Really? YES!

Justin: Cool, then i'll talk to Scooter.

You: Nice, babe.


Now you and Justin were done. - On the way home.

Justin: Wow, look at that cap! I want it!

You: Then go buy it, i'm waitin' here.

Justin: Thanks babe.

Justin was running into the shop, to get the cap.

When he came out, he could se that you were layin' on the road.

Justin: (your name)!? (YOUR NAME)!?

You: Jus...ti..n. I-I-I-i can't move.

Justin: Who did that to you?

You: It wa...s. It was a man.. I don't know who. I couldn't see him.

Justin: I'm gonna kill this man!

You: Justin, help. It.. I..t It really hurts.

Justin: Don't worry babe, i'm with you. I'm callin' an ambulance.

Justin were calling an ambulance. - On the hospital.

Pattie: Justin.. Justin. What's happened?

Scooter: Justin, i heard you called your mom. What's happened?

Justin: Someone hit my girl - he said crying..

Pattie: Oh no. Ho.. How?

Justin: I don't know. I was in a shop to buy a cap. And when i got out, she was laying on the road.

Pattie: Aww. I hope she's okay. Isn't she?

Justin: I really hope. Mom, i'm so sad. It's my fault.

Scooter: Justin, no it isn't.

Justin: I don't want her to die.. I really love her. I want to be with her forever - he said shouting.

Pattie: Ssh Justin. Everything's gonna be okay. I promise you.

Justin was crying, while Pattie and Scooter were waiting, on the doctor - The doctor came out.

Doctor: Don't worry everybody. She's okay.

Justin: Omg, really!

Pattie: Oh, God. Thank you doctor.

Doctor: It wasn't me. If Justin wasn't calling that ambulance, she could had died.

Justin: Shut up, i don't wanna hear it. Can i come into (your name) now?

Doctor: Yes, follow me.

Justin, Pattie and Scooter followed the doctor.


I need 8 likes for part 22. What will happen after you get home? What will Justin say? And are you ready to come with him on tour?

I hope you liked it :).

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