Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


7. Chapter 6.

 Justin was just stading in the garden.

You: Justin. I've been upstairs like an hour now. When are you coming?

Justin: I'm coming now. Jasmine V just called me.

You: Okay. What did she said?

Justin: I'm gonna have a photoshoot with her.

You: Cool.

Justin: Yeah.

You're going upstairs.

Justin: Good night, hunny.

You: Good night my love.

Justin kiss you good night. - Next morning.

Pattie: Good morning, Mrs. Bieber and Mr. Bieber.

You and Justin: Good morning.

Pattie: When are you going to the photo shoot?

Justin: Uhm, about an hour.

Pattie: Kay, cool. I'm gonna make some breakfast.

You: Nice, Pattie. Thank you.

Pattie: You're welcome, sweetie.

You, Justin, Chaz, Ryan, Pattie and Kenny eating breakfast.

Kenny: Are you excited, Justin?

Justin: It's just a photoshoot.

Pattie: Justin, speak nice.

Justin: Sorry mom. Yeah. I'm excited.

Kenny: Haha, cool.

Chaz: So, (your name). What are you gonna do while Justin is on work.

You: I'm gonna play x-box with you and Ryan.

Ryan and Chaz: Cool.

Ryan: I didn't knew you'd like that.

Justin: Me too.

You: But, i do.

You, Chaz, Ryan are playing x-box now.

- on the photoshoot with Justin and Jasmine V.

Jasmine: Hi Justin. Wow. I've missed you so much!

Justin: Aye Jasmine. I've missed you too.

You're hugging.

Jasmine: So, let's get started.

Justin: Yeah.

I need 7 'likes' for part 15. What's gonna happen at the photoshoot? Are You, Chaz and Ryan having fun?

I hope you liked it : ).

Justin and Jasmine were doing the photoshoot.

Photographer: We're done. Great job everybody!

Justin: Wow, that was cool.

Jasmine: Yeah, it was awesome.

Justin: I'm hungry. You wanna go to a restaurant?

Jasmine: Yes, for sure.

Justin: Cool.

In the restaurant:

Jasmine: Soo.. How's it going?

Justin: I'm doing well. I'm doing very well. You?

Jasmine: Oh, i'm fine.

Justin: When are you going on tour.

Jasmine. I'm actually going on tour, tomorrow. So, it's my last day.

Justin: Wow. Cool, are you excited?

Jasmine: Yes. Of course!

Justin smiling.

In the house with Chaz, Ryan and You.

Chaz: Yes, yes, yes! I'M THE WINNER!

You: No, you actually lost. I'm the winner. Take a look.

Chaz: What? No. NO!

Ryan: Haha. You lost to a girl!

You and Ryan: Hahahaha!

Chaz: Orgwh...

In the restaurant.

Jasmine: Ups. I'm gonna go. My mom is waiting.

Justin: Oh, it was nice to see you again.

Jasmine: Aww, Justin. You too.


Justin: Oh no, not the paps.

Jasmine: Oh, i hate them sometimes.

Justin: Come. We gotta get out.

Jasmine: Yes!

Suddenly, Justin and Jasmine were surrounded by paps.

The paps: Are you and Jasmine dating?

The paps: Kiss!

The paps: Are you dating?



Jasmine: We should do it!

Justin: Just a quiet one.

Justin and Jasmine kissed.


In the house.

You: Aww, i miss Justin. How long can it take?

Ryan: He just texted me. He's home now.


You running into Justin's arms and kissed.

You: I've missed you.

Justin: I've missed you too!

Ryan: Wow, (your name) won over Chaz!

Chaz: Shut up!

Justin: Hahaha. That's my girl!

Ryan: I wanna watch some tv.

You and Chaz: Yeah, let's do that.

Justin: Kay.


You: Push back! There was something about Justin's photoshoot.

Ryan: Cool. Let's watch that.

In the news:  Justin and Jasmine were having a photoshoot in this morning. But it wasn't only that thing, the paps were waiting for. We also saw Justin and Jasmine.................


I need 8 'likes' for part 16. What will 'The News' tell. Are there pictures of Justin and Jasmine kisssing? What will you say?

I hope you liked it : )

 We also saw Justin and Jasmine kissing..


Chaz: Justin!

Ryan: What!

You got tears in your eyes, and ran upstairs.

Justin: (your name) wait! (your name)!.

Ryan: Dude... Is that right?

Justin: Errr....

Justin got tears in his eyes and ran after you.

Upstairs in You and Justin's room.

Justin: (your name) are you in here?

You were laying in the bed with your head down.

You: Get out, you're fucking....

Justin: (your name) i'm so sorry.We were pressured into it.

You: I'm so fucking don't care. I don't want you anymore..

Justin: (your name), please don't say that.

Justin lay down beside you with his arm over you.

You: Get away from me. I hate you!

Justin: I'm so sorry. Justin said, crying.

You: I don't care. You're such a jerk.

Justin: Please, stay with me.

You: No i won't. I don't want you anymore. Now, you can date and kiss Jasmine!

Justin: I don't like Jasmine. I like you. Or, i love you!

You're both crying.

Ryan and Chaz coming in;

Chaz: Are you okay?

You: No. I'm not. But i think Justin is. Just, get him away from me. NOW!

Ryan: Come Justin. Just leave her alone for an hour.

Justin: NO! I want to be with her.

Chaz: Justin, please. Leave her alone.

Justin: NO! Get out guys. I want to be with her, alone!

You: Justin, i'd rather be with Ryan and Chaz than you.

Justin lies on top of you and hug you around the stomac.

Justin: I won't let her go. I want to be with her, forever. FOREVER!

You: Justin, let me go. I don't want to be with you anymore. I hate you.

Ryan: Chaz, i don't want to be here. They shout at eachother. Come...

Chaz: Me too. Bye guys.

You're laying under Justin, but he won't let you go.

You: I'm calling my mom.

Justin: No, please (your name). I won't do it again. It wasn't the same feeling, like when i kiss you. Trust me.

You: No, i can't trust you anymore. And i can't understand how, you could do this to me.

Justin: Look, i'm so sorry. I really am.

You: Justin, let me go. I'm going down to Ryan and Chaz.

Justin letting you go;

Justin: Are you coming back?

You: No. You can call Jasmine. I think she'd like to talk with you. Or, KISS you!

You smashes the door and going downstairs.


Ryan: Hi.

You: Hi.

Chaz: So, are you and Justin cool again?

You: No, we aren't. I've broke up with him. I don't wanna be with him anymore.

Ryan: Wow. Are you serious? You were so cute together?

You: Yes. I'm sure. Much.

Chaz: Hm..

Justin coming down..

You rolled your eyes.

You, Chaz and Ryan are sitting in a sofa. Justin is sitting next to you.

You: Ryan, do you wanna go in the pool with me?

Ryan: Sure. Justin, do you wanna go wit...

You: No, Ryan. Just us two.

Ryan: Uhm, okay.

Justin shows you a sad face.

You and Ryan are in the pool.

Ryan: Haha. It's fun.

You: Yes it is. Annnd cold.

Ryan: It's a pool. It's always cold.

You: Haha, right.

Chaz: Hey, Ryan. Do you wanna play x-box?

Ryan: Sure. Is it okay with you (your name)?

You: Sure.

Ryan: Thank you.

You are alone in the pool. But, then Justin is coming in.

You: Orgwh..

Justin swimming over to you, and holds you around the waist.

But, you aren't looking at him.

Justin: Look at me.

You: What!

Justin: (your name) i'm so sorry. I promise you, i won't ever do it again.

You: Justin. It doesn't help sayin' that. We aren't a couple anymore. I'm going home next week, i think.

Justin: What? Aren't we a couple anymore?

You: No Justin. I break up with you.

Justin begin to cry.

He takes you closer and you look into eachother's eyes. You're both crying.

Justin: Please, forgive me. I won't ever do it again.

You: I can't... I just can't.

Justin: Kiss me.

You: I don't want to.

Justin: Please, kiss me.

You: No.´

Justin start kissing you in the pool. He holds you very tightly.


I need 8 'likes' for part 17. What will you do? Will you and Justin ever become a couple again? Will you ever forgive him?

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