Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


5. Chapter 4.

I hope you liked it : ).

 You were coming out to your mom's car.

Justin: (your name) wait, wait, wait, wait!

You: Huh?

Justin: I will not say goodbye this way.

You: How then?

Jutin strokes his fingers through your hair and look you deep in your eyes.

He kisses you with his soft lips and hugging you tightly.

Justin: I won't let you go. Please stay. I can't live without you.

You: But, Justin.

You both getting tears in your eyes.

Justin: Please stay (your name). I want you to be here with me. I love you.

You: Sorry. I gotta go. I can't. I have friends and school. Sorry, i just can't.

Justin: Please!

Mom: Come on, baby. We gotta go.

Kenny: And Justin, we gotta go too.

Justin: NO, I DON'T WANT TO LIVE WITHOUT (your name).

Mom: Sorry Justin, but (your name) got school and all that. I know, she loves you too.

Justin: Then why can't she be with me?

Mom: Wait a second. KENNY! We gotta talk.

Your mom and Kenny is talking. While Justin is hugging you very tightly with tear in his eyes.

Mom: (your name) and Justin. Come here. We gotta tell you something.

I need 5 'likes' for part 10. Will Kenny and your mom let you be together? What will they say?

I hope you liked it : ).

Your mom and Kenny would tell you something: Your mom said: (your name) and Justin. Come here. We gotta tell you something.

Mom: Me and Kenny have discussed little. And we have agreed that you and Justin may be together.

Justin and You: REALLY!

Mom: Yes sweetheart.

You: Mom, i love you so so so so so much!

Mom: I love you too baby.

You and Justin are so happy. You can't almost talk. You ARE really in love.

Mom: Bye sweetie. I have to drive home now. I'm gonna miss you so much.

You: Aww mom. Stop. You almost make me wanna cry. I'm gonna miss you too. Bye!

Kenny and Justin: Bye (your name)'s mom.

Mom: Bye boys. And Kenny.. Take care.

Kenny: Don't worry. Pattie is coming home soon. Don't worry.

Mom: Good. Bye everyone.

All: BYE! : ).

Your mom was driving home. You and Justin went upstairs wrapped things out again.

Justin: Aren't you happy?

You: Yes, i am.

Justin: I am too.

You: Justin, when you came after me, I could really see that you actually mean something to me. And i really want to give you a chance.

Justin: Aww. But, you've already gave me a chance.

You: Not THAT chance. I'll be your girlfriend.

Justin: Uhm.. That's too late. I'm already dating another..

You: What!

Justin: Haha, no i'm just kidding... my girlfriend ;)

Justin grabs your neck and kisses you with his soft lips. He lays you down in the bed and start kissing you more. 

Justin: So, now you're my girlfriend?

You: I think so..

Justin: YES.... YES, YES, YES.... YES!

You're blushing and hugging Justin again.

You both laying down in bed and looking into eachother's eyes.

Justin: I'm so glad.

You: Me too.

Justin: And, like i said before. I really love your eyes..

You: I love yours : ).


You: So, when are your mom coming home?

Justin: 2 weeks, i think.

You: Okay.

Justin: I want you to meet her. I think she'll love you.

You: Haha. I really hope that.

You're just looking into eachother's eyes. Suddenly, Justin takes your hand and intertwine fingers with you.

Justin: Tomorrow, i have a surprise for you.

You: Uh, i'm so excited.

Justin: I've never had a girl up there before.

You: Really?

Justin: Yeah. It's a beautiful place. I really love it.

You: Uh. You're making me smile.

Justin: So do you : ).

You're smiling.

You: I think we should get some sleep. It has been a loooooong day.

Justin: Yes. Come here. We can sleep together. Just lay you down with me.

You and Justin are sleeping. Justin has his arm around you, and a little smile on his lips.


I need 6 'likes' for part 11. What place is it, Justin will take you to? Are Pattie gonna like you?

I hope you liked it : ).


It's seven o'clock in the morning. And you just woke up.

You: Justin? Are you sleeping?

No answer from Justin.

You're going on the bathroom to brush your teeth. 10 minutes later..

You're changing in Justin's room, while he's "sleeping"

Justin: Wow, you're almost naked!..

You: Justin. Omg! I thought you were sleeping. Close your eyes, NOW!

Justin: Okay, "I will".

You: Justin do it!

Justin: Nope. I'm fine. I have a good view.

You: Orgh!

You're going in the bathroom again.

Justin: You're done?

You: Almost.

Justin: Can i come in?

You: I'm not done.. Yet.

Justin went in the bathroom, while you were changing.

Justin: Wow, i like your dress.

You: Justin! I said i wasn't reay. Get out!

Justin: Sorry.. But i gotta go changing too.

You: Orgh, okay. Then move ya. I'm going out then.

Justin: You can also stay here.

You: No.

Justin kisses you on the cheek and close the door.

1 minute later..

Justin: I'm ready now.

You: Me too.

Justin: Let's go.

You: Okay.

Justin takes your hand and walking to the most beautiful place ever.

You: Wow. It's... It's wonderful!

Justin: Yeah it is.

You: I really like it.

Justin had taken you somewhere at a large waterfall. It was filled with flowers, birds singing and the water sprayed.

You: I can't believe it. It's.. It's like a dream.

Justin: You're my dream.

You: Aww Justin. I love you.

Justin: I love you too.

You start kissing.

Justin: I've got one more surprise for you.

You: You don't have to do all this, just for me.

Justin: Yes i do. I really love you. And that's how i show it.

 Justin takes a little box up with the most beautiful ring, you've ever seen.

You: Omg Justin. Thank you so much.

You're hugging him.

Justin: Are you crying?

You: Yes, of course i'm crying. You're just so cute. You're really romantic.

Justin: Aww : ).

You: Come here, and i'll give you a huge hug!

Justin: I want a huuuuuge kiss.

You: Haha, come here!

You're kissing again.

Justin: I think we should go home now, and eat some food.

You: Okay : ).

You're home now;

Kenny: Justin! Justin! Come here.

Justin: Okay. Just go upstairs, i'll take some food to us. Kisses you.


Justin: What?

Kenny: Your mom is coming home tomorrow.

Justin: Really? Then, (your name) finally meet Pattie.

Kenny: Yes!

Justin gonna get some food, and go upstairs to you.

You: What's up?

Justin: My mom is coming home tomorrow. So you finally meet her!

You: Cool. I'm excited.

Justin: Nice.

You're eating some lunch on the bed. Justin has his arm around you.

You: It has been an amazing day, Justin.

Justin: Yes. I think that too.

You're smiling.


Justin throws a tomato in your head and so do you.

You: HEY!

Justin: Hahahahahahaha! You're looking red!

You: Hahahah! You're looking red, too!

Justin starts to tickle you.

You: Haha. Stop, i can't breathe. Stop!

Justin: Haha, okay. But only because, you're so cute.

You: Aww.

Justin: I'm actually tired.

You: Me too.

Justin: You can lay on my lap.

You: Thanks.

You're laying on Justin's lap and Justin is singing to you. You fall alseep. And Justin is sleeping too.


I need 7 'likes' for part 12.  What will Pattie say to you. Will she likes you?

I hope you liked it : )

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