Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


18. Chapter 17.

 Pattie: Hey Kenny.

Kenny: Yeah?

Pattie: You need to go out an buy this wonderful dress to (your name).

Kenny: Okay. Where's the shop?

Pattie: It's in the mall. Here's a paper with the name on. Take Scooter with you.

Kenny: Okay, see ya.

Pattie: Bye.

You and Maria went over to Justin and Ryan.

Maria: Are you bored now?

Justin: A little bit.

Maria: Then go make some invitations.

Ryan: Great idea.

You: Can you please invite Chaz? I miss him!

Justin: Sure baby.

Pattie: Omg!

You: What!

Pattie: Call Kenny... NOW!

You: Justin, call Kenny!

Justin: Okay. Here, you go talk with him.

You: No, Pattie here take the phone.

*Phone conversation*

Pattie: You haven't bougth the dress yet?

Kenny: No, but almost.

Pattie: Don't buy it yet. I've found another. But it's in the same shop. The dress is called 'Beauty Queen'.

Kenny: Okay, then we'll buy that. Kay, bye.

Pattie: Bye.

*Phone conversation ended*

Pattie: (your name) come here.

You: What's wrong?

Pattie: Nothing's wrong. What do you think about this dress?

Maria: Omg, it's beautiful! O-:

You: I love it!

Pattie: Great, 'cause Scooter and Kenny just bought it.

Maria and You: YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY!

Justin: Hey mom.

Pattie: What sweetie?

Justin: Should we invite Chaz's girlfriend?

Pattie: Yeah, do that. That would be great, right?

You: Yes do that.

Then Kenny and Scooter got home. They gave you the dress and then you tried it on.

Pattie: Justin, turn around. You may not see this dress.

Justin: Aww why not?

Pattie: It's a secret.

All: Omg, you look amazing, wonderful, beautiful, pretty, awesome, good....

You: Thank you so much.

Pattie: I can't believe this is Justin's girlfriend. She's such a great girl.

You: Aww, thank you Pattie. Thanks everyone.

Justin: Now, take it off. I want to look at my beautiful girlfriend.

You took the dress off and went over to Justin. He sat on the chair, and you jumped on his lap and sat there.

Justin: I can't wait to see you.

You: I can't wait to see you.

Ryan: I can't wait to see you together.

Maria: I'm just excited to wear my dress and see you and Justin.

Pattie: It's gonna be so great.

Kenny: We have to decorate the house. They're coming in 2 days.

Scooter: Yeah, we need to buy food, drinks and all that.

Maria: Can you please do it?

Scooter: We're on our way.

Justin: We're done with the invitations.

Ryan: Come and see them.

You: They look....

Pattie: They look beautiful. Thank you guys.

Maria: I've never thought my boyfriend could make such a beautiful invitations.

You: Me too.

Justin: Look at me baby.

You looked at Justin. He stared into your eyes, and you stared back. You could feel his warm breath on your lips. He learned in for a kiss. You start making out. He rubbed your back while kissing. Maria and Ryan started kissing too.

Pattie: Hello? Is this a kissing competition? Excuse me.....

- No answer.

Pattie: Look there's a spider!

You stopped kissing Justin and Maria stopped kissing Ryan.

You and Maria: WHERE! - You screamed.

Pattie: Nowhere. I'd just talk to you and Maria, but you were too busy kissing.

Justin: Hey mom! I wasn't done.

Ryan: Me too.

Justin and Ryan looked mad at Pattie.

Pattie: Don't look at me like that. It's just a kiss.

Justin: Just a kiss?

Ryan looked shocked.

Justin: It isn't just a kiss. When I kiss my girl, it feels like I'm in heaven.

You: Aww.

Ryan: And when I kiss Maria it feels like I'm a prince.

Pattie, Justin, You and Maria looked funny at Ryan.

Ryan: What?

You: That didn't sounded normally.

Maria: I know I looked funny at you. But I think it sounded sexy.

Justin: Okay, let's get back to the kiss.

Pattie: Let's get back to work.

Justin: But mom.

Ryan: But Pattie.

Maria: But Pattie.

You: But Pattie.

Pattie: No but. It's hard working now... Scooter and Kenny are almost home. Justin and Ryan you need to clean the house.

Justin: Clean the house?

Ryan: You say what?

Pattie: Yes, you need to clean the house.

Justin: We're not women.

Pattie: Clean the house now boys.

Ryan: Okay.

Justin and Ryan began to clean the house. You, Pattie and Maria were planning the table, the music, the dances, everything. - Then Scooter and Kenny got home.

Scooter: It's the first time I've ever seen Justin and Ryan clean the house.

Kenny: I'm shocked.

Justin: That's not funny.

You: Yes it is a lot.

Maria: Hey boys. You need gloves.

You and Maria laughed.

Justin: You shouldn't have laughed baby.

Ryan: And Maria, you shouldn't have said that.

Justin and Ryan ran over to you and Maria. Justin grabbed your arm and pressed you up at the wall. He took some water and sprayed it on you. The same did Ryan with Maria. You were all wet in the face. Justin pressed his lips against yours. He stopped kissing you and then hugged you tightly.

Pattie: Ryan, Justin, (your name) and Maria. Come here. You've been.... Omg, it looked so funny. But go up and take a shower now. Everyone.

You all went upstairs to take a shower. - Then you all were done. You got downstairs to eat some pizza. After the dinner you all went to bed. It have been a hard day. And it'a gonna be even harder tomorrow.


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 Next morning. Today was the big day. WEDDING!

Pattie: Good morning (your name) and Justin.

You: Yeah.... - You said tired.

Pattie: You have to get up now. Today is the big day. Maria, Ryan, Scooter and Kenny are in bath now. You should be that too. C'mon.

Justin: We have to baby.

You: I know. I don't wanna loose this beautiful day.

Justin: Me too.

Pattie: I love you both, very much.

You: I love you too extra mom.

Justin: And I love my beautiful ladies.

You and Pattie smiled at Justin.

Pattie: Now get in bath.

You and Justin went to bath TOGETHER ;)

Justin: This water is freaking cold.... And you look great naked by the way.

You: Yes it's freaking cold, and thank you. You too.

Justin: Oh baby. I know. Now, kiss me.

You kissed Justin on the lips.

Justin: That was a quick one. Now give your husband a beautiful kiss.

You kissed Justin on the lips, while you were in bath.

*Knock, knock*

Maria: Good morning (your name).

You: Morning beautiful.

Justin: Morning Maria.

Maria: Wait, are you in bath.. TOGETHER?

You: Yes - You said blushing.

Justin: It's very sexy, huh?

Maria: Uhm, okay. Enjoy your time. See ya downstairs to breakfast.

You: Bye Maria.

You and Justin got ready. - You went down to breakfast hand in hand. Kenny, Scooter, Ryan, Maria and Pattie smiled at you.

Kenny: Morning Mrs. Bieber and Mr. Bieber.

You: Morning - You said excited.

Ryan: So you're ready for the big day?

Justin: Well, I am. I can't wait to call my girl for Mrs. Bieber ;)

You: I can't wait to call you my Mr. Bieber.

Maria and Pattie: Awww..

Scooter: You're a great couple. Hey, come and get some breakfast.

You and Justin sat down at the table. When you were done, you went upstairs with Pattie and Maria. Justin went upstairs with Scooter, Kenny and Ryan.

Pattie: Omg, I can't wait.

Maria: I think I'm gonna cry.

You: Aww really?

Maria: Of course. You're like... You're the best girl in the whole world. Right Pattie?

Pattie: Yes you are. You're just so smiley and happy all the time. We love you for that.

You: Aww, thank you so much. I love you.

Pattie: We love you too.

Maria: I think we should get ready for the wedding.

Pattie: It's a deal. It's not good to be busy at a day like this.

You: Nope. So, c'mon. We gotta hurry. Lock the door.

Pattie locked the door - Justin.

Justin: Hey, Ryan. Get my clothes.

Kenny: I can't wait to see my little Justin crying when you see (your name).

Justin: I'm not gonna cry.

Ryan gave Justin the clothes.

Scooter: C'mon. She's adorable and beautiful. I know you're going to cry.

Justin: But only because her hotness and sweetness shining in my eyes.

Ryan: Aw. Now get ready.

2 hours later.

Scooter: Pattie! - He shouted.

Pattie: Yeah?

Scooter: We're going to the church now. Hurry, I think all the guests are there.

Pattie: We're almost done. See ya.

Justin: Bye Mrs. Bieber.

You: Aww - You whispered to yourself. Bye Mr. Bieber!

Then the boys went out. - You were ready. Pattie, Maria and you went to the church. Everybody were in the church waiting to see you. Pattie and Maria went in.

The church bells began to ring.  The doors opened and you got in. Everyone looked shocked. They think you were so so so so beautiful. You saw your mom, dad, Pattie, Scooter and Kenny cried. Then you looked up at Justin. He cried too, but smiled at you. A tear ran down your face. Now you were in front of Justin - Everyone began to sing.

Justin: You look amazing - He mouthed to you.

You: So do you - You mouthed back.

Then the music stopped. You and Justin raised up.

Priest: Justin Bieber. Will you marry (your name)?

Justin: Yes.

Priest: (your name). Will you marry Justin Bieber?

You: Yes.

Priest: Now you're Mrs. Bieber and Mr. Bieber. Congrats. You may now kiss eachother.

You and Justin kissed. After that everyone went to the party. They all took pictures of you and Justin. Justin were such a sweetheart. He couldn't get his eyes off you. Your parents were so proud of you and Justin. They couldn't believe it. You both were so beautiful. They sang, clapped, took pictures and gave you some gifts. Everyone were standing around you and Justin. You began to dance. In the middle of the dance, Justin carried you up and kissed you on the lips in front of everyone. Now you were Mrs. Bieber and Mr. Bieber.

3 years later: You got two kids, named Jason and Caitlin. You lived in a big house with swimmingpool and everything. And you lived happily until the day you'll die.



Thank you so so so much for reading my stories. It really means a lot. I'm so happy for you liked them and gave me some ideas. I hope everyone enjoyed reading my stories. Thank you once again :)

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