Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


17. Chapter 16.

 You: I'm going to be in an interview.

Justin: Really?

You: Yes. Read the message.

Maria: Omg! It's on Ellen! O-;

Ryan: You're getting famous, now.

You: I know, and it's gonna be so cool.

Justin: When is it?

You: I don't know...

Maria: IT'S TONIGHT - She shouted.´

You: Omg! What am I going to wear, what about my make-up, what about my hair...

Justin: Take it easy, it's just an interview..

Maria and you looked crazy at Justin like 'What the fuck are you saying?'

You: It's just an interview? Excuse me...

Justin: Sorry.

You: It's my first interview. Maria, help me..

Maria: Okay, I'm going to help you with the hair, make-up, clothes and.. Shoes!

Ryan: Can we come with you.

You: Of course..

Justin: What about my mom? She's coming home tonight..

You: Call her.

Justin: Alright, see ya in 3 minutes.

He kissed you on the forehead and went downstairs to call Pattie. You and Maria went into the bathroom, and began to put make-up on.

Ryan: Can I come in?

You: No, we're naked.

You and Maria laughed.

Ryan: Yeah right.

Maria: Come in, then.

Ryan went in.

Ryan: Wow, you're looking beautiful.

Maria: Aw, thank you baby.

Ryan: Sorry, it was to (your name). But, you're beautiful too.

Maria: Whatever.

*Knock, knock*

You: Who is it?

Justin: It's me.

You: Don't come in, we're naked.

Justin: Cool.

Justin opened the door and went in.

You: So what did she said?

Justin: They're meeting on in the studio.

Maria: Oh My Bieber, I can't wait.

You: Me too.

Ryan: So, are you ready?

You: For what?

Ryan: Well, she can ask you about you and Justin.

You: Yes, I'm ready for that.

Justin: Just be honest. I want the world to know that I'm dating this beautiful girl.

You: Aww. Come here.

You kissed him on the lips.

Justin: Mh, you're tasting like melon. Let me taste again.

Maria: No way! Not now, we're busy.

You: Haha.

Justin shows a funny sad face.

You: Sorry baby. After the show.

Justin: I can't wait that long.

Ryan: Okay, let's talk about the interview. What will you say?

You: Well... I just want to be honest. No lie.

Justin: Good baby.

He kissed you on the cheek.

Maria: Justin!

Justin: Ups, sorry.

Maria gave him evil eyes.

Ryan: We have to go about 15 minutes.

You: Fuck.

Maria: It's okay, I'm done now.

Justin: Yay! - He said smiling to you.

Maria: I doesn't mean you can kiss her. I have my eyes on you - She said looking at Justin.

You: No kissing, no hugging. Get ready.

Justin: Aww.

Maria: So, what do you wanna wear?

You: I've found a dress myself. Want to see it?

Justin and Ryan: Heck yeah.

Maria: Omg, you're really into her.

Justin: Yeah? She's my girlfriend.

Maria: Yeah, that's right. But Ryan.

Ryan: Sorry baby. I'm just kidding.

Ryan kissed Maria on the cheek.


You got into the bathroom, to take in on. When you came out, they all looked really really like O-:

You: Don't look at me like that.

Justin: So.. Sorry, I just... You're so beautiful!

Maria: I'm so proud of you. She's my bestie.

Justin: She's my girlfriend.

Ryan: She's my sister.

You: Hello! Wake up!

Then they stopped looking at you like crazy.

Justin: It's time. We have to go now.

Maria and you: Eeep!

You all went out in the car. Justin drove it and Ryan sat next to him. You and Maria sat at the back seats. - Then you were at the studio. When you came out, there were full of paparazzies. They shouted and took picture of you all the time. Justin grabbed your hand, and held you close. Scooter, Kenny and Pattie came to you and went to the studio.

You: Omg, there were a lot of paps.

Justin: It's my life..

Ryan: I'm blind..

Maria: How many fingers do I have here.

Ryan: 5..

Maria: Good, you're not blind then.

Then Ellen came.

Ellen: Hey (your name). Nice to meet you.

You: Oh hey. Nice to meet you too.

Ellen: Are you ready?

You: I-I think.

Pattie: You'll be alright sweetie - She smiled at you and went backstage with Kenny, Scooter, Maria and Ryan.

Justin: Look, I hope you're ready. I wish you good luck. Can I kiss you?

You: Just a little one.

Justin gave you a kiss on the lips, and went backstage - Now the interview began.

Ellen: Hi everyone. Are you ready for a really nice and cute girl.

All: Yeah!

Ellen: Come out (your name).

Then you walked out. You got a big shock, when you saw all the people. They were looking at you.. Only you. You sat down.

Ellen: Isn't she beautiful?

All: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

You: Thank you.

Ellen: So (your name). Are you and Justin dating?

You: Uhm, yes we are - You said looking into the camara.

Ellen: How did you met eachother?

You: Well. I was with my best friend in the mall, and she went into a locker room, to try some clothes. And I was all alone. I was a huuuuuge Justin Bieber fan. And suddenly he came up to me and talked to me. He was my JB t-shirt. But, then there came a lot of paparazzies, so he grabbed my hand and took me into a lucker room. We were there for 3 hours, something like that. And then Justin called Kenny to pick him up. He did. But then Justin came back to me, and then he said I should go with him. I did. He called me parents, because I should stay with him at the hotel. And then, we suddenly felt in love.

Ellen: Aww, how cute. How is it like to date Justin?

You: It's hard, of course. There's haters, but also some lovers. And I like that. It's really nice to be with him, he's such a great person. I've never met a person like him. He's like my extra brother.

Ellen: You're such a great couple.

You: Aww, thank you.

Ellen: Is it okay, that some of the fans asks you some questions?

You: I don't care, sure.

Fan: Have you and Justin kissed?

You: Haha, yes we have - You said smiling.

Fan: Can I meet you and Justin someday?

You: Never say never sweetie.

Fan: Well, there was a girl who said that her and Justin was dating. Was he cheating on you?

You: It's all fake. It was a girl from my school who said that. She's actually trying to get Justin away from me. But, no Justin wasn't cheating on me - You said with a fake smile.

Fan: Is it annyoring to walk on the streets, and then there's a lot of paps, who asking you a lot of questions?

You: It can be annyoring sometimes. But, some of the paps are really kind.

Fan: What's the best thing about Justin?

You: I can't just pick one thing. Everything is great about Justin. He's nice... Always. I love him.

All: Aww..

Then a fan raised up in the crowd. It was the bitch from your school.

Bitch: Has Justin ever cheated on you?

Everyone looked shocked. You took a deep breath.

You: No he hasn't. Never, ever, ever.

Ellen: Last fan question.

Fan: Can you get Justin out here, please, please?

You looked at Ellen and she nodded.

You: Yes. Just shout his name.


Then he came out. Everyone was screaming. except you and Ellen. He looked at you and smiled. He said 'Come here baby'. Everybody screamed louder when he said that. You walked over to him - He grabbed your head and kissed you on the lips. Everyone said 'Aww'  - Then you walked over to Ellen again. You sat on Justin's lap.

Justin: Why are you smiling that much? - He said smiling.

Ellen: Because, you're such a great couple.

Justin: Thank you.

Ellen: So Justin. Do you wanna get some questions from the fans.

Justin: Sure.

Fan: If you saw your dream girl on the other side of the street, would you then date her?

Justin: Nope. 'Cause I've already found my dream girl.

You: Aww.

Fan: Would you marry (your name).

Justin: Any time - He said looking at you, and then smiled.

Ellen: Thank you for all the questions, and thank you for coming. Both of you. I hope ypu enjoyed your interview.

You: I did.

Ellen: Say goodbye to Justin and (your name).


Then you and Justin went backstage to Pattie, Scooter, Kenny, Ryan, Maria, Your mom and your dad.

You: Mom.. And dad! Why are you here? - You said smiling.

Dad: We don't wanna miss one of the greatest memories.

You: Omg, thank you for coming. It means a lot.

Maria: You were wonderful.

Ryan: No, she was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Pattie: You were so beautiful. You're good at this.

Scooter: (your name) you're such a great girl.

Kenny: Now what can I say. You took all my words.

You: Aww, come here.

You hugged them all. except Justin, you kissed him instead - Then you all went home.

Mom: Night everyone. Thank you for a nice day.

Pattie: Night.

Dad: We love you (your name). Night.

You: Nigt mom and dad. Love you too.

Your mom and dad went into the house. So did you and the rest.

Pattie: Now it's time to relax. Right?

Maria: I'm on that. My eyes are so tired... And my body is too. I'm going to sleep, night.

You: Hey, I don't wanna miss my hug.

You hugged Maria.

You: Night bestie.

Maria: Night beautiful.

Ryan: Well, then I have to sleep. I don't want her to feel alone. Night.

Justin: Night man.

You: Night Ryan.

You looked at Justin, and he looked at you. He looked so cute. He's eyes were like stars.

Justin: You're looking tired, shawty.

You: I'm not looking, I am tired.

You felt in Justin's arms. You were soooooo tired.

Justin carried you upstairs and went to bed.

Justin: Night shawty. You are so beautiful, and I want to marry you any time. I love you.

He kissed you on the lips and felt asleep.


I need 10 likes for part 55. What will happen next?  Are there a lot of lovers or a lot of haters, about you and Justin's relationship?

I hope you liked it :)

 Next morning; You woke up, but Justin wasn't beside you. You looked at your phone and it was 08:30 pm.

You went out to the bathroom to get a shower.

*Knock, knock*

Maria: (your name)?

You: Yeah.

Maria: Can I come in.

You: Sure. I'm almost done.

Maria went into you.

Maria: So, do you have any plans today?

You: Not really. Just relaxing.

Maria: Oh good, then you can come out with me and go shopping.

You: No, I'm actually a bit tired.

Maria: Aw, C'mon. I really want some new clothes.

You: Uhm, I don't know. Maybe.

You went out of the shower.

Maria: Why not?

You: Like I said before, I'm tired sweetie.

Maria: But, you have too.

You: Why do I have too?

Maria: Because.... Uhm. Because I want you with me.

You: Nope.

Maria: C'mon it's really importent.

You: OKAY! - You sighed.

Maria: Yeah, I love you - she said hugging you.

You: I love you too.

*Knock, knock*

You: Shit, I'm naked.

Maria: So? If it's Justin, then it doesn't matter, right?

You: Okay... But ask first.

Maria: Okay........... Who is it?

Justin: It's Justin.

You: Don't let him in.

Maria: I'm naked.

Justin: Sexy. Then let me in.

Maria: (your name) is naked too.

Justin: More sexy. I really really need to pee.

You: No. Not now baby. You have to wait.

Justin: Hurry.

Then you were done. You went out of the bathroom, to see Justin on the bed. He almos peed in his pants.

You: Done.

Justin: Finally.

He ran out to the bathroom. Maria went into her room, to get ready. And you got ready in your room.

Then Justin were done.

Justin: Do you have any plans today?

You: Yes. I'm sorry, if you thought we should do something today.

Justin: No no, it's fine. I'll just hang with Ryan.

You: Okay. Is this beautiful?

Justin: Everything you're wearing looks beautiful on you.

You: Justin, seriously?

Justin: Okay, yes it's beautiful.

Then Ryan came in.

Ryan: Do you have any plans today?

You: Why is everyone asking about that?

Justin: Because we want to know.

You: It's the first time you're asking about that. And yes I have plans.

Ryan look at Justin like 'Yes, then we can do that, you know'

You: Why are you looking at Justin that way?

Ryan: 'Cause he's sexxxxxxy.

Justin: Yes I am.

You: Yeah right. In your dreams.

Justin: What. I can do some sexy then.

You: Justin, I'm busy.

He grabbed your cheek and kissed your lips. He layed you down in the bed and he came on top of you. He start kissing you more. Then you slapped his cheek.

Justin: Arh! What was that for?

You: I'm busy - You said laughing. Ryan laughed too.

Justin: I'm not moving until you say I'm sexy.

You: Omg. How old are you now, 3?

Justin: Yes, gugugaga.

You: Haha! Justin?

Justin: Yeah?

You: You're freaking sexy.

Justin: Oh thank you baby.


Justin: No no, don't call me a bitch.

You: Justin come on.

Justin: Okay baby.

Justin moved. You got ready and so did Maria. Maria kissed Ryan and you kissed Justin. Then you and Maria went to the mall - In the mall.

You: So, what are we looking after?

Maria: Some clothes. I need a dress.

You: A dress?

Maria: Yes. A really beautiful one.

You: Why that?

Maria: I just want one.

You: Whatever.

Maria: Omg, look at that beautiful dress!

You: Maria, it's a dress to a wedding..

Maria: Yeah! It's just me!

You: Then go buy it. I'm waiting here.

Maria ran into the shop to buy the dress. You looked at your phone.

Message from Justin;  Hey baby. Me and Ryan are bored... So, when are you coming home? I love you *-:

You texted back;  Hey Justin. Uhm, I think we're going home after Maria bought her dress. See ya in 30 minutes, love you too baby.

Maria came out of the shop, and then you went home. - You couldn't get in, because the door was locked. It got opened, but you couldn't see anything, because Maria held her hands over your eyes.

You: Okay, what's going on?

Justin: Don't worry baby.

You: Justin?

Justin: Yeah?

You: Why can't I see anything?

Ryan: Maria, just move your hands.

Maria: Okay, I'm counting to 3.

Ryan: Okay.

Maria: 1....2....

You: WAIT! Can someone tell me what's going on?

Justin: Ssh, don't say anything.

Maria: 1......2........3!

Maria moved her hands from your eyes. When you opened your eyes you saw, Pattie, Kenny, Scooter, Ryan, Maria, your mom, your dad and Justin.

You: Uhm, what's going on? - You said smiling.

Pattie: Justin got something to tell you.

You looked over at Justin, and then he got down on knees. He grabbed your hand and took a little box right in front of you.

Justin: (your name) I don't know how to say this. We've been dating for so long now. And I don't wanna loose you or anything. I love you and I'll always do that. So.... Will you marry me?

You looked surprised. Your mom, Pattie and Maria got tears in their eyes.

You: Justin that's so sweet. I love you freaking much! And YES, YES, YES I'll marry you.

Justin got up and grabbed your back and hugged you tightly. You felt his heart beating fast. His hug was like a dream. He kissed you on the lips, and rubbed your back. Everyone began to cry.



You were all so happy for you and Justin. All the girls sat down to plan the wedding. All the boys just played some x-box.


I need 10 likes for part 56. What will happen next? And sorry it was a little bit boring!

I hope you liked it :')

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