Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


16. Chapter 15.

Next morning. It was Justin's birthay. March 1st.

There was a little knock on the door. You went over to opened it, and you saw Pattie, Kenny, Scooter, Maria and Ryan. They all had a gift, and a little cake. You let them in and then you went over to the bed. You began to sing 'Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Justin. Hapy birthday to you ' Then Justin woke up.

All: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN! - They shouted.

Justin: Thank you - He said smiling.

A gift from Pattie: An Iphone 4, Ipod touch, 2 t-shirts, 3 shorts and a nice cap.

Justin: Omg, thank you mom. That's a lot.

A gift from Ryan and Maria: 2 t-shirts. One with a bird and one with a little heat. And a Justin Bieber t-shirt.

Justin: Yay, now I can wear my own face. Cool, thank you - He said laughing.

Gift from Scooter: A new purple key to his car. And 3.000 dollars.

Justin: That's a cool key. Thank you Scooter.

A gift from Kenny: A t-shirt on with Kenny's face. 2.500 dollars, and an autograph from Beyonce.

Justin: Omg, an autograph from Beyonce. Nice, and thank you.

A gift from you: 1 purple cap. A t-shirt with you and Justin kissing + a picture of you and Justin on the beach. 100 dollars and a new ring.

Justin: Omg! That's amazing, come here shawty.

You went over to Justin in the bed, he grabbed you and kissed you on the lips infront of all. He rubbed your back and smiled at you.

Justin: Thank you for all the gifts. It means a lot.

Pattie: Oh, I forgot something. Chaz called me in the morning, he just wanted to say 'Happy birthday'.

Justin: Thank you.

Kenny: So, what do you wanna do on your birthday?

Scooter: It could be cool with a huge party.

You: Yeah! Then we could invite all your friends and some of my friends.

Justin: Uhm, okay. Let's do this then.. But mom?

Pattie: Yeah?

Justin: You have to buy the food.

Maria: Haha, no Justin. That's not your mom's job. Me and (your name) gonna buy it.

You: Are we?

Justin: That's okay with me... Aaaaaand Ryan.

Ryan: Yup.

You all went down to eat breakfast. After the breakfast, you, Pattie and Maria went to the city to buy som food. Ryan, Justin, Kenny and Scooter got the rest in the house. - In the city.

Pattie: So, what do you want?

You: Well, it's Justin's birthday. So it's his choise. Wait a second, I'm gonna go out calling him.

Maria: Hurry.

You: Whatever - You said blinking to her.

You went out calling to Justin.

*Phone conversation*

Justin: Hey beauty.

You: Hey Justin. So, what do you want for your birthday?


You: Justin.... Justin?

Justin: Sorry, I just want to hear your voice.

You: Aww. But, what do you want for your birthday?

Justin: You baby - He said with a flirty voice.

You: Come on sweetie. What do you want?

Justin: Uhm, just buy something.

You: Okay, bye then.

Justin: Bye, love you shawty.

You: Love you too baby.

*Phone conversation ended*

You went back to Pattie and Maria.

Maria: So, what did he want?

You: He said me.. But the I was like 'seriously, say it' and then he said 'I don't know. Just pick something and then...

Pattie: Stop!

You: What?

Maria: You're talking to fast.

Pattie: Yup.. So, what did he want?

You: He said me.. But then I was like 'seriously, say it'...

Maria: NOT THE WHOLE STORY! - She shouted.

Everyone stopped talking, and then they ALL was looking at me. I turned red in the face and let out a little laugh.

Pattie: Okay, we're gonna pick something.. Just something.

Maria: That make sense.

You: You could have told me, that I shouldn't tell the whole story.

Maria: We were trying..

You: Oh..

You, Pattie and Maria were done. You went home to see Justin, Ryan, Kenny and Scooter decorate the whole house.

You: Wow.

Justin: BABY!!! - He said totally happy.

He ran over to you, picked you up and kissed you like crazy. He rubbed your back, and let you go.

You: You've missed me? - You said joking.

Justin: Omg, yes I have.

Ryan: He have been talking about you the whole time.

Scooter: Did he mentions, he told us, that you had sex?

You turned red again. You were so embarrased.

You: What did you said?

Justin: Because Kenny said I've never kissed a girl, and then I said 'Yes' and then he said 'No'. And then I was like 'I has sex with her' .....

You: You're so stupid. Now they all know it.

Scooter: So?

Pattie: Yeah, nothing's wrong with that - She said with a smile on her lips.

Kenny: We all know, that you'll do it again.

You: Okay, can we talk about something else.

Justin: Aww - He said hugging you.

Pattie: Ryan, Maria, (your name) and Justin, go up and take a bath.

Justin: At the same time?

Pattie: Seriously Justin?

Justin: Sorry, it sounded like that.

Pattie: Get up.

You, Ryan, Maria and Justin went upstairs. Ryan and Maria went into their room and you and Justin went into your room.

Justin: Do you wanna go in bath first?

You: No, it's your birthday... So you're first.

Justin: Sure baby.

He kissed you on the cheek and went to bath. You looked on your phone, you've got 5 messages.

Message from your mom: Hey sweetie. Happy birthday to Justin. We're coming over tonight. Can't wait, see ya beautiful. Love mom

Text from Christina (The bitch from the school ): Hey bitch. I'll just let you know, that you're a fucking bitch. You stold me boy, and I'm not even thinking of letting you have him forever. And, tell Justin I said 'Happy birthday lover boy' Bitch..

Text from Chaz: Hey (your name). I miss you so so so so much. I'm so sorry, I can't be at Justin's birthday today. I'm so sorry. But, 'Happy birthday to him'. I love you sis. Love from your bro.

You turned off your phone, and turned on the radio. You were listening to Usher - Dj got us falling in love again. You were singing and dancing in the room. Then Justin came out. You didn't know it. He saw you dancing and singing like crazy. He turned off the radio and you were still singing 'The Dj got us falling in love agaaaain..

You: Omg! Justin!

Justin: Sorry... And, you're looking great when you're dancing.

You blushed.

You: Next time, then don't turned off and DON'T scare me like that again.

Justin: I'm sorry baby.

You: I'm going to bath..

You were on the way over to the door, but then Justin came in front of you.

Justin: Baby I'm really sorry.

You: Justin, I was kidding. I'm not mad at you or anything.

Justin: Good.

He kissed you and then you went to bath - Done with the bath.

Justin: Finally you're done.

You: I wasn't in the bath all the time. Look at my face, I'm wearing make-up.

Justin: I can see, and you look beautiful.

You: So, what do you gonna wear?

Justin: Why?

You: 'Cause I wanna match you.

Justin: Nice.. Uhm, I'm gonna wear 96.. Pants... And the t-shirt you gave me... With the picture of us kissing.

You: Aww, you're so cute Justin. Thank you for that - You kissed him on the cheek and went over to your closet.

Justin: So.. Do you got a black or a white dress?

You: I don't know.

You could feel his arms around you, while you were looking at you clothes. You could feel his breath on your neck.

Justin: That one.. That's beautiful.

You: This one?

Justin: Yeah.

You: Okay, let me try it.

You tried the dress, and Justin's eyes were like *_* *_*

Then Maria and Chaz came in.

Maria: OMB!

Ryan: You look so beautiful.

Justin: Yeah she does. And she's mine.... Incredible.

You: Stop..

Justin: Aww, you're blushing shawty.

Maria: Come on, the guests are coming soon.

You all went downstairs to see ALL the guests standing there and waiting for Justin. You said 'Hello' to all, and Justin got gifts. You all sat down and then...


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 You all sat down and then Justin stood up. There was a little stage with a microphone on. He went up to the stage and grabbed the microphone. This is for you:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QmTqVXXjhQ

While he was singing the song, he looked you right in the eyes. He smiled at you, and you smiled back. All the guests had tears in their eyes. It was so touching. You cried because you were so happy. When he finished the song, he went down to you and grabbed your arm and went on stage with you. Everyone was looking at you and Justin. He stared into your eyes and said..

Justin: I'll just say some things to my girl. (your name) the first time I saw you, was the best thing that ever happened to my life. You are my girl, my dream, my smile, my breath, my world, my everything. I can't explain how much I love you. I'm so happy I've found you. You mean the world to me... Justin began to cry ... If I didn't find you, I wouldn't be this happy. You make me smile, you make me happy. You've showed me how love is like. 'Cause when I'm with you, I'm always happy. Everytime you're talking to me, my heart melt. Everytime I see you, I smile. Everytime I touch you, I feel like I'm in heaven and when I kiss you... That's one of the best things. I really love you. I can't explain how happy I'm with you. The song I sang for you, really means a lot to me. 'Cause your home, is right in my arms. When you're falling, I'm standing right next to you. Shawty, I love you.

When he was done, everyone began to clap. Everyone was crying. It was so touching. He grabbed your face and kissed your lips in front of everyone. He hugged you while you were kissing.

Justin: Give it up for my girl!

Everyone smiled and clapped at you - You grabbed the mic.

You: Thank you so much. And Justin, I'm so in love with you. I really love you back. You have no idea how happy I am right now. Love you Biebs.

You kissed again - Then you sat down at the table. Justin grabbed you hand under the table, and held it. 4 hours later, everyone was going home. Your mom and dad said 'Thank you' to Justin. They kissed you and hugged Justin goodnight. Everyone was home.

Pattie: Justin, come here.

Justin: Okay.

Pattie: Y o u  a r e  s o  f a n t a s t i c! Omg, it was so sweet. Everyone had tears in their eyes. I'm so proud of you, thank you for finding such an sweetheart. I love you both.

Justin: Thank you mom, I love you too.

Pattie: Night everyone - She shouted and then went to bed.

Maria: Omb! He's freaking cute - She shouted in your face.

You: I know. Look how cute he is.

You and Maria looked over at Justin. He was talking to Kenny and Scooter.

You: He's just so handsome. I'll never let him go. He's mine.. Forever!

Maria: Don't worry. He'll be yours.

You: Yes he will.

Kenny and Scooter: Night! - They shouted to all.

All: Night, night.

Then Justin and Ryan came to you and Maria. You just stared at Justin.

Justin smiled at you and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

Justin: Wake up, sweetie.

You: Oh sorry. You're just so handsome..

Justin: Thank you, and you're just so H O T!

Maria: Love is in the air - She sang.

Justin: Everytime I'm with (your name). Then there's love in the air.

Ryan: Great man. I'm going to bed now... With Maria. Come baby.

Maria: Okay. Night Justin and (your name).

You and Justin: Night.

Maria and Ryan went to bed.

Justin: Thank you for everything baby.

You: No it's me who should thank you. You're just so incredible amazing. It's so... I don't know what to say. You're just the right for me. I'll never let you go.

Justin: Aww baby... He smiled .. I'll never let YOU go.

You kissed him on the cheek.

Justin: Let's dance.

You: But there's no music.. And everybody is sleeping.

Justin: So what? I can sing you a song.

You grabbed Justin's hand, and began to dance - He stared into your eyes and sang.

Justin: Take my hand, let's just dance. Watch my feet, follow me. Don't be scared, girl I'm here. If you didn't know.. This is loooooooooove. Oh..... Oh babyyyyyyyyy. I never let you go.

You: I will always love you.

Justin: I will always love you too shawty.

He picked you up, and carried you upstairs and layed you on the bed. He came on top of you and you start making out. He was rubbing your cheek, while you were kissing. He start taking your top off, and then his t-shirt. Now you know the rest ;) ;) ;) ....

25 minutes later, you were laying on the bed and fell asleep.

Next morning;

*Baby, baby, baby ooh*

You: Justin, pick up your phone.

Justin: I don't have a ring tone that says 'Baby, baby, baby ooh!

You: Right.

*Phone conversation*

You: Hello?

Mom: Hello it's me. Are you awake?

You: Come on.. No. I was sleeping and then you rang.

Mom: Ups, sorry. I'll just let you know, that we're not home today. We're going to shop with Pattie, Scooter and Kenny. We're actually on the way now.

You: Right, cool. So, why did you rang me?

Mom: Just to tell you this.

You: Alright, bye.

Mom: Bye.

*Phone conversation ended*

Justin: Who was it?

You: My mom.

Justin: She rang you now?

You: Yeah.. She's weird.

Justin: What did she said?

You: She was going to shop with Pattie, Scooter and Kenny.

Justin: Alright... Cool - Then Justin fell asleep.

You went to the bath - 10 minutes later.

You: Wake up Justin.

Justin: No - He said sleepy.

You: I'm making you wet.

Justin: You don't have to try. You always make me wet ;) - He said laughing.

You: Come on. It was not that way. I'm gonna find a bucket and throw water at you.

Justin: Yeah right.

Went down to get a bucket - You find a bucket with water in, and then you went upstairs again. When you came into the room, Justin was still asleep. You went over to the bed and threw water at him.

Justin: Omg! You better run - He said angry.

You tried to ran over to the door, but then Justin grabbed your leg, and then you fell. He turned you around, so you faced him. And then he start tickling you.

You: Stop! Stop! You're freaking wet.

Justin: No, 'cause you threw water at me.

You: I've just been to bath. Get off me - You said hitting him.

Justin: Arh, I thought you loved me.

You: I do... And I thought you loved me.

Justin: Oh, I do baby ;)

Maria: Excuse me?

Justin: Yeah.

Maria: What the hell are you doing.

You: Maria, please get him....

He held his hand over your mouth - You pulled it away.

You: He....lp..me..

Justin start kissing you.

Maria: Omg... Everytime you want to shut the fuck up at eachother you just start kissing - Maria went out.

Then you pushed Justin away.

You: Finally!

Justin: Haha!

You: She's right..

Justin: Who?

You: Maria..

Justin: Why?

You: Because everythime we want to shut the fuck up at eachother we just start kissing. Or.... You start kissing me.

Justin: That's right. Do you wanna know why?

You: Can't stop you.

Justin: Because, when I kiss you, you can't stop kiss me back. And that's why I always kiss you when I want to shut the fuck up at you.

You: Haha, that's sooooo NOT funny.

Justin: Yes it is.

Ryan: BREAKFAST NOW! - He shouted from the kitchen downstairs.

You and Justin went downstairs to eat some breakfast together with Maria and Ryan. In the middle of the breakfast there was a knock on the door. You went over to opened it and then you saw........



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You and Justin went downstairs to eat some breakfast together with Maria and Ryan. In the middle of the breakfast there was a knock on the door. You went over to opened it and then you saw the bitch from the school.

Bitch: Hey loserface. Where's Justin?

You: Don't ever call me a loserface. Why are you here?

Bitch: JUSTIIIIIIN! - She shouted with her barbie voice.

Justin came out to the door.

Justin: What?

Bitch: Hey sweetie. Do you wanna go out with me?

Justin: Yeah sure...

Bitch: Omg, really? I thought you loved (your name) but I was wrong.

Justin: In your dreams.

Then you and Justin laughed together.

Bitch: That wasn't funny...

You: Yes it was. You thought Justin would go out with you? Hahaha, that's the best joke ever..

The bitch grabbed your head and beat it - You felt on the ground.

You: Arw!

Justin: What the fuck are you doing? - He said carring you up in his arms.

Bitch: Ups, my bad.

Maria and Ryan came.

Maria: Omg, you're bleeding out of the nose. What's happened?

You: That fucking bitch beat me. 

The bitch tried to beat you again, but then Ryan grabbed her arm.

Justin: Who do you think you are? Don't ever beat my girl again...

Ryan: Get away....

Bitch: Uhm sorry. I don't think you know what's going on.

Maria: What the hell is going on then.... Bitch?

Bitch: Well, I actually told the paps, that I am dating Justin Bieber.....

Justin: No fucking way!

Bitch: And guess what... They believed it. So now the whole world thinking that we're dating.

Maria: Omg! If you don't get your fuck out off the house, then I'll...

Ryan: Go upstairs with (your name). She needs to stop the blood.

Maria: Okay.

Justin: Take care of her.

You and Maria went upstairs.

Justin: They'll not believe it when I'm saying, that we're not dating.

Bitch: Come on Justin. We're made for eachother. Can't you see it?

Ryan: Tsh..

Justin: No. I can't see it, and I'll never be with you. Never!

Bitch: Baby.. 

Ryan: He's not your baby. Get out of our house.

Justin banged the door, and went upstairs to you and Maria. Ryan followed him.

Justin: Are you okay baby? - He said hugging you.

You: Well, it's still hurting a bit.. But I guess I'm fine.

Maria: She's still bleeding.

Ryan: She have to go on the hospital.

You: No.. I don't want to. I'm sick of hospital.

Justin: I understand.

Maria: But, what's gonna happen to you now? They think you're dating that bitch.

Justin: I have to tell the paps, that I'm dating this beautiful girl.

You smiled, but it was hard. It was hurting from your nose.

Ryan: Aww, you can't even smile. She beat you hard.

Justin: I want to beat her... Several times..

You: Don't think of her.

Maria: Yeah, we have to tell the paps. They think you're cheading on (your name).

Justin: Alright, let's go.

You sighed.

Justin: I'm sorry baby. But we have to.

You: I know. I'm... No, come on let's go.

You all went downstairs, to go out in the city. - In the city.

Pap: So Justin. Why are you walking with your ex, when you're together with another.

Pap: Are you cheating on her?

Pap: I don't understand. (your name) was the cutest you'll ever find.

Justin: Okay, listen.... All! I'm not dating her, you know the other girl. I'm dating (your name). I really mean it. The girl who said that to you, is a liar. She's just jealous. Who do you believe, me or her?

Pap: You.

Pap: You.

Pap: Sorry, for believing her. 

Pap: What's happened to (your name)'s face?

Pap: Omg, you're bleeding.

Justin: Nothing. It's privat. Thank you for believing me.

Pap: You're welcome.

Pap: Have a nice day.

Pap: Have a wonderful day everyone. We love you Justin.

Pap: We love you Justin.

Then you went home again. In the house.

Maria: I'm so glad, that the paps were believing us. 

Ryan: I'm glad to.

Justin: Yeah, me too.

Then you fainted.

Maria: Omg!

Ryan: She's sick.

Justin: Ssh, don't shout. I'll carry her up in my bed, stay here.

Justin carried you all the way upstairs, and layed you in the bed.

Justin: Baby, please wake up...

No answer.

Justin: He kissed your forehead and began to sing 'Favorite Girl' for you.

You wake up, but you had headache.

You: I can't see anything..

Justin: YOU'RE AWAKE! What do you mean?

You: It's black.. Everything is black.

Justin: Can you feel me?

You: I don't know... I can't see you or feel you.

Justin start kissing you on the lips. You were laying down in bed, and then he came on top of you.

Justin: Could you feel that?

You: Yeah, but I'd like to feel it a bit more.

Justin: I think you're okay now ;)

You start making out. He grabbed your neck, and pressed his lips against yours. - Then your phone rang.

Justin: Leave it.

He kissed you again - *Knock, knock*

Maria: Sorry, I'm going out again.

You pushed Justin away.

You: No, it's okay.

Justin: Hey! I wasn't done.

Maria: Haha, can Ryan come in too?

Justin: No, he can stay out - He said kidding.

Ryan: Thank you Justin.

You looked at your phone.

Justin: What's wrong?

You: Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! 

Maria: What!

You: I'm going to........


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