Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


15. Chapter 14.

Now you were done with the dinner. You went upstairs to get your things.

Text from Justin: Are you coming over tonight..................................................Baby? :)

You texted back: Yeah :)

You went downstairs to say bye to your parents. And then you went over to Justin's house. - It was Justin who opened the door.

Justin: Hey - He said really happy.

You: Hi.. Uhm, can I have a word with you?

Justin: Yeah, sure.

You: Where's Ryan and Maria?

Justin: Upstairs.

You: Okay, then I'm gonna talk with you here.

Justin: Cool.

You: Look.. Everyone says that I'm happier with you... And I think that's right. I've still my feelings for you. They're not gone. But..

Justin: Does everyone say that?

You: Yeah. And my mom isn't that happy because I broke up with you. It's like she forgot that you were cheating on me. And they all say that you're a sweetheart... And I know you are... I just can't believe you did it to me.

Justin: Really? And thank you by the way. And like I've said 1000 times, I'm so sorry. Can you forgive me?

You: I....

Justin: Please? - He said with the most cutest smile ever.

You smiled back.

You: Uhm... You sighed. Okay, but don't ever hurt my feelings again!

Justin: Omg, yes! And NO. I won't ever do it again! - He said with his cute smile again.

Justin hugged you like crazy. He was so happy.. Aw :')

Justin: So, we're a couple again?

You: I don't know. I've to think about it.

Justin: Please, please, please? I won't ever do it again?

You looked at Justin, and saw he smiled at you.

You: I really don't know.

Justin: Okay :'(

Then Maria and Ryan came down to you.

Maria: (YOUR NAME)!



Justin: GAY!

Then we all laughed.

Maria: So, what do you wanna do?

Ryan: Watch a movie.

You: Again?

Justin: Or...

Maria: Or what?

Justin: I don't know.

You: Weird..

Justin lauged, then you laughed.

Maria: Uh, you laughed together.

Justin: Yeah?

You: Hello, we're friends?

Ryan: Ups, I forgot something.

Maria: What?

Ryan: Come with me.... Only Maria.

Maria and Ryan went upstairs.

You actually got shy, because you were alone with Justin.

Justin: Why are you blushing?

You: I'm not - You said laughing.

Justin went closer to you.

You: What are you doing?

Justin: Nothing - He said with a sexy voice.

He grabbed your cheek and kissed you on the lips. You let his tongue in, and so did he.

He pushed down in the sofa, and then he layed on the top of you.

You: Stop, stop - You said laughing.

He kissed you again, and touches your cheek.

Then you heard footsteps on the steps, Justin didn't stop kissing you. You tried to pull him away, but you couldn't.

Maria: Omg - She whispered to Ryan.

Ryan: I think they're together again. They can't stay away from eachother.

Then you pulled Justin away, and got up from the sofa.

You: Oh, hey - You said blushing.

Maria: So, you and Justin are...

Ryan: It looks like.

You: Uhm, I don't know. I feel kinda sick, I'm going home.

Maria: No. No way. Now you're stayin here. Tell me, are you and Justin still together?

You: I..

Justin: Yes we are - He said hugging you.

Maria: Omg, I'm so happy for you.

You: Thank you, I think.

You all went upstairs and sat on the floor.

Justin: Wow, you've got a poster of me in your room.

You: How do you know?

Justin: I got your phone in my hand... I've looked all of your pictures. You've got a nice ass.

You: Omg, you're a jerk. Give me my phone - You said laughing.

Justin: Haha, no. Only if I get a kiss.

Maria: Oh, Justin is good!

Ryan. Go kiss him (your name). You know you want too.

You: Shut up guys. Go help me!

Justin: Hah, no they won't.

You tried to get the phone, but Justin is taller then you.

Justin: Jump girl, jump.

You: Omg, you're such a idiot.. Give me!

Justin: Hahahahahaha!

You jumped as high as you could and then you got the phone. Justin pushed you to the bed, and then you hurt your head.

Justin: Omg, are you okay?

You: Aw, my head!

Ryan: Are you okay?

Maria: (your name)?

You: Yeah, I'm okay. It's just hearting.

Justin: I'm so sorry, so sorry.

You: Aw, Justin you're so cute!

Justin smiled at you.

You hugged Justin.

Maria: Yay, now we're back again. Thank you God!

You: Did you pray?

Maria: Maybe a little. Why?

You: Haha, you're so weird.

Ryan: Girls....

Justin: Are great...

Ryan: And sexy.

Justin got a text.

You: Who is it?

Justin: I don't.... It's from Jasmine.

Maria: Omg, that fucking bitch wrote to you? I'm going to kill her!

Ryan: What did she wrote?

Text from Jasmine:  Hey Justin baby. I'm so glad that we kissed. Are we dating?

Justin texted back: Jasmine, I don't wanna date you. I don't like you... Or love you. I'm dating (your name) now. Bye.

Maria: She's such a bitch.

You: Don't talk about her. She's ruining my day.

Ryan: I'm tired.

Justin: Then go to bed.

Maria: Night guys.

Justin: Night.

You: Night bestie.

Then Ryan and Maria went to bed - So did you and Justin.

Justin: You make me so happy.

You: I'm glad we're back.

Justin: I'm too. Night, love you so much shawty.

You: Love you too Justin.

Justin kissed you on the cheek - You felt asleep in eachother's arms.


I need 10 likes for part 50. Is it great that you and Justin are a couple again? What will happen next?

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 Next morning you woke up by a very strange voice. It says 'Oh baby girl. You're so pretty when you're sleeping. I love u baby. I won't ever hurt you again'. You knew it was Justin, so you couldn't help, but smiled.

Justin: Wait, are you awake?

You: Uhm.. No I'm sleeping.

Justin: Get up silly girl - He said kissing your nose.

You: That was weird. How can you say a voice like that?

Justin: I'm just cool ;)

You: Yeah right. If that makes you happy, loserface.

Justin: Oh you shouldn't have said that.

Justin jumped on top of you, and start to tickle you.

You: Stop, stop! - You said screaming but laughing.

Justin: Okay baby.

*Knock, knock* - Maria came in.

Maria: Ups sorry. I didn't knew you had sex.

You: Haha, it's okay. We're..

Justin: Sorry, next time we'll make a sign that says 'Don't come in, I have my Bieber on ;)'

Maria: Oh that's cool.

You: Maria, we're not. He's just getting too silly.

Maria: Haha, don't worry. I know it ;)

Justin: Where's Ryan?

Maria: He's asleep.

Justin: Not anymore. I'm gonna go wake him up.

Maria: Don't! He's so cute, when he's sleeping.

Justin: I don't care - He said with a funny voice.

Justin went into Ryan to wake him up. Back to you and Maria.

Maria: Oh, you've got a message.

You: Cool. I hope it's my mom...

Maria: Why?

You: 'Cause she's always texting me, when she has something to me - You said happy.

Maria: Oh boy.

You looked at the message. It says;  Hey (your name). It's Max. I've got a new number. I'm on the way to you. Where are you.. I only know where your parents live.. So, I'm coming today. See ya.

You looked shocked at Maria.

Maria: What's worng? - She asked scared.

You: Look at the message... It's from Max.

Maria looked at the message.

Maria: OMG!

You: YEAH!

Then Justin and Ryan came in.

Ryan: Yo... Morning beautiful ladies.

You and Maria just looked shocked.

Justin: It's okay if you don't like Ryan - He said laughing.

You: No, it's not that.. And morning Ryan.

Maria: Look at the message Max send.

Ryan and Justin looked at the message.

Ryan: Omfg.

Justin: Don't worry ladies. Me and Ryan are here. We can take care of you.

You: It's not that...

Maria: Listen boys. When (your name) broke up with him, he got so pissed off and hit her serveral times. And if he don't get her, then he'll do it with Justin... Maybe.

Ryan: O-:

Justin: Omg. He's crazy. If he's hurting you, I'm gonna kill him.

You: I don't want anything bad happen to you.. Any of you.

Maria: I'm so scared of him. He's like.. Violent.

Ryan: He's not coming into our house.

Justin: He doesn't know where we live.

You: Yes he does. Or... He knows where my mom and dad lives..

*Knock, knock* - You opened the door.

Pattie: HEY GUYS!

All: Hey Pattie!

Justin: Hey mom!

Pattie: I've missed every single of you.... Wow, wow, wow. Why are you looking at me like that?

Maria: Because (your name)'s ex is coming today.

Pattie: Soo?

Kenny: Hello boys.

Scooter: Hello girls.

All: Hey Scooter and Kenny.

Scooter: Why are you looking so crazy at me?

Kenny: Yeah.. And at me?

Ryan: Because (your name)'s ex is coming today.

Scooter and Kenny: Soo?

Pattie: I asked the same.

You: He's violent.

Kenny: Don't worry. We're here.... Or not tonight.

Justin: Why?

Pattie: We're going to talk to (your name)'s parents.

Justin: Oh, but we can take care of the girls.

You: Yeah, and we can take care of the boys.

Then you all laughed.

Pattie: It's early and we've been so tired.. Still am. So I'm going in bed, see ya.

You: What about Scooter and Kenny?

Kenny: We're going in bed too.. Or I am.

Scooter: I'm too.

Justin: Okay, then see ya later.. Maybe.

Ryan: Night... Or morning. I don't know what to say.

You: Sleep well - You said looking clever at Ryan.

Ryan: I could have said that.. I was just joking.

Maria: Whatever.

Pattie, Kenny and Scooter went to bed.

Justin: So, get ready. We can go to the shops.

Maria: I'm on that.

You: Heck yeah.

Ryan: See ya in 2 minutes.

You: Hello, we're girls if you haven't notice that. We're gonna put some make-up on.

Ryan: Sorry ;)

Then you all went upstairs to get ready. 10 minutes you all were done. You went to the shops. There were people everywhere.

You: Omg, there's a lot of people.

Maria: Oh no, the paps.

Ryan: Hide..

Pap: So, are you and (your name) dating?

Pap: Are you having a great time?

Justin: Yeah we're having a great time. Thanks for asking.

Pap: So Ryan. Are you dating this girl?

Ryan: Yeah, actually.

Maria blushed and smiled a little.

Pap: How long have you been dating?

Pap: Have you kissed yet? - He asked stupid.

Justin grabbed your hand and went a little closer to you.

Pap: So Justin, are you and (your name) dating?

Justin: Uhm.. Yes we are - He said smiling to you.

Pap: Are you in love with Justin?

You: 'Cause I am. He's a lovely boy.. I love him.

Pap: Aw... Hope you'll get a great time.

Justin: Thank you.

There were paps everywhere. You went into a shop, and then the paps went away.

You: I didn't knew you'd tell them.

Justin: I don't care. If I love a girl, I'm not a afraid to tell the world.

You: Aww.

Ryan: I said it too.

Maria: And I'm happy for that. Now we're in safe.

You: Oh no. No we're not. HIDE!

Justin: Why?

You: Max's here.

Maria: Oh no.

Ryan: Ssh.

Justin: Ew, he's ugly.

You: Thank you Justin.. But, yeah he is.

Maria. Sh, he shouldn't hear us.

Then Max went out of the shops. You've been shopping for 3 hours now. You went back home, and Pattie, Kenny and Scooter were at your house.

You: Home sweet hom.., Oh my fucking god. Max is in my house.

Justin: Fuck.. I don't hope your mom would let him know where we are.

*Knock, knock*

Ryan: It's Max - He whispered to you.

Maria: Oh no.

You: Open.

Justin: Are you crazy?

You: I said open the door. All of you, hide! He shouldn't see you. Hide.

Maria, Ryan and Justin hide. You opened the door to see Max.

Max: Oh hey beautiful girlfriend - He said kissing your cheek.

You: I'm not your girlfriend - You said rubbing your cheek.

Max: Don't be that silly. Are you alone.

You: Uhm, yes.

Max: Finally. Now I can spend some time with my girl.

You: Max, back off. I don't want you. You're such a jerk.

Max: I think you're sick.

You: You are sick. Get out of my house.

He pushed away from the door, and got into the house.

Max: You're not alone. I can smell some guy deo.

You: It's because I'm wearing guy deo.

He pushed you up at the wall and said ' Where are they? - With he's evil eyes.

You: I-I-I can't breathe.

Max: Just tell me where they are, and I'll let you go again.

You: No I..

Then Justin, Ryan and Maria came into you and Max.

Justin: Get off her, she can't breathe.

Max let you go - You ran over to Justin, he opened his arms, to take care of you.

Maria: Get out of our house.

Ryan: We can call Kenny and Scooter right now.

Max: Don't be such a jerk. Justin, come on. She's not even in love with you.

You: Shut up, I am.

Max: Yeah right. I can see that you're still in love with me.. Face it. She's mine Justin.

Justin: Don't ever call my girl your girl. 'Cause she's mine.

Max: Uh, I'm so scared.

Justin: You should be!

Ryan: Fuck off Max. You're such a loser.

Maria: Yes, fuck off.

Max: I'll fight for her evey second every minute. I'm not even gonna give up. So, please go away.

Justin: No I won't, 'cause she's mine.

Max punshed Justin in the face. And so did Justin. Ryan called Kenny and Scooter, and then they came to take Max. They took Max and carried him all the way to the police. The police took Max and talked with his parents. Now back to you and the guys.

You: Omg, are you okay? - You said hugging him.

Justin: Yeah, I'm fine baby - He said hugging you back.

Maria: Aw, I hate that guy.

Ryan: I really want to kill that guy.

Justin: Me too.

Ryan: Are you sure, that you're okay?

Justin: Yes I am. Now, let's go upstairs to relax. Kay?

You: Great idea.

You all went upstairs.

You: Give me my phone back Justin. It's mine, mine.

Justin: No, 'cause I want to write something on your Twitter.

Ryan: Haha, write somthing really really funny.

Maria: It's gonna be so much fun.

You: Thank's for bagging me up.

Justin wrote this on your Twitter;  I love @justinbieber so much. He's just my lover boy. Lol :-) I just love him.. Gotcha, it's @justinbieber who is writing. I'm hacking it.. Bye, love my fans. #LovemyGirl <3

Justin: Look at your Twitter.

Ryan: Haha, I just looked at it. You're so cool man.

Maria: Omg, look at all the comments.

The comments;

Omg, @MrsBieber & @justinbieber are so cute together. #IsupportThem.


@justinbieber, your girlfriend is such a cutie. Love u 4 ever.


@MrsBieber you're so freaking cute. I love you and Justin together. Please follow me back.


@justinbieber & @MrsBieber please follow me bak. I love you together. #IsupportThem.


You: Omg, I thought they'll be saying something like 'I hate you bitch' and all that.

Justin: They can't say that, 'cause they know I really love you.

Ryan: And it's great.

Maria: Yes it is.

You: Omg, the clock is a lot.

Justin: Let's go to bed ;) - He said with a flirty voice.

Ryan and Maria: Night guys, love u both.

Then you all hugged and went to bed.

Justin: Night baby. I love u <3

You: I really love you back. Thank you for fighting for me.

Justin: You know I'd do that everytime. Love u, once again.

You: Love u too.

You started making out - 3 minutes later you went back to sleep.



I need 10 likes for part 51. What will happen next? Will Max ever come back? Thank you for some of the ideas ;)

I hope you liked it <3

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