Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


14. Chapter 13.

 You all went down to opened the door. When you opened it, you saw Jasmine V. She was so sad, because her boyfriend just broke up with her.

Justin: Omg, what's happened?

You hated her because she kissed Justin when you and him were dating.

Jasmine: My boyfriend broke up with me.

Maria: Aw, really? - She said like a bitch.

You: Then you must go call your mom.

You, Maria and Ryan laughed.

Justin: Come on guys. Be nice to her. Don't just stand outside, come inside with us.

You: What are you doing? - You said whispering.

Justin: I'm letting her in.

Maria: She just want attention.

Justin: No she won't. Right Jasmine?

Jasmine: No, I just want a hug right now.

You: But you can't get one. 'Cause I'm calling your mom now.

Justin: Aw, come here.

Justin hugged her. You, Maria and Ryan knew that she just wanted attention.... And Justin.

You all went in the kitchen.

You: Justin, I need a word with you.

Justin: So, what's wrong baby.

You: First. Why did you let her in?

Justin: Because...

You: No I'm not done. First, why did you let her in? Why did you hug her? You know she's trying to make me jealous.

Justin: No, don't say that.

You: Come on man!

Justin: No.

You and Justin went back to the kitchen.

Jasmine: So. Thank you for letting me in. I think I need to go now, thanks.

Justin: No, stay for a bit. Please?

Jasmine: No, I don't want to ruin it all.

You: God for you. You've already did!

Justin: (your name)!

You: JUSTIN! I don't know you anymore.

Justin: You're so mean by Jasmine.

You: Yeah I am. And you're so mean to me!

Justin: No I'm not. I just hate when you're mean to my friends.

You: What's wrong with you. I've never ever been that.

Ryan and Maria looked shocked. But Jasmine enjoyed it.

Justin: Yes you have.

You: No I haven't.

Justin: You're mean to Jasmine, right now?

You: Who do you think you are. My boyfriend?

Justin: Uhm, yeah?

You: Noway. Not anymore. Congrats, now you can get Jasmine! - You said running upstairs.

Justin got a tear in his eye.

Maria: Fuck you Justin. Don't ever be like that to my bestie! Fuck you!

Justin: What. What did I do to you?

Maria: Everything!

Ryan: Baby, just.. Just leave Justin alone.

Maria: Come on Ryan. Jasmine just wants attention.

Justin: NO! Shut up with that.

Ryan: Justin? Take it easy.

Justin: Sorry man.

Maria: Uhm Jasmine?

Jasmine: Yeah? - She said with her ugly voice.

Maria: Your nose are bleeding.

Jasmine: Really?

Maria hit Jasmine just right on the nose.

Maria: Yeah, really - She said with a barbie voice.

Jasmine: ARH!

Justin: Go away Maria. Why did you even came here?

Maria: What?

Maria began to cry and ran upstairs. Ryan followed her.

Jasmine: Can you please help me?

Justin: Sure.

Jasmine: Please, it's really hurting.

Justin: I can't see anything. It's just blod.

Jasmine: No It's not. That bitch broke my nose.

Justin: Don't talk like that about my friends.

Jasmine: They're not your friends anymore. They're leaving you. Face it, Justin. It's only me, who wants you.

Justin went closer to Jasmine to look on her nose.

Justin: Does it hurts when I touch it?

Jasmine: Yeah, really.

* Upstairs on you room *

Ryan: Are you okay sweetie?

You: Yeah I'm fine. I just broke up with Justin, and now he just wants Jasmine.

Maria: No he doesn't...

You: I just want to be alone. I'm going to live with my mom and dad. I'm leaving tomorrow.

Ryan: But it's just the house next to us. It's the same.

You: No, 'cause I can't stay here with Justin.

Ryan: Then, just be with me and Maria.

You: I can't.

Maria: Baby, please?

You gave them a crazy look, but smiled a bit.

You: Okay guys! - You said smiling.

Ryan: Yeah!

You: How can I live without you? You're one of my best friends.

Maria and Ryan: You too!

You all hugged.

* Down to Justin and Jasmine*

Jasmine: Can we go upstairs at the toilet.

Justin: Why?

Jasmine: Because there's water and paper.

Justin: It's the same here.

Jasmine: Please, sweetie?

Justin: Okay.

Justin and Jasmine went upstairs at the hotel - You, Maria and Ryan didn't knew it.

Jasmine: Justin?

Justin: Yeah?

Jasmine: Do you remember our date?

Justin: Yeah... I think.

Jasmine: We could begin to date.. again.

Justin: No I can't. I'm dating (your name)...

Jasmine: No. She just broke up with you.

Justin: She's just mad.

Jasmine: Do you really think that? Really? - She said walking towards Justin.

Justin: Yeah..

Justin sad on the toilet and then Jasmine came on the top of him.

Justin: Jasmine, I can't kiss you. I've already cheated on (your name) once. And I can't let that happen again.

Jasmine: I know you want me.

*Back to you, Ryan and Maria.

You: I'm going to the toilet.

Ryan: Okay, we're going with you.

You: No. I can pee myself.

Ryan: Oh.. I knew that.

Maria: Silly you. But hurry up (your name).

You: Sure.

You went to the toilet.

*Back to Justin and Jasmine*

Jasmine kissed Justin on the lips. She backed off, but then Justin grabbed her head and pressed her lips against his. You opened the door, and then you saw Justin and Jasmine kissing. Justin pushed Jasmine away and got tears in his eyes. You've never been so unhappy before. You just wanted to shout and kick everyone. You ran down the stairs, out off the door and then ran away.

Justin: What did you do to me?

Jasmine: Nothing.

Justin: Go away. You know I love her. You just want me, for more fame. BACK OFF BITCH. Get out off my house.

Jasmine ran out of the house. Then Ryan and Maria came.

Ryan: What the hell is going on?

Justin: I-I..

Maria: Wait, why do you have lipgloss on?

Justin: Because...

Ryan: Are you and (your name) already a couple again.


Ryan and Maria got the biggest shock ever.

Maria: AGAIN! What the fuck are you doing? I hate you Justin. SJAMFHJNEMTKJNHELJGKJ!

Ryan: Excuse. Did you just cheat on my sister. Come on Justin. Now she'll never want you back.

Justin: I can explain..

Maria: Then explain JUSTIN! Then fucking explain!

Justin: I-I was just...

Ryan: You can't even explain? Omg.

Ryan and Maria got into their room. They tried to call you, but you didn't answer the phone. Justin went into his room and tried to call you too.


I need 10 likes for part 47. What will happen next? What was Justin's excuse. If there was one. Will you and Justin EVER become a couple again?  You woke up on a empty street. You fainted, because you've been running a lot. You were hearbroken. You raised up, and tried to walk. You've got a headache. You checked your phone. You've got 10 calls from Ryan, 14 from Maria and 30 calls + 25 messages from Justin. You turned off your phone and started to walk faster.

*Home at Justin's house*

Ryan and Maria went into Justin's room.

Maria: How could you?

Justin: I..

Maria: I don't understand how you could cheat on her. TWICE!

Justin: I don't know why. It just kinda happened.

Ryan: It just kinda happened? What's that a bad excuse?

Justin: I just..... I felt sorry for Jasmine, and then I kissed her.

Maria: I thought you loved (your name).

Justin: I do.. I really do.

Ryan: Then why the heck did you kissed Jasmine?

Justin: She started kissing me, and then I kissed her back.

Maria: I thought you've learned not to cheat on your girlfriends..

Justin: I know that.

Maria: Omg, Justin. It's hard to say this. But you'll never get her back.

Justin: How do you know?

Maria: Because I know her. And she hates boys who are cheating on her.

Ryan: Justin, just face it. You'll never get her back.

Justin: Where's she?

Ryan: We don't know. We've been calling her for so long.

Maria: It doesn't help to talk to her. I don't think she'll talk to you again.

Justin: Never?

Maria: Maybe... Maybe not.

Ryan: Come on Maria. We have to find her. It's getting dark.

Justin: Can I go with you.

Ryan: Okay.

Maria: But if you find her, then don't go near her.. Understood?

Justin: Uhm.. Yeah.

You all went oustide to go look after you. It was getting darker. And you only wearing a t-shirt and some tight jeans.

Maria: Justin, you have to go alone in the dark.

Justin: Okay.

Ryan: I'm going with Maria.

Maria: But don't kiss another girl.

Justin: Shut up! It's the last time, I swear.

Maria: Yeah right.

Ryan: Call us, if you find her first.

Justin: Yeah.

Justin looked after you alone. Maria and Ryan were together.

You: Hello? - You said in the dark.

You were all alone. You could hear footsteps everywhere. You turned around, because you heard something. You saw a shadow. You followed it. When you came close to the shadow you looked up to see Justin's face.


Justin: No, please. Listen to me.

You: I can't trust you anymore. Why did you find me. I don't want you to find me. I want Ryan and Maria. I can trust on them.

Justin: Listen..

You: No.

Justin grabbed your head so you faced him.

Justin: I really love you. I really do. I don't ever want to hurt you...

You: You've been cheating on me twice.

Justin: Shut up and listen.

You: Don't ever talk to me like that. Go away, bitch!

Justin: It was Jasmine who kissed me. And you've been cheating on me once.

You: What? So this is a game? The person who's been cheating on the most are the winner. Come one, how old are you. 5 years old. Just go away, I can't even imagine you and me together again. EVER!

Justin: Please don't say that. When it's been a long time, then you'll come back to me again.

You: Haha, you whised.

Justin: No, because I know it's true.

You: Come on man. You're so.... NSKAJGNAKNKAJERNKABJN! Go away!

Justin: NO!

You: Why are you shouting at me!

Justin: Because you're shouting at me!

You gave him evil eyes. And then turned around and walked. You felt someone grabbed your back, you turned around again.

You: Don't touch me!

Justin: I'm touching you now.

You: Don't play funny, 'cause you're not. How many times do I have to say GO YOUR FUCKING WAY!

Justin: I never let you go. Rememeber the good times.. Remember when we met. Remember when we were on the beach. Remember..

You: I only remeber one thing.

Justin: What's that?

You: That you've been cheating on me twice!

Justin: I want you.. And only you.

You: Justin, I'm not gonna stay with you more. I'm moving in with Maria and Ryan. They're my best friends now. Or, I could move into my mother and dad.

Justin began to cry.

You: I'm calling Ryan and Maria.

*phone conversation*

You: Where are you?

Maria: (YOUR NAME)! - She said happy. That's our question, where you?

You: I'm waiting for you. Please, hurry. Justin's here.

Maria: Justin's there? Omg, he should call when he found you.

You: Yeah, but he didn't. Just hurry.

*phone conversation ended*

You: Why didn't you call when you found me?

Justin: Because I want to be with you... FOREVER.

You: But FOREVER is over now.

Justin began to cry even more.

You: Why are you crying. You've finally got the girl you really love.

Justin: I haven't. She just broke up with me.

Then Maria and Ryan came. Maria ran over to you and hugged you like a crazy little Bieber fan.

Ryan: Where you've been? Are you okay?

You: Yeah, I'm okay.

Maria: Why didn't you call Justin?

Justin: Because I want to spend more time with my girl.

Maria: Oh.. Jasmine's not here.

Justin: Omg.

At home.

You ran upstairs and began to get your thing. Then Justin came up to you.

Justin: What are you doing?

You: What does it looks like?

Justin: I don't know.

You: I'm moving in with my mom and dad.

Justin: But you said that..

You: Yeah I said that.. But I don't wanna be here anymore.

Justin showed you a sad face.

Then you both went downstairs.

Maria: Wh.. What are you doing?

You: I'm moving in with my mom and dad.

Ryan: But, you said...

You: I know, and I'm sorry. Bye guys, thank you for everything. And Justin... Yeah, what can I say.... Now you can call Jasmine.

Justin: I don't want Jasmine. I want you.

You: Aww too bad. Ryan is a waaaaaaay hotter than you. Bye guys.

Ryan: Bye sis.

Maria: Bye bestie.

Justin: Bye..... my girl - He said whispering.

You went home and talked with your mom and dad. When you've been talking for a while you went upstairs to go to bed. When you should close your certains, you saw Justin laying in bed with tears down his face. You closed the certains and felt asleep. Now you all slept.


I need 10 likes for part 48. What will happen next? Are you and Justin EVER gonna get a couple again? Who knows?

I hope you like it :)


I hope you like it :)


 Next morning.

*knock, knock*

You wake up.

You: Who is it?

Mom: It's me beauty.

You: Come in.

Mom: Ryan and Maria is down here.

You: Okay, say I'm ready about 3 minutes.

Mom: Okay baby... Uhm, what about you and Justin?

You: Mom, we've talked about it yesterday. It's over..

Mom: Okay - She said in a sad voice.

You: Why are yo sad?

Mom: He's just so nice to you. He really loves you, he really do.

You: No he don't.

Mom: Yes he do.

You: Then why was he cheating on me.

Mom: I can't answer that one.

You: No, right? I'm done, bye see ya.

You ran down the stairs to see Ryan and Maria in the door. You hugged and went over to their house.

You: Is Justin home?

Ryan: Yeah.

You: Great -.-

Maria: Just ignore him, kay?

You: Of course.

You walked in.

Justin: Hey (your name).

Ryan: Yo man.

You ignored him.

You all walked into Ryan and Maria's room. Also Justin.

Maria: So, what do you wanna do?

Ryan: I don't know. We can go to the movie.

You: That could be awesome.

Maria: What about you Justin?

Justin: Yeah, I'm on that.

Ryan: But, we have to check, if there's seats to us.

Maria: I'll check. And Ryan, you can go get things like, candy, soda and thing like that..

You: What about me?

Maria: You can stay here with Justin.

You: No way.

Ryan: You have to be good friends.

Justin: I want to. But she don't.

You: Why do you think?

Maria: Come on. It's not okay this. I know, you're not getting a couple again. But you can be friends. Please?

Ryan: Please?

Justin: Please?

They all looked at you.

You: No..

Ryan: We're not going to the movie then..

You: Aw, why not?

Maria: Because you don't want to be friends with Justin. I'm not mad at him anymore. Come on, he's a sweet guy.

You: How can you say that? He treated me like shit.

Ryan: No, remember the good things.

Maria: Come on. Aren't you still in love with him?

You: I still really love him, but I don't wanna be with him. I can't just change my feelings for him. I still hate him, but I love him...

Ryan: Weird.

Maria: Now hug.. Be friends again.

You sighed.

Then you and Justin hugged. You felt his hand on your bag touches it up and down - Now you were in the movie.

Ryan: Hm, I've got number 1.

Maria: I've got number 2.

You: I've got number 3.

Justin: And I've got number 4.

You sat down and saw the movie.

Maria: I'm gonna pee.

Ryan: Hurry up.

You: Should I go with you.

Maria: No, it's okay.

Maria went to the toilet - and you went over to Ryan.

Ryan: What are you doing silly?

You: What does it looks like? I'm sitting here.

Ryan: But it's Maria's seat.

You: I don't care. I'm moving when she's coming back.

You saw Justin looked at you and then he smiled. You couldn't hold your smile back, so you smiled at him too.

Maria: Uhm, excuse are you now cheating on me Ryann? - She said joking.

You: No he's not. He won't ever do that. I'm moving now.

Ryan: Haha.

When the movie ended you walked home - On the way home.

You: So... What's the plan for today?

Maria: When we're coming home, I'm gonna have something to eat.

Ryan: Me too.

Justin: I could eat a cow.

Then you all laughed.

You've got a text.

Maria: Who is it from?

You: From Max.

Ryan: Max? Who is that?

Maria: Her ex-boyfriend.

Ryan: Uh, another lucky guy.

You: No. We're just friends.

You opened the text.

You: Omg!

Justin: What?

Maria: What?

Ryan: What?

You: He wants me back.

Maria: Aww, how cute.

Ryan: But, do you want him back?

You: I don't know. He's kinda weird.. So, I have to think about.... No I'm just kidding. I don't want him back.

You all went in the house and began to eat.

Justin: (your name) can I speak to you?

You: Me? Uhm, yeah. Speak.

Maria: Go upstairs.

Justin: Okay.

He grabbed your back and held his arm around your shoulder and went upstais.

Justin: I-I just want to say sorry.

You: Here we go again.

Justin: No I-I-I really mean it.

You: Justin, it's not enough to say 'I'm sorry'.

Justin: What should I say then?

You: I don't know.

5 seconds pause - You sat on the bed, then Justin took a chair and sat in front of you - He looked you in the eyes.

Justin: Listen. I'm really really really really really really sorry. I can't believe I hurt you that much. Like I said to Ryan and Maria, I won't ever do it again. EVER! I just can't believe I did that to you. I promise you, I won't ever do it to you again. NEVER.

You: Oh, good you said that. Here's the promise ring.

Justin: What?

You: Well, we're not a couple anymore, so here.

Justin: No, I won't take it. You should have it. It's a promise ring.

You: You gave it to me, when were a couple. And we're not anymore. You can give it to Jasmine.



Justin got tears in his eyes.

You: I can't have your promise ring.

Justin: Yes you can. We're still friends and I won't ever let you go.

You: Justin. I don't want the ring.

You gave him the ring - Then Justin cried. You couldn't help, bu cried too.

Justin wiped the tears away from you cheek and hugged you tightly.

You: Why are you so nice to me? - You said crying.

Justin: Because I still love you. I can't live without you. I know I've been an idiot. But I won't ever do it again. I swear on God.

You: But how can I trust you?

Justin: Just trust me.

You: I can't when you've been cheating on me twice. I feel like shit, when you're doing that. Sometimes, I want to kill myself. I really do. I can't explain how much I loved you. The first time I gave you one chance, and you did it again. That's what Max did too. I Just can't love people who do that to me. It's really hurting.

Justin: Omg, I'm so sorry I've make you feel like this. I'm sorry, I fucking am.

He stared into your eyes. He learned into you and kissed you on the lips. You just love his kiss. It makes you feel like you were in heaven. You pushed him away.

Justin: Wow, I really miss your kiss.

You: Justin, I can't. I just can't take you back.

Justin: But, why?

You: You know the reason.

Justin: Baby, please listen to me. I won't ever ever ever ever ever ever do it again. NEVER EVER EVER! I promise you. If I do it again, I'll kill myself.

You looked down at your feet, but then Justin lifted your cheek up, so he looked you in the eyes. He has the most amazing eyes ever. Brown chocolate eyes. You melted everytime you saw them. You saw a tear ran down his face again. You wiped it away and looked down again.

*Knock, knock*

Maria and Chaz came in.

Maria: Is everthing all right in here?

Justin looked at you, and you looked at Maria.

Ryan: We heard shouts..

You: We're okay.

Maria: Omg, why are you crying baby?

You: I'm not.. - You said lying.

Ryan: And Justin, you're crying too.

Justin: Yeah, because I love (your name).

Maria: Aw..

You looked at Maria.

Maria: I mean.. Uhm.

You: Have you totally forgot he was cheating on me?

Maria and Ryan: No.

You: Then why are you like 'Aww'.

Ryan: Because you and Justin are cute together.

Maria: Yes. You're made for eachother.

You: I-I-I have to go home now.

Maria: You can stay here.

You: No thanks.

Justin: Are you coming again?

You: I don't know.

You raised up and went over to the door.

Ryan and Maria hugged you. Justin was just staring at you, then he came over to you and hugged you, while he was kissing your forehead. You went home.

Mom: Are you already home?

You: Yeah.

Mom: What's wrong?

You: Nothing, I'm just tired.

Mom: Okay. You can always come to me, okay baby?

You: Sure mom. I'm going up.

You went up to your room and layed on the bed.

You looked on your phone. You've got an text from Justin, Ryan, Maria and Max.

Justin's text:  Hey. You know.. We just had our talk. I'll just let you know that I love you so freaking much. I won't ever do it again. I hope you're coming over tonight.. Or sleep over.. Love u <3

You texted back:  Hi. Uhm, thank you. I love u too... freaking much. And I don't know if I can trust you. Maybe, it could be great.. Love u too :-/

Ryan's text:  Hey beautiful sis. What's up? Are u sure you're okay? I just need to know, if you're okay. It could be awesome if you came over tonight. Love ya sis <3

You texted back:  Hey hottie bro. Well, I'm okay I think. Thanks for asking. And maybe, i don't know yet, love u too <3

Maria's text:  Hi princess. What's up? I'll just let you know that you and Justin are you cute together. I know you're so freaking mad at him, bu anyways.. Lol. I don't like seeing you sad. When you're with Justin you're always happy. When u smile, I smile. Please.. it could be so great if you're getting a couple again. It's your choise. Love u baby girl.

You texted back: Hi beautiful. Uhm, thank you I think. And I don't know if we're getting a couple again. I stil have feelings for him. When he smiles at me, I can't stop smiling back. I don't know why. And when U Smile, I smile. Love ya to loserface. Lol :-)

Max's text:  Aye (your name). What's up pretty girl. You wanna hang out tonight. Love ya girlfriend.

You texted back: First of all, I'm not you girl. And I don't wanna be it. I have a life now, and I don't want you to ruin it. Bye.

You turned off your phone felt asleep. 1 hour later - Your mom came in.

Mom: There's dinner.

You: I'm coming.

You went down to eat some dinner.

You: I'm sleeping over at Justin's house.

Dad: Yay, are you friends again?

You: Yeah.

Mom: Yes!

Dad: Now we're happy.

I need 10 likes for part 49. What will happen. Are you and Justin getting a couple again? What will Max say?

I hope you liked it :) 

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