Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


13. Chapter 12.

The movie was going on. You, Chaz, Ryan and Maria slept. In the middle of the movie you felt someone touching your lips. It was a little bit wet, but it was amazing. You opened your eyes to see Justin on the top of you, and trying to make out with you ;)

You: Jus....t.i..n? - You said, while Justin was trying to make out with you.

Justin stopped making out with you.

Justin: Yeah baby?

You: What are you doing?

Justin: I'm trying to make out with my shawty.

You: Haha. But I was sleeping.

Justin: Sorry, I was bored.

You: It's okay baby.

Justin: Let's make out. Now, you're awake.

You: You're so crazy Justin.

Chaz and Maria, still sleept, in the bed, same as you and Justin. And Chaz slept too. While you and Justin were making out in the bed. Justin start taking your top off, but you didn't let him do it.

He stopped kissing you.

Justin: What's wrong? Didn't I kissed you great enough, to have sex in the bed.

You: No it's now that. It's just.. We're not alone, you know.

Justin: We can also do it on the floor.

You: Sh Justin. You're so pervert- You said laughing.

Then Maria and Ryan woke up.

Ryan: I had a weird dream.

Maria: Yeah me too.

You: What was it like?

Ryan: In my dream I could hear some one making out. And then a boy talked about some sex in the bed... and on the floor.

Maria: My dream was actually the same.

You blushed.

Justin: HAHAHAHAHA, That was not a dream. When my shawty slept, I tryied to make out with her. And then she woke up. And, then we maked out.

Ryan and Maria: Ewww..

Justin: It was nice.

Ryan: It didn't sound nice.

Maria: Hey, you stole my words.

You: Okay stop. Now it's too much.

Justin gave you a sexy smile.

You: Then you too. Go make out, so me and Justin can hear the sounds..

Maria: Nono. We're just kidding baby.

You: But I'm not.

Maria: Haha, I'm..

Maria couldn't finish the line. Ryan got on the top of her, and start making out.

Justin: Oooooh, that's my friend.

You: Ooooh, and that's my bitch!

The Chaz woke up.

Chaz: Ew. I hear some weird sounds...

You and Justin start laughing so much - Ryan and Maria stopped kissing.

Maria: Okay, now it's fair.

Ryan: It was nice... Really nice.

Maria: Yeah it was... But you taste like an...

Ryan: Taste like what? - He said with a puppy face.

Maria: It's was so... Ew! Haha, no I'm just kidding. You tasted good.

Ryan smiled like crazy.

You: Well, I think we're done with kissing thing.

Justin: I could kiss you all day - He said with a flirty face.

Chaz: Wow.. I really need a girlfriend.

*Knock, knock*

Justin: Who could that be?

Maria: Well, I think it's (your name)'s...

You: FUCK. I totally forgot about my mom and dad.

Justin: Shit.

You: How do I look Maria?

Maria: You look..

Justin: You look hot, baby as always.

You: Thank you Justin. Love u.

Justin: Love u more.

Justin went over for a kiss, but you backed off.

You: No. Not now, we gotta answer the door.

You all went down to answer the door.

Mom: Hey beautiful!

Dad: Hey my little girl.

You: Hey mom and dad. Good to see you again. I've missed you so much.

Maria: Hi!

Chaz: Hi!

Ryan: Hi!

Justin: Hello ;)

Dad: We're so glad for the new house.

Justin: I'm glad to hear.

Mom: So, where's your mom and the crew?

Justin: Oh, they're not home. They're coming in 2 days.

Dad: So you've been home alone?

Ryan: Yup.

Dad: Justin?

Justin: Yeah?

Dad: I hope you've protect my little girl.

You: Don't worry dad. He's the best boyfriend you've ever could find.

Justin gave you a very happy smile.

Chaz: But, later on today we were on the beach, and then...

You stepped on Chaz foot.

Chaz: ARGH!

You: Sorry, Chaz.

Mom: What happened on the beach, beautiful?

You: Uhm.. uhm, nothing mom. - Yous said worried.

Justin: Nothing happened on the beach. We were just having fun, right guys?

Maria: True.

Ryan: Maybe a little bit more than fun, it was more like..

You: FUN! FUN, FUN, FUN! :)

Dad: Cool. I hope you having a great time down here.

Chaz: It's awesome here.

Mom: I'm glad. We'll just wanted to say 'Hello ;)' to you. We've already did the house done. So, we're going into our NEW FREAKING HOT house now. Buy :)

All: Buy.

You all went over to kitchen, for making some pasta.

You: I want my pasta now!

Ryan: Shut up, I'm making it so fast I can.

Justin: I want my (your name) now.


Ryan: Come here baby. I can teach you how to make pasta.

Chaz: I'm going out for a second.

You: Wait. What about your pasta.

Chaz: I'm not hungry. Bye :)

All: Bye.

Justin: If you want to teach Maria how to make pasta, then I'm gonna teach my girl, how to make nice se...


Justin: Okay, it's up to you.

You all sat down on the table, and ate some paste. You and Justin sat right next to eachother. And so did Ryan and Maria.

Justin: Do you wanna eat pasta with me?

Ryan: Sure I will.

Justin: No you, loser.

Ryan: Cool man.

Justin: Do you wanna eat pasta with me... (your name)?

You: Sure, baby.

Justin took one end of the pasta and you took the other. Since in was reached until each other's lips, kissed Justin you on your lips soft and lovely.

Justin: Aw. You're so cute when you're kissing me.

You: You too babyboy.

Maria: So. Where did Chaz go?

You: I don't know. He left his phone on the table.

Ryan: Go look at it.

You: No I won't.

Maria: No.

Justin: Come on. Maybe he got a little girlfriend.

You: So what? We don't have to read his messages. Do we?

Maria: Uhm..

You: Come on, it's not fair for him.

Justin: Come on baby. He's not home, he'll never know it.

Ryan: I'll do it now. Come with me.

You all went over to the sofa, to look at Chaz mobile. You looked in his private messages. You saw a girl named Lisa. When you got in the messages, you saw what the text said. It says 'Hey sexy Chaz. Meet me in the park in 10 mintues. I love you babyboo - From Lisa. Texted back from Chaz 'Hey beautiful. Sure, i'm gonna meet you. You're my love, so I can't stay away from you. I'm coming now, see ya sexy girl.

You: Aww. He's in love.

Ryan: But I don't understand, why he just don't tell us about it.

Maria: Maybe, he wants to keep it as a secret.

Justin: That's why he always hide his phone.

You: Please, don't say anything to him. Kay?

All: Deal.

Chaz got a message;

You: It's from Lisa.

Ryan: Read it.

You: Okay.

Text from Lisa. 'Hey Chaz. I'm so sorry, but I can't get to the park. My mom is mad at me, and then I don't wanna go. I'm sorry. Don't think I don't like you, 'cuz I really do. Love from Lisa ( your girlfriend ). When you read the text, you saw the door opened. Chaz saw you all checked his messages, then............


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Then Chaz got tears in his eyes.

You: Chaz, we're so sorry.

Chaz: Wh... Why did you guys do that?

Ryan: Look man. We're so sorry. We just couldn't stay away.

Chaz: Yeah, I can see that. You know what, I've got a girlfriend. But, you already know that! - He shouted.

Justin: Sorry Chaz.

Maria: Why didn't you tell us, sweetie?

Chaz: Because, we weren't a real couple yet. Now we are.

You: Congrats!

Chaz: Don't say anything. I can't believe you guys did that to me. I'm gonna call Lisa.

Justin: Why?

Chaz: I'm gonna live with her now.

Ryan: Is it our fault?

Chaz: No it's not. We've just decided that... Or I did. But, thanks to you. It's a little bit your fault.

You: Omg, We're so sorry sweetie. Please, forgive us.

Chaz: I'll forgive you, because you're my best friends. I couldn't live without you guys.

All: Aww come here.

You all hugged. Then Chaz ran upstairs to get his things and his phone - He came down and said goodbye to you all.

You: Are you ever coming back?

Chaz: No.. Not really. But I'm gonna visit you almost, every day.. Or just someday.

Justin: Okay. We're gonna miss you like hell.

Ryan: Yeah.

Maria: Bye Chaz.

You all hugged Chaz goodbye. And then he leave the house.

Justin: Wow. He was going away to fast.

You: Yeah. I already miss my little Chaz.

Justin: Aww, come here baby.

Justin went over to you and hugged you.

Ryan: But, be happy. He's got a girlfriend.

Maria: Yeah. Be happy for that.

You and Justin: We are!

Ryan and Maria went over to the sofa to go watch a movie.

Justin: What are you going to watch?

Maria: I want to watch a funny movie.

Ryan: Sure baby.

Justin: Uhm, I'm going upstairs. Are you coming with me shawty?

You: I don't know. I want to watch the movie with them.

Justin shows you a little cute puppy face.

You: Aw, okay baby.

Justin: Yay!

Ryan: Don't make any strange voices.

You: Everytime me and Justin going upstairs alone, you always think we're going to have sex. But we're not, right Justin?

Justin: Yeahyeah shawty.

Maria: Haha, go up. See ya later.

You: See ya baby.

Ryan: Thank you (your name) for calling me that.

You: Omg, Ryan. You're silly.

Then you and Justin went upstairs. He layed you in the bed, and then he came on top of you. He start kissing you on the neck. And then your lips, nose, cheek and your arms. He start licking you on the lips, and then you start making out. You and Justin forgot to close the curtains, and then you turned your head to see your mom standing and looking on you and Justin.

You: Jus...tin.. Shi..it! - You couldn't say it normally because Justin were making out with you.

You: Ju.. Justin!

Justin: Yeah.

You: My mom is looking!

Justin: Oh cool. I think she likes it.

You: Justin, get off. I'm gonna close the curtains.

Justin: Okay baby.

You closed the curtains, and then you got a message. You looked on your phone and it says 'Hey sweetie. What are you and Justin doing? It looks like you're having sex. And I don't wanna look at it. I just couldn't stop. But, please. Close the curtains ;) Love from mom '

You: Omg, she saw it all.

Justin: Haha, I love the text you got.

You: Haha.

You texted your mom back 'Hey mom. Sorry, but we didn't knew it. And just, look the other way the next time. Don't worry, we didn't have sex. Love u, from (your name) <3'


You: Omg. What was that?

Justin: I-I don't know.

You: Oh no. We have to look.

Justin: Okay. I'll go first. Stay behind me, kay baby?

You: Okay sweetie.

Justin: Sshh, nothing's gonna happen. Just be quiet.

You: I'll try. But there's some strange voices.

Justin: Just, stay behind me. Nothing will ever happen to you. I love u babe.

You: I love u too baby.

You and Justin went downstairs. You heard *BANB, POW*BUH*. You were so scared, when you came into the living room you saw....


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You and Justin went downstairs. You heard *BANB, POW*BUH*. You were so scared, when you came into the living room you saw Ryan and Maria having sex.

You: Omg, and we were so scared - She whispered while laughing.

Justin: Haha. That could be you and me, if we didn't heard the sounds.

You: You're so pervert.

Justin: I know, and you like it.

You: Uhm. If that makes you happy, loserface.

Justin kissed you on the cheek.

You: That was a wet one.

Justin: Was it?

You: Yeah.

Justin: Then wait to the kiss. It's more wet.

You: Justin, no. They shouldn't hea...

Justin began to make out with you........AGAIN. He start kissing you down the neck, and then on your lips again. When he kissed your neck, you laughed. He looked you in the eyes, and then he start kissing you again. He should just touch your ass, and then you both felt down the steps. Ryan and Maria got a huge shock.

Ryan: ARH!

Maria: Omg, they saw we had sex! O-:

Rayn blushed. But you and Justin were laughing really hard, on the floor.

Maria: Excuse me. Did you se something?

You: What do you mean? - You said laughing.

Maria: Did you and Justin saw we were having sex?

You: Yeah, babygirl.

Justin: YES, WE SAW YOU WERE HAVING SEX - He shouted!

Maria: Justin, shut the fuck up!

Justin: Make me..

Maria: How?

You: He actually asked you to kiss him, but.

Justin: But you have Ryan. Then you can't kiss me, and I won't shut my fuck up.

Maria: Aww! But, just keep it quiet.


Maria: Come on (your name). Make him shut up.

You: Haha, no 'cuz it's to funny.

Maria: Aw, please. Be my bestfriend now.


Justin: Make me.

You: No I won't make you. Just, shut up.

Justin: Aw, my shawty won't kiss me, aww. That's so freaking uncool man - He said laughing.

Ryan: Haha, you're so cool Justin.

Justin: Hey, I've got an idea Ryan. I'll make out with (your name) and then you'll make out with Maria.

Ryan: Or... Or, or, or. You can make out with Maria, and I'll make out with (your name).

You: Come Maria. We're gone. Hurry! - She whispered to Maria.

Maria: I'm going first.

You: Okay, I'm right behind you.

Justin: Hey Ryan. They're trying to run away.

Ryan: Let's get them. I'll take my girl, and you'll take your girl.

Justin: Deal!

You and Maria start running up at the steps. Then Ryan and Justin came after you. When you were halfway, Justin grabbed your arm and Ryan grabbed Maria's arm. Justin layed you down on the steps and so did Ryan with Maria. Justin start to kiss you like crazy. He wanted to make out with you. Ryan kissed Maria like crazy. They wouldn't let go. Justin start to touches you ass, while you were making out. But you didn't let him. You tried to pull away, but Justin didn't let YOU do it. Ryan touched Maria's cheek, and then he stopped kissing you. Then Justin stopped kissing you. Justin was still on the top of you, and Ryan was still on the top of you.

Justin: Oh yeah. You girls liked that, right?

You and Maria: Ew!

Ryan: Haha. You loved it.

Maria: Yeah sure.

Justin: Should we do it again.

You: NOOOOOOOOOO! We've been kissing a lot today. It's stopping now!

Justin: "Sure" baby.

Ryan: Haha, I just love when we're on the top of them, because then they can't move.

Justin: Yeah, it's pretty cool.


Justin: Okay babe.

Ryan: I'm going to bed now. You're wanna join me Maria?

Maria: Yeah, sure.

Then you all went to bed. Ryan and Maria were already sleepping.

Justin: Night, shawty.

You: Night loserface.

Now you all slept.


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 Next morning. You woke up by a very strange voice that sang "I never let you go". You couldn't breathe well. You opened your eyes to see Justin on the top of you.

You: Omg, I got s chock. I can't breathe well.

Justin: Oh, sorry baby. Should I move?

You: Yeah, where's Maria?

Justin: She's sleeping.... With Ryan ;)

You: Of course. They're a couple, like us.

Justin: You're right.

You: Now get off, I'm going to the shower.

Justin: Can I join you? - He said with a sexy voice.

You: No, you gonna make breakfast to me. See ya after the shower - You said with a huge smile.

Justin: Sure baby. Everything for u. Buuuut, what do you want?

You: Bacon, eggs and.. Just, the same as you.

Justin: Alright.

You: See ya.

Justin: Wait!

You: Uhm, what now Justin?

Justin: I didn't get my kiss.

You: Aw, come here.... BABY!

Justin: Baby, baby, baby ooh! Now, we shall kiss in love time.. time - He said walking to you.

You gave him a quickly kiss. But Justin grabbed your neck, and pressed your lips against his.

It was such a lovely kiss. And he tasted like a dream. You opened your eyes, while you were kissing, to see if Justin enjoyed it. Heck yeah, he did. You pulled away, and pushed him back.

Justin: I'm not done. It's like a dream to kiss you.

You: Aw, you're so cute Justin. Now, go make our breakfast. When I'm done, I'm coming down to you. Thanks for the kiss baby.

Justin: Oh baby, you too.

You got in the shower and Justin went downstairs to make your breakfast. While you were in the shower, the door got opened. You didn't hear anything. The bathroom door opened, and then a voice said "Maria"? You didn't answer, 'cuz you couldn't hear anything. It was Ryan. Ryan went over to the shower and grabbed the curtains from the shower and took it off. You screamed! Ryan thought it was Maria. You blushed and then he grabbed the curtains and closed it.

You: What are you fucking doing?

Ryan: I'm so sorry. I thought it was Maria. Sorry.

You: Omg, now you've seen me naked.

Ryan: Sorry.

You: Don't tell anyone about this, okay?

Ryan: Okay.

You: Now, get out!

Ryan: Okay!

Ryan ran out of the door.

You: That was so embarrassing.

You went to Maria's room, to get her up, and then you went down to eat some breakfast.

You sat next to Justin, and Maria next to Ryan. You tried not to look at Ryan, but then you got eye contact with him. You blushed like hell, and geuss what. Of course Maria and Justin saw that.

Justin: What's going on?

You: Nothing.

Maria: Nothing?

They knew there were something's wrong.

Justin: Come on, Tell us.

You: okay.

Ryan: No, don't tell it - He mouthed to you.

You: I was in the shower. And then Ryan came in and grabbed the curtains and took it off, and then he saw me naked.

Justin: She's hot right?

Ryan: Yeah.

Maria: Hey!

Ryan: But you're hotter.

Justin: Nonono, my girl is the hottest.

Ryan: I think you're wrong.

Justin: Yes you THINK I'm wrong. But I KNOW you're wrong.

You and Maria: Uuuuuh!

Ryan: Alright, so we're playing a game.

Justin: Yeah. Come on, say something. Oh no, you can't 'cuz I'm the best.

Ryan: -.-

You: Alright, this is enough. Okay?

Justin: Okay baby.

Ryan: You're such a..

Maria: RYAN! Shut up, it's over now.

Ryan: Okay.

Justin: So, (your name) can I have a word with you?

You: Yeah.

Justin: Let's go upstairs.

Justin grabbed your back, and then he carried you upstairs.

Justin: I know you can walk yourself. But, I want to carry you.

You: Okay. So, what's up?

Justin: You know. Now we've been dating a month. And I want to celebrate it.

You: Yeah? ....

Justin: So, get ready. We're going a secret place to night, at 5 o'clock.

You: Uh.. I'm excited.

Justin: Nice. But, I have to go now. Ryan is coming with me?

You: Why?

Justin: Baby, I can't tell you.

You: Come on. I'm your girlfriend, you can say anything to me.

Justin: Baby, just... Not this, okay?

You: ...

You walked over to the door.

Justin: Baby, you're not mad at me, are you?

You: I don't know.

Justin: Please, don't be. I hate when I see you like this. Please, be happy.

You: I'm going downstairs to watch some TV.

You went down, and layed you on the sofa. And Justin went into the kitchen where the keys to the car and Ryan was.

Justin: Aye Ryan. You're ready?

Ryan: Yeah.

Maria: Whe're you going?

Ryan: Sorry baby. We can't tell you.

Maria: Why?

Ryan: I have to go, can I get a kiss?

Maria: Why not?

Maria kissed Ryan on the lips, and then Justin went over to you on the sofa. You layed down.

Justin: Baby, I'm going now. Bye.

You didn't answer.

Justin: Baby?

Justin came on the top of you, and tried to get eye contact. He got you.

You: Justin not now. I'm watching TV.

You turned you head.

Justin: Look at me.

He grabbed your cheek, and then he looked you in the eyes.

Ryan: Are you coming Justin?

Justin: Yeah, 1 second.

You sighed.

Justin: I'm can't go until you kiss me.

You: I won't.

Justin: Why?

You: Because I've got a bubble gum.

Justin: Then take it out.

You: No. It taste good.

Justin grabbed your neck and then he start making out with you.

Justin: Mmmh, you tasted like melon.

You: It's because it is melon.

Justin: Nice. Bye baby.

You: Bye.

Justin hugged you and got off you. You went over to the window, to see Justin and Ryan drove away.

Then Maria came.

Maria: Where they going?

You: I don't know.

Maria: Maybe Ryan got a new girlfriend - She said with tears in her eyes.

You: No of course not baby. Don't cry. He'll never cheat on you, I promise.

Maria: Okay.

You've been watching TV for an hour now. You went upstairs to take some dresses on. You're wearing a short dress, it's purple with a little heart on it. And Maria's dress, is red with diaments on. You've got a message, it said 'Hey shawty. Now me and Ryan are ready. We're waiting on you. Go to the beach, where the secret place is. You're going to the little place, and Maria is going to the big place. I really love u baby xx. Love from Justin p.s. I can't wait to see you. Lol <3' You texted back 'Hey boy. We're coming now. And I'm so sorry I've been like this. I just don't like when you keep something secretly for me. But, you know what. I really love you back xx. Love from (your name).

You and Maria went to the beach. Maria got to the big place, and you got to the little place. When you came to that place you saw....




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You and Maria went to the beach. Maria got to the big place, and you got to the little place. When you came to that place you saw Justin with a lot of flowers standing in the sand and stared at you. You walked over to him, and then he opened his arms to hug you. When you hugged he gave you some flowers. You sat down on a carpet. There were lights, flowers and chocolate everywhere. Justin held your hand and looked you in the eyes.

Justin: Baby, I got something to you. Close your eyes.

You: Okay baby.

You closed your eyes. You felt Justin's lips on your lips. When you stopped kissing, he held a beautiful ring in front of you.

You: Omg! Is that for me? O-:

Justin: Yes baby. It's a promise ring.

You: And what is that suppose to mean?

Justin: That's I'll love you forever, that I love you more than eveything and that I'm gonna be with you forever.

You: Aww baby. I love you too.

He layed you down on the carpet and layed down beside you. He turned his head so he faced you. He looked you in the eyes. And then he start kissing you.


Maria and Ryan;

Maria saw Ryan with the most beautiful flowers ever. He came them to her, and kissed her on the cheek. 'I love you baby' He said. Maria smiled, and then Ryan took her hand and and held it for a second while he looked her in the eyes.


You and Justin.

You stopped kissing.

Justin: Are you hungry?

You: Yeah, a little bit.

Justin: I got chocolate for you.

You: Mh, delicious.

Justin: Not more than you.

You blushed.

Justin: Open your mouth.

You opened your mouth and then Justin gave you a chocolate. You started to feet eachother with chocolate.

You: I can't eat more. Thanks for everything Justin.

Justin: Nono, we're not done baby.

You: What? - You said excited.

Justin: Well, we are on the beach, there's sea.. So, we gotta go swim.

You: But it's so dark. And there can be sharks.

Justin: Don't worry baby. There's not sharks here. I'm protecting you.

You went to the water together, hand in hand. When you were near the water, Justin took you up, and carried you out in the water. He stopped, and began to kiss you - He was still caring you. You let his tongue in, and so did he.


Maria and Ryan;

Ryan: I love you so much baby. I'm so glad that (your name) brought you here.

Maria: Aw, I love you too baby.

Ryan: I'll just let you know, that I'm not that romantic as Justin. So, I just wanna have fun with you.

Maria: It's okay. I'm not that romantic as (your name). But you know what, we're made for eachother and so are Justin and (your name).

Ryan: Come on, let's go home and.... You know.

Maria: Okay. It's a deal. But, don't tell anyone! ;)

Ryan: Nono.

Maria and Ryan went home to have some .... You know.


Back to you and Justin;

You stopped kissing.

You: I'm freezing.

Justin: Let's go up then.

You went up to the carpet with lights and all that.

Justin: Shit. I "forgot" two towels - He said lying.

You: You're so silly. Tell the truth.

Justin: Okay. I only brought one, because I want to warm you.

You: Yeah. You actually can because of your hotness.

Justin got the towel and put it on you, and then he hugged you while you were under the towel ;)

You: Why are you looking at me?

Justin: Because your lips are calling me, like they wanna do something.

You: They want to do somthing.

Justin: I like that line.

You: Should I show it?

Justin: Holy shit, yeah!

You came on the top of Justin, and then you began to kiss him.

Justin: I l-I.... like this - He said in the middle of the kiss.

You stopped kissing and then you went home.


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