Justin Bieber Love story

It is not me the credits go to for this story, it is a group on facebook called The Beliebers who made this, I just thought that everybody schould get a chance to read it!


11. Chapter 10.

 At home;

Pattie: Me, Scooter and Kenny are going to a party. So, you and (your name) are going to be home alone in 4 days.

Justin: Fucking cool man! Then we're gonna have se..

Pattie: JUSTIN!?

Justin: Sorry.

You: You're so stupid.

Pattie: Justin, go say goodbye to Scooter and Kenny.

Justin: Okay.


Justin: Bye Scooter and Kenny.

Scooter: Bye, your little jerk.

Kenny: Bye your loser. 

Justin: Wow. You actually love me, much.

Kenny: See ya.

Scooter: See ya.

Justin: Haha!

You and Justin are home alone.

Justin: So, what are we gonna do?

You: We could hang out with Ryan and Chaz.

Justin: Nope. They're not home..

You: Oh. Then, we could invite my bestfriend.

Justin: Or?

You: Or what?

Justin: We could kiss?

You: Omg Justin. You're always thinking about kissing.

Justin: It's because, i want to be in heaven right now.

You: You can't?

Justin: Yes i can. Because, when i kiss you, then i'm in heaven.

You: Aww.

You start kissing.

*Knock, *Knock.

You: Who's that?

Justin: I don't know. Let's open.

You: Kay.

You open the door.

Mom: Hi sweetie. I've missed you so much!

You: MOM!

Mom: Aww, i've missed you so badly.

You: Aww, you too.

You hug your mom.

Mom: Justin, are you starting to use lipgloss.

You laugh.

Justin: Yes... No, what? No. I'm not. I just kissed your beautiful daughter.

You: No you didn't - You said joking.

Justin: Hey!

Mom: It's okay Justin. It's okay to be a gay.

You all laughed.

Mom: Well. I just wanted to say hi, and see you and Justin again.

Justin: It's nice to see you again. You're a good mom.

Mom: Oh, thank you Justin. That was nice.

Justin: I'm always nice.

You: Always?

Justin: Yeah?

You: Haha, i'm just kidding.

Justin kissed you on the cheek.

Mom: Well. Bye, lovely.

You: Bye mom.

Justin: Bye, my 2nd mom.

Your mom walked away.

Justin: You're such a prankster.

You: I know. I'm good, huh?

Justin: Yeah. But you're better at kissing.

Justin and you kissed again.

Justin began to look you in the eyes, and start singing.

I will always love you.. ALWAYS! FOREVER! AND EVER! Love me, love me. Say that you love me.

You: I love you. I'll always love you! Always, forever and ever!

You hugged.

Justin: Let's go upstairs, and hang out.

You: Sure.

You both go upstairs.


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 You went upstairs to hang out ;)

Justin: So..

You: Soo?

Justin: Sooo..

You: So what, Justin?

Justin: So...

You: Omg - You said laughing.

Justin: What should we do?

You: I don't know. Do you got any ideas?

Justin: We can go to see a movie, go out and eat, watch a movie in my house, or? ...

You: Uh. I have an idear. We can go shopping! - You said with a big smile on your face.

Justin: Shopping? I love shopping too, but there's so many people, and we can't go without Kenny.

You: Aww. That right.

Justin: Yeah, it's pretty uncool ;)

You both laughed.

Justin: Why are you laughing?

You: Why are you laughing?

Justin: I asked first.

You: I've never heard the word uncool. Or, yes i've heard it before, but it sounds so funny!

Justin: Oh, i laughed because you're so ugly.

You: What? That was so mean!

Justin: Haha. I'm just kidding. You're so beautiful, really beautiful.

You: You shouldn't have said that! Now, i'm gonna kill you!

Justin: I'm up for that.

You jumped up on Justin's back and touched his hair.

Justin: Do not touch my hair! Get down.

You: Nope. I'm so glad. You shouldn't have said it.

Justin: Please stop. I'm so sorry. You're beautiful.

You: It's not helping.

Justin took you down and pushed you up at the wall.

Justin: Now i like it.

You: Now, i don't like it.

Justin: Yes you do. You're blushing.

You: No i don't - You said with a little voice.

Justin: If you're not blushing, then your head is really really red.

You: Stop.

Justin: Haha.

Justin leaned in for a kiss, but you didn't let him kiss you.

Justin: Something's wrong?

You: No.

Justin: Why couldn't i kiss you then?

You: Because, you don't deserve it right now.

Justin: What should i do for i deserve it?

You: Uhm. Figure it out yourself.

Justin: Aww. Now you make me sad. Your lips are calling me, like they wanna do something.

You: They don't.

Justin shows you a sad face. You walk away, but then you feel his arm around you. He turned you around and kissed you on the lips.


You: Justin, you're like a little kid.

Justin: I just want it so much.

You: Aw. You're so cute. I love you.

Justin: I love you too my girl.

You and Justin kissed again. Then your phone rings. Phone conversation.

You: Hello?

Best friend: Hi sweetie.

You: Omg, hi lovely.

Best friend: I've missed you like hell. When are you coming back?

You: I've missed you too. But i don't think i'm coming back, anymore? Or, i do if me and Justin breake up.

Justin: And that willl never happened - He shouted in the phone.

Best friend: But, what about your school, your friends, and me?

You: I've talked about it with my mom. And don't worry, i'll begin to study in a week. And, i'll never forget you. I promise, i'll talk with you, maybe you can come here one day.

Best friend: Aw. You're so lucky. I don't want to be in this school without you. I'm so sad.

You: Please, stop saying that. I'll begin to cry if you're sad, and i don't want you to be sad. Please, come a day. I love you.

Best friend: Okay. Then i'm happy.....

You: Oh great.

Best friend: I mean, i'm happy for you. And when you're happy, i'm happy too. And i'd love to come a day. I love you too. Bye.

You: Bye.


Justin: So, what did she said?

You: That she miss me a lot, and don't want to be in her school without me.

Justin: Aww. But you're not leaving. Do you?

You: I don't know. But she wants to come a day.

Justin: Please, don't leave. Then you'll breake my heart.

You: I'm still your girlfriend and all that. But i miss my friends and family.

Justin: Please, i love you so much. I'll do anything to keep you forever - He said with tears in his eyes.

You: I love you too, but...........

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Justin: Please, i love you so much. I'll do anything to keep you forever - He said with tears in his eyes.

You: I love you too, but..

Justin: But what?

You: I just... I don't know. I don't know anything right now.

Justin went over to you. You sat on his lap, while you were crying.

Justin: Please, baby. I don't want you to live. You make my life better.

You: Justin, please stop saying that.

Justin: No. 'Cuz i really mean it.

You gave Justin a fake smile.

Justin: Why did you just gave me a fake smile?

You: I didn't..

Justin: Yes you did. Why?

You: I just don't know, if i'm going back or staying here. I really don't know.

Justin: Who mean the most to you. Me or your bestfriend?

You: Justin!

Justin: No. Answer me... - He said with tears in his eyes.

You: You both mean the whole world to me. Seriously.

Justin looked away.

You: Justin, please don't be mad at me.

Justin: I'm not princess. I'm just really pissed of right now. If you're leaving then my whole life is done.

You: JUSTIN! How can you say that? I'm just a girl.

Justin: Yes, a girl who mean the whole world to me. You're really special.

You: You're also very special to me.

Justin: Then, stay with me...... Forever.

You: Forever? Please Justin, understand me. I can't get a job or get a lot of money. I can't see my friends and family.

Justin: I'd love to share my money with you. And i can get a job to you. Trust me.

You: Justin. It's not the same.

You saw Justin stopped crying. And then he looked at you like a crazy little boy.

You: What? - You said half crying/ half laughing.

Justin: I just got an idea.

You: What?

Justin: You know, there's a empty house beside ours.

You: Yeah?

Justin: Your family and your best friend can live right next to us. I'll pay.

You: Justin. It's very kind of you, but.. I don't think it'll work.

Justin: Sure it will. Let me talk with your parents and your best friend's parents.

You: But, what about school, babe?

Justin: You know i got a teacher when i'm on tour, right?

You: Yeah - You said with a big smile on your lips.

Justin: She can help you and your best friend.

You: Omg, that's an awesome idea. Go call my mom.. NOW!

Justin: Kay babe.

Justin kissed you on the forehead and called your mom and dad.

Phone conversation;

Mom: Hello?

Justin: Hi, it's Justin.

Mom: Oh hi sweetheart. What's up?

Justin: Actually, me and (your name) just got a little talk. She misses you and the rest of the family. And she want to go back to the school and..

Mom: Oh no. Are you breaking up?

Justin: Nonoonon. NO! Hell no.

Mom: Good. I just thought. So, what's up then?

Justin: There's a house who's empty right next to mine house. And i thought that you can come live here..... Forever?

Mom: Forever? But, what about our house, and we don't have a lot of money.

Justin: I got a teacher when i'm on tour. And she'll help (your name) and her best friend. And don't think of money. I'll pay for you...  And (your name)'s dad of course.

Mom: Wow. That's a really big thing. Wait, i'm gonna think of that. I'll call you back later. Bye sweetheart.

Justin: Bye extra mom :)

Phone conversation to best friend;

Best friend: Uhm, Hi?

Justin: Hey it's Justin.

Best friend: Jus.. Justi... JUSITN BIEBER?!

Justin: Haha, yes.

Best friend: Oh my god!

Justin: Uhm, i just wanted to talk to you about something.

Best friend: Sexy.. Oh, i mean cool :).

Justin: Weird... So, i just talked to (your name)'s mom and i asked her about to come to live in the house next to us. And i want to hear, if you want to live here too.

Best friend: Omg. Really? What about my parents?

Justin: Uhm. I'm sorry, it's only you.

Best friend: It's okay. But, what about my school and all that.

Justin: Don't worry. I'm on that.

Best friend: Cool. I just wanna talk with my parents about it. I'll call you later... JUSTIN BIEBER!

Justin: Bye sweetie.


Phone conversation done.

Back to you.

Justin: Wow. They're both calling me back. I just called your best friend sweetie. And she was like; OMG, YOU JUST CALLED ME SWEETIE, KAY BYE HOTTIE.

You: Haha. She's crazy about you.

Justin: Like you.

You: Oh no, you know me too well. Come here baby!

Justin touches your cheek and lay you down in the bed. He's right next to you, he kisses you on the lips. And then you both fall alseep.


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 You and Justin were laying in the bed. Then you woke up by Justin's phone.

You: Justin. Justin answer your phone.

Justin: Ups, okay.

Phone conversation with your best friend.

Best friend: Uhm, hello. Is this Justin?

Justin: Yeah.

Best friend: Oh nice. cool. amazing. awesome. lovely.

Justin: Uhm, what would you say to me?

Best friend: Oh sorry. Uhm, i've talked to my parents about it. And, they aren't sure about it. But, they said, if i'm gonna live with you and (your name) and got some school, then it'll be okay.

Justin: Really?

Justin looked over to you, and smiled with his little cute smile.

Best friend: Yeah. It's so cool, i love my mom and dad. So, what time... Or which day, should i come?

Justin: Uhm, what about tomorrow? Then i'm gonne pick you up at your house?

Best friend: Only you? - You said glad, but nervous at the same time.

Justin: No, (your name) is coming too. Okay?

Best friend: Yeah, sure. See ya then.

Justin: Bye.

Best friend: Bye hottie.


You: So.. What did she said?

Justin: She's not coming..

You: Aww. Why?

Justin: Because..

You: Nonono. I'm not gonne believe you. Why are you smiling like a crazy little boy then?

Justin: Because you're just so beautiful and cute.

You: Aww thank you Justin.

Justin: Kiss me.

You: No. Tell the truth first.

Justin: Okay, she's coming tomorrow.

You: REALLY!? Yes, i love you babe.

Justin: But....

You: But what?

Justin: She's gonna live with us. And i love you too babe.

You: Yeah, whatever. When Ryan and Chaz are coming. Then she can live with them. She's actually in love with you, Chaz and Ryan. So, it's gonna be funny.

Justin: I don't care. I've got you, my princess.

You: Aw, i love you so much Justin.

Justin: I love you too.

Justin leaned in for a kiss, but then the phone rang again.

Justin: Aw. I didn't get my kiss.

You: Shut up, little boy. Answer the phone. It could be your mom... Or mine.

Phone conversation with your mom.

Mom: Hey sweetheart.

Justin: Hey.

Mom: So. We've talked a little... Or a lot. But, we've decided that we're coming down to you and gonna stay there for a long time.

Justin: Wow, really? Cool. It's gonne be fun. (your name)'s best friend is coming too. Actually, tomorrow. So, we have to clean the house now.

Mom: Kay, we've coming in 2 days. Kay?

Justin: Alright, cool. Bye extra mom.

Mom: Bye, my "son" - She said laughing, and so did Justin.


Justin: Finally. Now i can get my kiss.

You: But, who was it?

Justin: It was your mom and dad. And they're coming in 2 days!

You: Omg, really? Yay, yay, yay..

Justin: Can i get my kiss now?

You: Haha. You just said that we have to clean the house. So, you must wait.

Justin: I can't wait.

Justin ran into your arms, and kissed you like crazy.

You: Somone's happy, huh?

Justin: I'm always happy when i'm with you.

You kissed again. *Knock, Knock*

You: Wait here, i'm going down to see who it is.

Justin: Okay.

You went down to answer the door.

Ryan: Hi sweetie!

Chaz: Hey (your name)!

You: Hi Ryan and Chaz!

You hugged them both, and then you went upstairs.

Justin: Hey boys.

Ryan and Chaz: Hey Justin.

Justin: So.. I didn't know you came that early.

Ryan: Sorry. But we just couldn't wait.

You: You want to hear something?

Chaz: Of course.

You: Tomorrow my best friend is coming, and she's gonna stay here for a long long time. And in 2 days my mom and dad are moving in the house next to us.

Chaz: Really? What will Pattie say?

You and Justin looked shocked.

Justin: Shit! We haven't told her. And she's coming home in 3 days!

You: Bullshit. Call her Justin!

Justin: No.. I'm scared.

You: Do it for me - You said with a puppy face.

Justin: Aww, okay! I do it.

You: Thanks babe.

You kissed Justin on the cheek and then Justin went down to call his mom.

Ryan: So, is your best friend hot?

You: Wh.. What?

Chaz: If she's just like you, then she's freaking hot!

You: Uhm, thank you. I-I think - You said blushing.

Ryan: If she's hot, then she's mine. Kay Chaz?

Chaz: Uhm.. Maybe.

You: She's actually freaking in love wit you guys. So, wait for the crazy moment when she sees you.

Ryan: I can't wait.

Chaz: Me either!

You came up.

You: So what did Pattie said?

Justin: She.. She said that it actually was the greattest idea in the world.

You: Omg, really?

Ryan: Cool.

Justin: Yeah. It's true!

Chaz: Wow.

You: Come on guys, we gonne get out and eat.

Justin: Yeah, let's go.

You all went out to eat together. You all were having fun. It began to be late, so you all decided to get some sleep, and went home.

Justin: Night everyone. Night princess.

Chaz: Hey! I want to be special too!

Justin: (your name) is too special.

You: Aww, night everyone!

Ryan: Night!

You: Night babe.

Justin: Nigt, sweetie.

You all went to bed.


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 Next morning;

*Knock, knock*

Ryan: Can i come in?

You: Yeah, sure. But, be quiet. Justin's sleeping.

Ryan: Okay.

Ryan walked in.

Ryan: So what is the best color to me? Blue or purple?

You: Wh-Why?

Ryan: Hello. I'm gonna impress your best friend - He said with a diva voice.

You: Oh. Hahahahaha.

You laughed so loud, so Justin woke up.

Justin: Wha.. What the fuck are you doing in here?

Ryan: I'm just talking to (your name).

You: He wants to impress my bestie.

Justin: Impress. You can't impress a girl - He said joking.

Ryan: Hahaha. Wow, you're just so funny Justin.

You: Okay, come on Justin. Help him. You know how to impress a girl.

Justin: Do I? I mean, of course i do.

Ryan: So what is the best color to me. Purple or blue?

Justin and you: Blue.

Ryan: Okay, then i'm gonna take that on.

You: But, what about Chaz?

Ryan: Ssh. Don't ever say anything to him. I'm gonna impress her..... Not him.

You: Haha. Okay, but you don't know if you like her..

Ryan: Yes i do?

You: How?

Ryan: I took your phone in the night, and looked on all your pictures.

Justin: Haha, cool man. Did you see some hot pictures of my girl?

Ryan: Yeah, i saw a lot. You're actually hot in that summer dress.

You: YOU DID WHAT! Omg, i'm so gonna kill you! And, thank you by the way.

Justin: Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah, Justin?

Justin: GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE - He said joking.

Ryan: Kay. Bye losers.

You all went downstairs, to get some breakfast.

Chaz: Goodmorning.

You: Goodmorning, loser.

Chaz: Hey!

Ryan and Justin: Yo mate.

You: So..

Chaz: Hey, (your name). When do your bestie come?

You: Uhm.. About3 minutes.


Justin: Yeah?

Ryan: I haven't.... Oh i mean. 3 minutes. That's.. Uhm..

Chaz: I know you're trying to impress her. And i promise you, i won't let you do it alone.

You: Omg, i just thought you would let him impress her alone.

Chaz: Nonono. Now, it's my time to get a girlfriend.

Ryan: Chaz, please? - He said with a puppy face.

Justin: Chaz, come on. Let Ryan get (your name)'s bestie.

Chaz: Aw. Omg, OKAY! But, i won't promise you, that i'm not gonna hug her.

Ryan: Okay, but only 1 hug.

Chaz: Two..

You: OMG. Guys, it's just a girl.

Ryan: Just a girl? She's almost my girlfriend..

You: Haha, you're so cute Ryan.

Justin: But i'm the cuttest.

You: Yes you are.

You and Justin began to kiss.

Chaz: Ew. Stop it. We can hear it.

Justin: Sorry..

*Knock, knock*

You: Yay, it's my bestie.

You all went over to the door, and opened it.

Best friend: (YOUR NAME)..........................!

You: BESTIE.............!

Best friend: Omg, i've missed you so much. I've missed you like crazy. And finally i'm with you. OMG, IT'S JUSTIN BIEBER, RYAN AND CHAZ!

Ryan: Hi - He said flirting.

Chaz: Hey.

Justin: Hey... Sweetie ;)


You: No! Don't faint. If you'll faint now, then you have to leave again.

Ryan: Noo..!

You: Sut up Ryan, it's just for fun - She whispered.

You all said 'Hello' to your bestie and hugged.

Best friend: So.. Where's my room?

You: You're gonna live together with Ryan and Chaz.

Ryan: REALLY! - He said very very happy.

You: Yeah. Right Justin?

Justin: Yeah princess.

Best friend: Omg, you and Justin are so cute together...

You: Thanks bestie. Get your things upstairs.

You all walked upstairs, and went into you and Justin's room.

Best friend: Wow. There's only one bed. Are you and Justin sleeping togehter? - She said whispering to you.

You: Yeah.

Best friend: OMG, DID YOU HAVE SEX?

Ryan, Chaz and Justin looked at you. Only you.

You: What? No, i didn't said that - You said blushing.

Justin: But, we actually have.

You: No, we haven't.

Ryan: Oh yes you have.

Chaz: Yes.

You: Omg, boys. Don't believe them!

Best friend: I can't. They're just so amazing.

You: Wake up! If you're gonna be like this all the time, then we don't want you here. Kay?

Ryan: Yes, we do!

You: Ryan, shut the fuck up! I'm just telling her to act normal.

Chaz: Someone's mad?

You: No, i'm cool ;)

Best friend: Okay, i'll try.

You: Thank you.

Justin: So.. What are we gonna do?

You: I don't know. It's up to you.

Best friend: I know. We can play Kiss or Dare.

Ryan: I'm on that!

Chaz: Me too.

Justin: I'm gonna start! - He said quickly.

You: Okay.

Justin: Okay, first of all, what's your name?

Best friend: Me? Oh, my name is Maria.

Justin: Okay, Maria. I dare you to kiss Ryan..

You: Yeah, let's go!

Ryan: I'm on that!

Maria: So I am!

Maria and Ryan kissed.

Chaz: I don't wanna watch this.

Justin: Don't worry. We have to find a girl for you.

You: Yeah.

Chaz: Do you have another friend?

You: I have a lot. But, let's just watch them kissing.

Justin: Why?

You: Because they're cute.

Justin: Okay, then i'm gonna do this.

Justin kissed you on the lips. Ryan and Maria were kissing and You and Justin were kissing. Chaz was just sitting on the floor, and looked at you.

Chaz: Okay, can you stop kissing?

No answer..

Chaz: I'm gonna take a picture of you kissing, if you don't stop right now.

No answer.

Chaz: Okay.

Chaz took a picture of you and Justin kissing, and then he post it on Twitter. He did the same thing with Ryan and Maria.

Now you stopped kissing.

Justin: Sorry, did you said something?

Chaz: Yeah, I actually did.

Maria: I actually heard it. He took a picture of all us kissing, and then post it on Twitter.

Justin and You: YOU DID WHAT!? - They said laughing.

You and Justin took Chaz in the arm and led him to the toilet and then ..........


I need 10 likes for part 35. Sorry it was so boring, but i'm busy. What do you think will happen to Chaz?

I hope you liked it :)

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