Crazy ∞ Night

Hibiku kaatenkooru yamanai kassai, Motto motto hibikasete?
Kaien buzza maku ga agatta , 1, 2, 3 de hajimaru yo!

Original song and storyline by Hitoshizuku-P, Yama△ and Suzunosuke.

This is the sequel to my other movella; Bad ∞ End ∞ Night :)

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2. It... Her?

We hear a knock, it's echo bounces around the room like a tiger around a cage. As Kaito slowly opens the door to reveal a pretty young girl with innocent yet sinister eyes, we all know that the buzzer has sounded, the curtains have risen, and the play must begin.

Our smiles are big and forced as we welcome the girl and learn her name - Miku. When we hear this, the acting parts inside us flinch as they realise this girl is our destiny, and she must choose our path to the next point in life... Or death.

We announce a celebration for her, with wine and music. The twins invite her to stay the night, away from the terrible storm. Miku seems to go along with our crazy plans, and suspicious determination for her to enjoy her stay.










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