Dark and Dangerous

This is my first movella. Just trying to get into writing. Let me know if you like it x :D


30. Reveal.

I went and sat on the couch in the living room. Shane walked in and handed me a bowl of something warm and rich. I didn't really notice it even though it smelt fantastic. I noticed he hadn't got one for himself and just shrugged it off. "Ok," he said. "I'll have to show you because otherwise I'll sound crazy but you've got to promise not to freak out." He started at me earnestly. "Alright," I tried to sound positive but I just sounded nervous and unsure. "I'm going to need to know you won't try to run away or scream. I need to know you're sure." He looked kind of scared. I nodded and gripped the bowl in my hands. "I kind of need you in the corner of the room," he said sheepishly. I reluctantly stood up and walked over to the corner. God, I hope this isn't some sick joke. He crouched down in the middle of the floor on the rug and looked up at me pleadingly. I held my breath and shut my eyes. A whirlwind of breaking glass spun through the living room and I slammed back against the wall. Pain jolted through me and I felt the rush of blood run over my face as I tried to stand up. I tried to push myself off the floor but broken glass tore through my hands and I slid back down. I ran my fingers along my palms and felt jagged edges buried deep inside. There was no way I'd be able to pull them out without having to get stitches. The room was empty and the curtains were flapping in the wind, the window was shattered and glass was strewn across the room. I sat alone for hours and then it started to get dark, seeing the sun slip away. There were brighter lights coming though, sirens and flashing lights coming closer by the second. I picked myself up ignoring the searing pain of the glass and ran through the hallway. Out through the back door and away, I felt myself fading and heard the clatter of broken glass falling onto the ground. Hopefully everything would become clear.

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