Dark and Dangerous

This is my first movella. Just trying to get into writing. Let me know if you like it x :D


20. Listen.

I wandered home in a sort of trance not quite sure where I was going. The sun was slowly disappearing and I broke into a run. Not again. Not again. I don't want to fade out here, even as I am at night I wouldn't want to be out on a night like this. I was only a little way from home now but my legs were beginning to feel weak and light. I wasn't going to make it and there were still people out in the road. I almost felt as if I was going to drift out of existence. I felt strong arms lift me and I found myself being propelled towards the door of my house. I felt as if I was blind but I felt myself being lowered onto the mat just inside the doorway. "I'm so sorry but I have to go, I'll explain everything." I thought I recognized the voice but it sounded so strange and forced. I felt a blissful warmth shrouding me from the outside world and a sense of safety surrounded me. I let go of the confusion and the aching pain in my chest and just let go.

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