Dark and Dangerous

This is my first movella. Just trying to get into writing. Let me know if you like it x :D


24. Gift.

We just sat there for a while and stared into nothing. The clearing was serene and I had a feeling if I could I would have stayed there forever. Just wishing I wouldn't have to leave. Wishing something as peaceful as this could last forever. It wasn't cold any more, just numbing and fuzzy. I fumbled trying to find my phone in my pocket to check what the time was but it wasn't there. Whatever I was doing to break the peace was enough to make him start talking. "Oh yeah, I got this for you," Shane muttered and pulled a small box out of his jacket pocket. I didn't know what to say. It was one of those times where I felt choked up and just couldn't work out what to do. "Listen if you don't want it I understand. I could take it back and we could just..." I could feel myself reaching out for the box and it was almost as if I shouldn't take it. It felt special, like he'd put way to much thought into it. The crimson velvet of the box bought me back as it was tipped into my hand. I looked up at him and raised my eyebrow quizzically before returning my gaze to the box. He looked confused for a moment before finally catching up. Damn he was slow. He started blurting out random strings of words, "No it's not... Um we're not like...It's not what you think." He took a deep breath sending white mist into the freezing air. "Can you just open it so I don't have to explain?" I nodded and slipped the box up the right way, I took a small breath and opened it. Relief washed over me as I saw a small silver bracelet perched on a small cushion. I gave a weak smile as I saw it. "Oh god, if you don't like it I could get you something else. I wasn't sure what sort of thing you liked. I could get earrings instead," he stammered when he saw my face. This was the most flustered I'd ever seen him. He was always so icy and distant and now he was clammy and shaking. I laughed and he looked shocked, "Shut up, I love it." He relaxed and returned to his normal state. "It's just nobody has ever gotten me something like this." He rolled onto his knees and took it out of the box slowly. He cradled it in his hand and slid it delicately around my wrist. "Perfect," he whispered and sat back down. 

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