Dark and Dangerous

This is my first movella. Just trying to get into writing. Let me know if you like it x :D


16. Explanations

Oh my god. What the hell was going on? Why did Saffron just storm into my house? That's it. Shane will have to explain. I took a really deep breath and launched myself out of the kitchen and into the living room. He was just sat there, slouched. I had to ask him. Like right now. If not now then when? Come on Elizabeth. Oh great, talking to myself now, first sign of madness. But I'm not mad and I'm going to have to say something. "Shane?" He shuffled a little and settled. "Right, listen to me. Get it together and answer me," I yelled at him. He just started to laugh, I felt incredibly stupid. He was laughing. "What the hell is so funny?" He propped himself up on his elbows and turned to look me straight in the eyes. "I've just never seen you angry. You're really bad at being angry." Right, now he was just being annoying. I gritted my teeth. "You're just putting it off now. What did Saffron mean by a pack? And what would she get caught about?" He rolled his eyes at me and bit his lip. He looked like he was about to tell me something now. We're finally getting somewhere. "You always knew there was something I wasn't telling you. To be honest I almost told you quite a lot of times. But I know now I should have told you sooner. Maybe it would be easier if I showed you. I'll pick you up right after school." I started to talk. "No, don't ask questions. Just trust me." I didn't completely but I'm one of those people who just needs to know. 

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