Dark and Dangerous

This is my first movella. Just trying to get into writing. Let me know if you like it x :D


9. Daytime, Daydream.

School felt like a dungeon. A cold, unforgiving dungeon. Shane had obviously told somebody, all the dirty looks I was getting burned into me. I felt like screaming. But I didn't. I never do. Always a blank page. That's me. As long as I keep telling myself that then it will be true, it will all be over. I went and sat outside. Even though it was snowing it was my best bet, nobody would come out. Nobody would find me. That's what I thought, I could see somebody walking towards me. Obviously a girl. But somebody I didn't recognize. There were more of them now, about 6 I think. They were all different, some I knew were in some of my classes, some I knew by name. But all had that gleaming, placid look in their eyes. They were out for something, someone, me. I got up and started to sprint, even in their high heeled snow boots they caught up to me in no time. "Are you scared?" One of them asked in a mocking voice. "Little girls shouldn't play with fire, they seem to get burnt." One of them held out a lighter while the others just grinned. A redhead whispered in my ear, "You shouldn't have done that to Shane." They held out the lighter, I shut my eyes and blocked out the world around me. 

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