Dark and Dangerous

This is my first movella. Just trying to get into writing. Let me know if you like it x :D


27. Breathless.

It wasn't too long a walk until we found the road and luckily my house was only a street away. I was about to step out of the trees when Shane caught my shoulder and held tight. "Saffron," he whispered. He made a sound like growling but I didn't completely register it anyway. She was climbing into her car. Convertible, typical even though it was Winter here most of the year anyway. She glanced around quickly and started reapplying lip gloss in the mirror. She blew herself a little kiss in the mirror and shook her hair into a glossy mane around her before turning the key in the ignition and pulling away. "She is such a.... witch," Shane huffed. That was kind of cute. Maybe he didn't want to swear in front of me. I must have stared at his face for a little longer than I realized because he turned around and raised an eyebrow at me. "You could take a picture if you wanted," he offered. I sighed at him and slipped out of his grasp and further back into the trees. "Hey, where are you going?" He shouted after me. "The back way," I called. "Neither of us can go out onto the street looking like this." I could sense him looking down at himself and I tried to muffle a laugh. He wouldn't get noticed much but a girl with bruises, an over sized sweater and no shoes would probably be a slight give away. He jogged after me and offered me his arm. He must of seen I was confused because he glanced down at my feet. "Rocky bit coming up," he answered. "You can cut your feet or let me give you a hand." I reluctantly took it and he pulled me up onto his back as if I was light as a feather. "You do realize people will start wondering where we are considering we've both missed school for the past couple of days." I sighed and started thinking calmly about how I was going to explain this. "Don't worry. I've called, they think we've both got pneumonia or something and we'll be off for the rest of the week." I put my head on his shoulder and slowly dozed off. 

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