Im Incomplete Without You

Marie and Jenna are sisters they tell each other everything, they even share the same obsession and that is one direction. They win a trip to a radio station and they get a huge suprise a date with there favorite member of 1d, the trick is they have to guess what member they other likes if they get it right they get to kiss the boy of there choice if not they don't get anything. What happens when a member gets jealous?


2. Thoughts

Marie's POV:

I was very excited to be on radio let alone the thought about meeting the boys gave me butterflies. I didn't truly had a favorite because I loved them all. They were all hot, sexy, beautiful, let alone they had amazing accents. I hated how people would call them gay because they had fun. I was so anxious. I looked around, on the walls there were many pictures of famous singers. 

"Hey we about to be on air!" My sister Jenna said

I looked over to a door and notice shadows moving. It must be them it had to be. I mean who else would it be? I poked Jenna and pointed at the door. She smiled hugely. I couldn't tell if it was because she was excited or if it was because she was nervous.

"Alright ladies. Are you ready?" The radio lady asked us

I don't truly talk a lot. I'm a very shy person specially around the male gender. My sister on the other hand wasn't shy she was a very outgoing person. That's why I stick with her, that and she makes sure no one bullies me. I have a history of getting bullied because of the color of my eyes. They're a shade blue that you never see with a splash of purple in them. Everyone called me fake and said that those eyes of mine had to be fake just like me. I would always end up crying. Until one day my sister was sick of me crying and went up to the main person saying it. Lets just say my sister ended up getting suspended because of it. Jenna had convinced my mother to allow me to do online schooling so I didn't have to deal with all the bulling.

"Hey Marie!" Jenna said snapping me out of my thoughts. "She's talking to you."


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