12 Rounds

To have a loving, caring, and kind boyfriend is all Lizzy wanted. She had two dreams. One is to become a WWE Diva and the other is to get the man of her dreams, Seth Rollins to notice her. On the first day of the job, Lizzy meets The Shield. When her and Seth make eye contact, she knew sparks would fly. But all that changes when her and the guys get a heart pounding phone call. Her and the guys must play a game known as 12 Rounds. Will Lizzy have her happy ending with Seth or will the guy behind the call change it all?


1. Hello My Name Is...

Lizzy's POV

I walked into the arena with my head held high. Even though I had voices in my head saying people would never accept me here, I still held my head high. I walked into the Divas Locker Room where I was greeted my Divas. They were all very nice expect for one diva. Her name was AJ Lee. I didn't even say anything to her and it seemed like she already hated my guts. The divas told me not to worry about her because she's a little crazy. As I unpacked my bags, I heard some hoer divas talking about my crush, Seth Rollins. I walked out of the locker room on my phone when I ran into someone.

"Oh my God, Im so sorry" I said looking up and seeing Seth's face.

"Its ok. I haven't seen you around, are you the new girl?" Seth replied back with his beautiful smile. 

"Yeah. My name is Lizzy." I said trying not to embarrass myself. 

"Well Lizzy, this is Dean and Roman. And Im Seth." he said introducing me to all of them.

"Oh yeah. Aren't you guys The Shield?" I said playing dumb. I was trying to stay calm, but it was hard because on the inside I was jumping all around.

"Yes ma'am." he said smiling. "Well maybe would you wanna hang out afterwards?" he added.

"Yeah. Sure. Totally." I replied. Oh my god, I cant believe this is happening. 

"Ok then. Meet us here after Raw tonight and then we can all go hang out." he said smiling.

"Ok. See you guys later." I said walking off. I looked behind me to see if they were gone and they were. I jumped all around screaming with excitement. People stared at me but I didn't care. Like why should I care, Im gonna hang out with The Shield later. Tonight can not go bad if this happened. 

I then walked off because I was told i had a match tonight. I went and got ready for my match. The match then ended with me as the winner. I couldn't believe it. Tonight's gonna be a good night.

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