The Last Wish

Jessyca Torres is a 19 year old girl with the dreams of one day meeting the person that she is gonna love but apperantly it doesn't go right will she ever be able to love like she used to?what if when she meets zany malik will she be able to love him like he does to her?will she be able to succeed in making more guy friends?will the guy that made her life a living hell accept the fact that the one direction will accept her as a friend or maybe more?


1. chapter3

Jessyca's POV

they both looked at me after they were "done" laughing "love are you okay"alejandro asked me they were both gonna have to find out abou the whole Jonathon situation so yea


breanna cut me off "I came here for that reason you are not okay love now please tell us whats going on?"

I knew she was gonna ask here goes nothing..................I told them about EVERYTHING the whole Jonathon thing he just wont learn or keep in mind that I don't want to be with him anymore but I wasn't gonna give up and let him take over my life hell no im strong and I aint gonna keep this shit going

they both hugged me at that moment I wanted to cry nonstop knowing that they are there for me even tho one is always moving a lot but other than that they are my life

 alejandro spoke up:"its gonna be alright who does he think he is telling you you cant talk to any other guy but him hell nah you could talk to anyone if anything happens call us both,we will be there if you need us love, okay"


"so um changing the subject, jessyca? have you thought about you know well coming with me to the one direction concert?" damn I forgot about that I love her and I will have no regrets "yes im gonna go just because I love you" "yes!!" sh almost screamed in my ear I barely noticed alejandro left the room cuase he came back in saying "hey you guy I have to go ill contact both of you later jessyca take care  same to you monkeybear" me and breanna went and gave him last goodbye hugs and with that he left "well I have to get ready for work I have to go as well, if you need anything give me a call okay" "gothchu" "kk girl bye"  ugh lond day ahead of me better get to it aand with that I was of to work.................




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