The Last Wish

Jessyca Torres is a 19 year old girl with the dreams of one day meeting the person that she is gonna love but apperantly it doesn't go right will she ever be able to love like she used to?what if when she meets zany malik will she be able to love him like he does to her?will she be able to succeed in making more guy friends?will the guy that made her life a living hell accept the fact that the one direction will accept her as a friend or maybe more?


6. chapter 9

*the next day*



i woke up with my phone ringing


"hey"the voice said

"whos this'

"iam sorry did i disturb you'.. what..

"no not really but whos this"

"are you jessyca"

"yes um whats your name"

"um i erm" he hung up well it was a deep voice so it must have been a guy. the voice sounded so familiar he had this accent but i cant name it God! Jessyca remember! who could have that been.


"Erm she um she answered'niall said

"what she did was it her"

"your such a stalker"

"you didn't answer my question "

"yea she did'


"i asked her if i disturbed her"

"that's all"i just face palmed myself in my mind over twenty times

"yea sorry i was just to erm nervous?"

"don't worry"

how iam i not gonna worry i fell for her and i think im in love? and when someones in love they don't just give up they chase after the person they love...........

"she is calling back!!"



well zayn  likes this girl named jessyca and thanks to him we had to stay but we really needed to get home so we left i really feel bad but then i remembered that one of our fans breanna gave me her number and that was the girl that was talking to jessyca so i texted the number and she gave me her number i did not tell her who i was i told her i was "josheph" jessyca's cousin.


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