The Last Wish

Jessyca Torres is a 19 year old girl with the dreams of one day meeting the person that she is gonna love but apperantly it doesn't go right will she ever be able to love like she used to?what if when she meets zany malik will she be able to love him like he does to her?will she be able to succeed in making more guy friends?will the guy that made her life a living hell accept the fact that the one direction will accept her as a friend or maybe more?


4. chapter 7


wow I cant believe its been areny 5 days im areny in my real home. I still cant get over the girlI saw in America  Jessyca I just want to rewind time but I cant I just don't think of anything but her me and the lads are gonna meet up again somewhere but niall still hasn't made up his mind to where...


its been 5 days since the concert I gave my sis a call and I cant believe it im gonna go see my mom YAY! like to be honest I really did miss her only one thing she doesn't know about Jonathon and I thank God I didn't mention leaving infront of him I would have been dead. I walked up to my mirror and lifted up my shirt only to see that stupid bruise Jonathon did the other night when he came here all drunk the thopughts of what happened the other night came to me and I couldn't help but cry looking at the horrible bruise I calmed myself down and cleaned myself up I tried getting his stupid name out but I thank God im leaving  tomarow I don't wanna be here im like moving somewhere new starting fresh I suppose 'it will never be over' oh God why cant I get that other night out of my head it all happened the day right after the concert


I was watching t.v when "where the hell are you at"

"found you,little bitch"

"what the hell get out of my house, wait did I forget to mention this before its over"

"its never over" he got near me grabbed me by neck and kept on punching me in my stomach  when he was done hurting me he kicked me one more time and left.

.........................end of flashback.........................................

I just hope that discsusting ugh his name just discusts me I just hope he doesn't get in my way.

it almost 6:00p.m and im almost done packing breanna and alex called and said they would visit me and my mom I should just stay there now that im at it why come back well im done packing now and all I want is sleep I have to wake u-p early tomarow I went to my empty bed and went to sleep..

I woke up the next morning at 4:00 a.m I got all my bags and started heading out when I saw what I didn't want to see


I wont update til Saturday I will also need any volunteer for a new bestfriend for jessyca  I wil only be choosing one when she arrives to visit her mom ima need some details about you. THANKS FOR READING:)

sereen<3zayn123 I like zessyca.



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