The Last Wish

Jessyca Torres is a 19 year old girl with the dreams of one day meeting the person that she is gonna love but apperantly it doesn't go right will she ever be able to love like she used to?what if when she meets zany malik will she be able to love him like he does to her?will she be able to succeed in making more guy friends?will the guy that made her life a living hell accept the fact that the one direction will accept her as a friend or maybe more?


10. chapter 13





"can I come in"


"um its locked.."

"oh sorry be right there" I stood up to open the door It was ah my sister

"jessy why are you always locking the door to your room"

my mom just barged in my room "breakfast is ready"

"that's why" I told Mariam

"we will be down in a bit mom"

"okay hurry up and put some real clothes on"

"I will" wow iam the only one still wearing pj's

"hey mari go get breakfast ill be right down" and she went bye bye I locked the door and went inside my bathroom and took a shower after I was done I put some skinny jeans on with my reddish wine colored v-shirt and my black sweater I put on my converse and quicly brushed my hair I put some mascara on and just lil bit of lipgloss. I went out of the restroom and checked my phone 2 new text messages interesting

zayn: meet you at the park at 7:00 :)

jessyca: k k:)

its 12:21 a.m right now okay I still have time....


ill be looking forward to seeing you soon;D

Jessyca:who is this?

who ever the person that texted me that replied fast


you will find out soon...

what is that supposed to mean im just not gonna text back I got my bag and went downstairs

"hey mom"

"hey are you hungry?"

"not really ill just eat an apple"

"that not a good thing eat cereal"

"im okay mom really ill just drink milk so we wont argue"

"okay than"

I grabbed a cup of milk and drank it

"mom were is Mariam"

"oh she is over at a friends house doing a project your cousin and brother will be coming over later"

"oh okay, mom ima go out for a walk"

"k sweetheart"

I put my cup away and went out the door

I started walking I was gonna go into this little mini town here just a few blocks away from home but this girl that was yelling and running away from someone bumped into me

"iam sorry" it sounded like she was crying

"its okay,um are you okay?"

"no not really"

"who is following you?"

"wait shh shhh he is coming, come here" she got near a store and we both went inside

"is everything okay?" I couldn really see her face cuase she had her hoodie on

"he is gone"

"whos gone"

"he wants to hurt me?"

"nick, my boyfriend he doesn't want to leave me alone all we ever do is fight and its just hard"


"by the way iam talia" she looked up she was really pretty her hair was dyed red at the ends  but her eyes looked red and she had dry tear stains in her cheeks.. I know how she feels..

"iam jessyca, its really nice to meet you"

"that's a pretty name"

"thank you so is yours"

"we should get out of here"

"we should" we both got out of there and we started walking towards the near by running area there was a lot of people with skatebaords and bikes and rollerskates here

"I have never been here" I told her being honest

"really,its an amazing place, here lets sit down" we sat down on one of the benches and we started talking she told me everything about her and I did the same  she is the exact same age as me and she has  a wonderful life except for her boyfriend one we are really getting along but I realy needed to go I gave her my number and she gave me her's and I left I started walking fast cuase I didn't want my mom to think I was doing "bad stuff" I started jogging as quicly as I coul-"ouch" I bumped into someone again "sorry"... I looked  wait what it cant be..

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