The Last Wish

Jessyca Torres is a 19 year old girl with the dreams of one day meeting the person that she is gonna love but apperantly it doesn't go right will she ever be able to love like she used to?what if when she meets zany malik will she be able to love him like he does to her?will she be able to succeed in making more guy friends?will the guy that made her life a living hell accept the fact that the one direction will accept her as a friend or maybe more?


7. chapter 10


i still cant figure the voice out maybe i should call again i dialed the number and waited a few seconds until a different voice answered

"hello"he spoke another familiar voice different accent but omg!!!

"um whos this you called my number and well yea"

"sorry i got the wrong number"

"um okay "

"yea bye" he hung up.well that was ackward

I was almost home well not my home my moms my plane was landing just about now

when we landed i  called a taxi to take me to my moms house i gave him the address and was headed to her house.

when i got there i got my things out of the taxi payed him and there i stood infront of the place i used to call home.

i knocked once and about 5 seconds after she opened the door my mom

"jessyca yo-uur here"she looked like she was about to cry i ran to her and   hugged her so tight i missed her soo much

"go get your things sweetheart you could put them inside your room Mariam is inside her room and your older brother lives in the corner with his cousin of this street"

"thanks mom"

"no problem and stay as long as you want"


i went upstairs put my stuff inside my room quickly and went inside my sisters room omg i missed her "Mariam "

"jessyca" she ran up top me and gave me a hug "I've missed you so much" "so have i"

i stayed in there with her talking for like what seemed like ages but we only talked for 2 hours we talked about everything. i walked out of her room i got downstairs told mom i was going to JP's house.

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