2 Years Later (a Harry Styles Fanfiction)

One Direction split up 2 years ago, i have gone to 14 of their concerts. I guess you could say they made it out there longer than most bands, 12 years, 14 tours, and 14 albums. Well to let you know my name is Caitlyn and this is my story when Harry Styles yes THE Harry Styles was pushed into my life, when I least expected it!! Well things were going alright but see how me and my new best friend, boyfriend, my everything get through it all.


8. Why don't we go there?

"Harry lets do it." I say as we are walking to the car. "Do what?" "Get married. We could be together! Baby, I don't want to be away from you." I say cupping his face. "I think that drink got to you." Harry says sitting me down on the car. "No it didn't I just want to be with you!" I say. "Okay babe your going insane then." Harry says unlocking the car. "Babe I want to go on tour with you!" I say getting in the car. "I'll see what I can do." Harry says. "How about we ditch Nessa and Louis and go home?" Harry says. "Sure they will find rides." I say and Harry pulls out the parking lot. "Harry why don't you wanna marry me?" "Baby I want to marry you. I just don't want to do it the wrong way. Don't you want your parents and the girls/guys there?" "Yeah, can I ask you something?" "Yeah sure?" Harry says. "Can you dance in front of me like how you did in talk dirty to me?" "You are obviously wasted, lets not do that and say we did." "But babe! Your so sexy!" I say. "Okay babe whatever you say." Harry says still driving. "Hey pull over, I want to show you something." I say. "Okay?" Harry says pulling over. "I have a picture of you that you might want to see." "What?" Harry says. I pull out my phone and go to my gallery. I get to the picture I want. "Is that Louis?" "Yeah he was shit faced on the ground at the club, I helped him up and gave him to Niall." I say. "But look in the background." I say. Harry's face is priceless, he is ordering our drinks. "Oh my god delete it Caitlyn!" He says. "No." "Yes." "Okay if you buy me oreo's." I say. "Okay lets go to the store." I start texting my friend from the states, Merry.

'Hey Merry!' 'Hey Caitlyn Wyd?' 'With Harry making him get me oreos.' 'You never change do you? Oreo's are always gonna be your favorite. Guess what.' 'What?' 'I'm in London!' 'Holy shit, let me text you our address and you can come over!' "Who are you texting?" "My friend Merry, she is coming over in a bit." I say. "Okay, its like 11 pm." "Party then." "No Caitlyn, no parties babe." "But Harry!" I whine. "No." I let out a irritated huff, at least I get oreo's. Harry pulls up to the store and I jump out only to fall on the ground. "Ow shit!" I say rubbing my face. "Watch your language young lady!" A lady says to me holding her childs hand. "Sorry." "Yeah you should be, children these days think they can cuss whenever and wherever." "First off I'm not a child, I'm 25 and second off I feel bad for your kid having a snooty mum like you!" I say and Harry walks up to me and helps me up. "Are you okay babe?" Harry asks me. "Yeah." I say wiping dirt off my dress. "At least I'm not a prostitute!" "Um excuse me, I'm engaged, I would never do that." "By the looks of how much alcohol you have consumed and the amount of clothes you have on in -20 degree weather I would say you were." "Oh fuck no." I say. "Babe no." Harry says grabbing my wrist. "Fucking let me go Harry." I say pulling. "Caitlyn I'm not letting you attack her with her kid right there." "And your not the least bit fucking fazed she called your fiancé a prostitute?" "Caitlyn don't you want to not be in jail on your birthday for murder?" Harry says smirking at me. "Yeah I quite like not being in jail on my birthday, peace bitch." I say sticking up my middle finger at the lady and walking away with Harry's hand in mine. "Holy shit fuck I cant believe you actually did that Caitlyn!" Harry says laughing. "Ehh the bitch deserved it." I say and Harry dies of laughter. "Oreos!" I say as soon as I see them. I race over to them and grab 6 boxes. "Harry this will last me about 10 minutes can I get more?" I ask Harry sighs and grabs more boxes and I do the same. We walk to the cash register and put the oreos down. The cashier scans the items and hands them to the dude so he can bag them. "Oh my god your Harry Styles." The lady at the cash register says. "Can I have your autograph?" "Sure." Harry says as she pulls out a pen and 2 pieces of paper. Harry signs it and hands it to her. She writes something on the other paper and gives it to Harry, Harry shoves it in his pocket and grabs the bags. We walk hand-in-hand to the car. I unlock the car and pop the trunk. Harry puts the bags in and we get in the car. "I'm broken do you here me, I'm blinded cause you are ev-" my phone rings. "Hello?" I say. "Hey Caitlyn can you come pick me up? Everyone else is still having a good time but I'm kinda bored." "Yeah Niall we will be there in a minute." I say hanging up. "Harry go back to the club to get Niall." I say and Harry nods and starts driving. When we get to the club Niall is outside waiting. Niall walks over to the car and gets into the back with me, I'm in the back because Harry kept trying to eat my oreos. "Hi Ni!" I say. "Hey Cat!" Niall says hugging me and grabbing a oreo. "No bitch my oreo." I say slapping his hand and grabbing the oreo. I shove the oreo in my mouth and Niall starts 'crying'. "My baby! You ate my baby!"

Um hey guys Caitlyn here, I think ima move 2yl to wattpad completely, I like wattpad better and I have 2 more books on wattpad, and I can write wherever I want with my phone and I cant do that here. SO what do you guys think? I think you guys should move to wattpad too, they have better and more books! So guys until I make a decision follow me on twitter. @caitlynstyles37 I changed my name on there and then yeah guys my wattpad is DarcyAnneStylesPayne long story that I don't have time for! So bye guys if this is one of my last times updating on here I love you all and this story is my life, and I'm crying right now so I love you all, kik me if you need anything, im always there if you are going threw anything I love you all so so much. Stay strong for me beautiful! Ill be on again soon with my decision on wattpad

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